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Feb-24-2015, Tue : New Sexyloops!
Feb-18-2015, Wed : Shaping Loops Reloaded 3D!
Feb-14-2015, Sat : Festival planning
Feb-13-2015, Fri : The Watery Rave, I like the sounds of that
Feb-12-2015, Thu : Catskill Style
Feb-11-2015, Wed : Defining Stopless
Feb-10-2015, Tue : What I should be doing
Feb-09-2015, Mon : Jungle in the Rumble

Feb-08-2015, Sun : Test Casting....
Feb-07-2015, Sat : Kayak rigging
Feb-06-2015, Fri : How to start a fight, or how to make guides feel butthurt.
Feb-05-2015, Thu : Bugs of NY
Feb-04-2015, Wed : None Hauled vs. Hauled Fly Cast
Feb-03-2015, Tue : Learning to float
Feb-02-2015, Mon : From the Jungle...

Feb-01-2015, Sun : A couple more comments on "stopless"....
Jan-31-2015, Sat : UV, Fluo and Phos
Jan-29-2015, Thu : Moving On
Jan-28-2015, Wed : STOP and back up
Jan-27-2015, Tue : Who teaches ethics?
Jan-26-2015, Mon : So what is the Stopless Stroke?

Jan-25-2015, Sun : Stopless......
Jan-23-2015, Fri : How do you handle it ?
Jan-22-2015, Thu : Sexyloops Hot TorpedoComp 5 Serial no 4
Jan-21-2015, Wed : STOPPED to hit Distance
Jan-20-2015, Tue : 2015
Jan-19-2015, Mon : 16lbs Brown Trout

Jan-18-2015, Sun : Two things......
Jan-17-2015, Sat : Scissors
Jan-16-2015, Fri : Cleaning House
Jan-15-2015, Thu : Aliens in Our Midst
Jan-14-2015, Wed : Keys to Distance
Jan-13-2015, Tue : Longer days
Jan-12-2015, Mon : Hanging at Tor Tambra

Jan-11-2015, Sun : Most interesting fishing of 2014?
Jan-09-2015, Fri : Mourning
Jan-08-2015, Thu : Race Day Calendar
Jan-07-2015, Wed : The beast is out!
Jan-06-2015, Tue : Emergency FP

Jan-04-2015, Sun : How to embarrass yourself in a casting competition!
Jan-03-2015, Sat : LCA
Jan-02-2015, Fri : Happy New Year!
Jan-01-2015, Thu : HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!
Dec-31-2014, Wed : Fantastic year 2014
Dec-29-2014, Mon : How to become a good flyfisherman

Dec-28-2014, Sun : A big head for Paul for Christmas
Dec-27-2014, Sat : Tying a box!
Dec-26-2014, Fri : Can flycasters, fish?
Dec-25-2014, Thu : HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!The Malaysian Experience 2
Dec-24-2014, Wed : Fishing or NOT Fishing!?
Dec-22-2014, Mon : The Malaysian Experience

Dec-21-2014, Sun : News from the Front Line
Dec-20-2014, Sat : White Ball
Dec-19-2014, Fri : Ummm Happy Birthday Paul Arden and Merry Christmas to all Fly fishers
Dec-17-2014, Wed : Becoming a Master of Fly Fishing
Dec-16-2014, Tue : B is for Burbot

Dec-14-2014, Sun : Nymphs
Dec-12-2014, Fri : We got it wrong
Dec-11-2014, Thu : Sedated, Seduced and Sexy
Dec-10-2014, Wed : One moment in time
Dec-09-2014, Tue : Winter Criks
Dec-08-2014, Mon : Settling in

Dec-07-2014, Sun : Winter grayling
Dec-05-2014, Fri : HT choice
Dec-04-2014, Thu : Seize the day
Dec-03-2014, Wed : Perfect Moments
Dec-01-2014, Mon : Great times!

Nov-30-2014, Sun : Good Stuff!!!
Nov-27-2014, Thu : Stuck in a Rut
Nov-26-2014, Wed : Under Pressure!
Nov-24-2014, Mon : Back to Exmouth
Nov-22-2014, Sat : Brackish water pike
Nov-21-2014, Fri : No Brim, No Din'
Nov-20-2014, Thu : Diversity
Nov-19-2014, Wed : Pike fishing at it's best!
Nov-18-2014, Tue : Protection
Nov-17-2014, Mon : From the shores...

Nov-16-2014, Sun : Winter stillwater
Nov-14-2014, Fri : Weekend Casting
Nov-13-2014, Thu : The Difference
Nov-12-2014, Wed : A hell of a FISHING week!
Nov-10-2014, Mon : Hot Torpedo Latest

Nov-09-2014, Sun : Lenok. Little Yenisei River.
Nov-08-2014, Sat : Boat/kayak fishing
Nov-07-2014, Fri : NEEWBIES
Nov-06-2014, Thu : Claremont Isles
Nov-05-2014, Wed : Black Mamba - deadliest fly!
Nov-04-2014, Tue : Last Chance
Oct-30-2014, Thu : Fishing Claremont Isles
Oct-29-2014, Wed : Pike Trips Starting Right Now!
Oct-28-2014, Tue : Laker

Oct-26-2014, Sun : Prepping for pike
Oct-23-2014, Thu : Destination Australia
Oct-22-2014, Wed : Timing: Wait for the line to unroll!
Oct-21-2014, Tue : Wild Trout
Oct-20-2014, Mon : Sun, Sea and Sails!

Oct-19-2014, Sun : The colour of Autumn is Claret
Oct-18-2014, Sat : Things!
Oct-17-2014, Fri : How much pain would you endureto go fly fishing?
Oct-16-2014, Thu : Organising
Oct-15-2014, Wed : Samsøkiller: Sea trout love this fly!
Oct-13-2014, Mon : Rompin Babes
Oct-09-2014, Thu : Change the picture
Oct-08-2014, Wed : What to expect from a fly casting lesson?
Oct-07-2014, Tue : Grey
Oct-06-2014, Mon : Milkfish, the Asian Native

Oct-05-2014, Sun : It happened (part IV)
Oct-04-2014, Sat : Spare rods?
Oct-03-2014, Fri : SAFE
Oct-02-2014, Thu : The Croatian Canals
Oct-01-2014, Wed : New FISHING techniques
Sep-30-2014, Tue : Wanderer
Sep-29-2014, Mon : Made in Far East

Sep-28-2014, Sun : Last three days
Sep-26-2014, Fri : Rich Man's Paradise Club
Sep-25-2014, Thu : Fishing Fishing Fishing
Sep-23-2014, Tue : It happened! Part III
Sep-22-2014, Mon : Hanging out in Croatia

Sep-21-2014, Sun : Ronan's Report
Sep-20-2014, Sat : Swapping flies
Sep-19-2014, Fri : Things are different at the 'Toilet Bowl'
Sep-17-2014, Wed : Best place to live
Sep-16-2014, Tue : It happened!
Sep-12-2014, Fri : Milking In Indonesia
Sep-11-2014, Thu : It happened (part II)
Sep-10-2014, Wed : Fly fishing all week long
Sep-08-2014, Mon : Hungarian Sexyloops Meet

Sep-07-2014, Sun : Weekend in Romania
Sep-06-2014, Sat : Conference
Sep-05-2014, Fri : Independence Day
Sep-04-2014, Thu : It happened ))
Sep-03-2014, Wed : Chasing Mullet And Catching Sea trout In Denmark
Sep-02-2014, Tue : Easy trouts
Aug-30-2014, Sat : Terrestrials
Aug-29-2014, Fri : SA-LIFE Manifesto, Keep them in the water! Or lose them!
Aug-28-2014, Thu : Away!
Aug-27-2014, Wed : Fly Fishing for Char and Pikeperch
Aug-26-2014, Tue : Overland?
Aug-25-2014, Mon : Swamped!

Aug-24-2014, Sun : Making it happen
Aug-23-2014, Sat : Doublehanders
Aug-22-2014, Fri : Two big sea-trout on together!
Aug-21-2014, Thu : Watercraft Par Excellence
Aug-20-2014, Wed : Fly Casting World Championchip
Aug-18-2014, Mon : Inspired
Aug-15-2014, Fri : World Championships
Aug-13-2014, Wed : FISHING is like having SEX
Aug-11-2014, Mon : World Championships

Aug-10-2014, Sun : Abandoned and reclaimed
Aug-09-2014, Sat : Journaling?
Aug-08-2014, Fri : Learned something new, Blame the guide!!
Aug-06-2014, Wed : Becoming Recognized - Becoming Famous - Becoming GREAT
Aug-05-2014, Tue : Casting Training
Aug-04-2014, Mon : Going Underground

Aug-03-2014, Sun : On the way
Aug-01-2014, Fri : You an Me fishin in the dark
Jul-30-2014, Wed : It's all about to mullet!
Jul-29-2014, Tue : Dunstan is Firing!!
Jul-28-2014, Mon : Casting, Casting, Casting

Jul-27-2014, Sun : Time for solutions
Jul-24-2014, Thu : Pere Marquette, Michigan
Jul-23-2014, Wed : Toughest fish in the world!?
Jul-22-2014, Tue : A good week
Jul-21-2014, Mon : Zonked
Jul-18-2014, Fri : Loops
Jul-16-2014, Wed : New Roll Casting Tool
Jul-14-2014, Mon : Time

Jul-13-2014, Sun : The Tekapo Canals
Jul-12-2014, Sat : Loops
Jul-11-2014, Fri : The Gypsy Flyfishing Bumand his Princess
Jul-10-2014, Thu : Expensive
Jul-09-2014, Wed : Fly Fishing = Supreme Discipline?!
Jul-08-2014, Tue : Log jams
Jul-07-2014, Mon : Rather Busy

Jul-06-2014, Sun : Field repair
Jul-04-2014, Fri : Time, and Sexyloops
Jul-03-2014, Thu : The Sexyloops Park
Jul-02-2014, Wed : Back into fishing!
Jun-30-2014, Mon : Zeljko, the French Nymphetand Latohegy

Jun-29-2014, Sun : Mammoth tooth
Jun-28-2014, Sat : To UV or not UV
Jun-26-2014, Thu : A Man of All Seasons
Jun-25-2014, Wed : Underfished!
Jun-24-2014, Tue : Nymphos
Jun-23-2014, Mon : Fishing the Fly (only)
Jun-20-2014, Fri : Bulls, Cutts, Bows, Cigars, and Grizzly Bears.
Jun-19-2014, Thu : The Oddball
Jun-18-2014, Wed : Casting all week long!
Jun-17-2014, Tue : Wind Lanes
Jun-16-2014, Mon : This is Sexyloops!

Jun-15-2014, Sun : A Hover of Trout!
Jun-13-2014, Fri : Time
Jun-12-2014, Thu : The Lady-boys of Langkawi
Jun-11-2014, Wed : Sexyloops is best for fly casting knowledge!
Jun-09-2014, Mon : Rods and Casting Schools
Jun-06-2014, Fri : Socks
Jun-05-2014, Thu : Medan Estuary Fishing
Jun-04-2014, Wed : Mullets have arrived!
Jun-03-2014, Tue : Spring fling
Jun-02-2014, Mon : Email Monday

Jun-01-2014, Sun : Dead Caddis Dave
May-31-2014, Sat : Get well, Lars!
May-30-2014, Fri : I, can see
May-29-2014, Thu : The Vineyard
May-28-2014, Wed : Courage!
May-27-2014, Tue : Summer's Bite
May-26-2014, Mon : Monday Funday

May-25-2014, Sun : Challenging time
May-24-2014, Sat : Back on Strike!
May-23-2014, Fri : It's Show Time Again!
May-22-2014, Thu : German Fly Festival 2014
May-20-2014, Tue : Great lady
May-19-2014, Mon : Normality restored!
May-14-2014, Wed : Preparing the German Fly Festival
May-12-2014, Mon : Anti-poaching program

May-11-2014, Sun : Getting ready!
May-07-2014, Wed : What is fly fishing all about?
May-06-2014, Tue : Beltane
May-05-2014, Mon : Purified

May-04-2014, Sun : Instructor's week
May-02-2014, Fri : The Flycasting Manual
May-01-2014, Thu : The Stillwater Guide
Apr-30-2014, Wed : 2 weeks Sea trout fishing on Gotland
Apr-29-2014, Tue : Material World
Apr-28-2014, Mon : Scotland comes to Spain

Apr-27-2014, Sun : UFC
Apr-26-2014, Sat : Salmon opening
Apr-24-2014, Thu : Fishing Croatia
Apr-23-2014, Wed : Sea trout on Gotland, Sweden
Apr-21-2014, Mon : Fishing without borders

Apr-20-2014, Sun : How do we measure our casts?
Apr-18-2014, Fri : Teaching Fishing
Apr-17-2014, Thu : Photographing fish
Apr-16-2014, Wed : How far would YOU go for the perfect picture?
Apr-15-2014, Tue : Row
Apr-14-2014, Mon : Scottish Meet (in Spain)

Apr-13-2014, Sun : Functional trainings.
Apr-12-2014, Sat : Salmon
Apr-10-2014, Thu : A Crab for All Seasons
Apr-09-2014, Wed : Being lucky
Apr-08-2014, Tue : Choosing the right destination
Apr-07-2014, Mon : Buzzer fishing on the 4
Apr-05-2014, Sat : Weather
Apr-03-2014, Thu : The Cunning Plan
Apr-02-2014, Wed : The Ultimate Fly Line?
Apr-01-2014, Tue : New Membership Program
Mar-31-2014, Mon : Spring in the UK

Mar-30-2014, Sun : Springtime
Mar-29-2014, Sat : E & E
Mar-28-2014, Fri : The Code
Mar-26-2014, Wed : It's all about learning
Mar-24-2014, Mon : Double Taper Advantages

Mar-23-2014, Sun : (More) Bag Blues
Mar-22-2014, Sat : Happy Birthday!
Mar-20-2014, Thu : Gourami Countdown
Mar-19-2014, Wed : Main purpose: Eating a fish?
Mar-18-2014, Tue : Lost gear
Mar-17-2014, Mon : Learning to Swim

Mar-16-2014, Sun : Ugly flies
Mar-14-2014, Fri : Following Doctors Orders
Mar-13-2014, Thu : Stay Driven
Mar-12-2014, Wed : Todays Fly line marketing
Mar-11-2014, Tue : Damn Threat
Mar-10-2014, Mon : Designing flyrods

Mar-09-2014, Sun : New Winds
Mar-08-2014, Sat : Three poles of flyfishing.
Mar-07-2014, Fri : The Bonus Of Retirement,Nymph(s) Indicator (Line)
Mar-06-2014, Thu : Caveat Emptor
Mar-05-2014, Wed : WORST "Faster-Smoother-Lighter-Stronger-More Accurate-Better Loading-Newer" fly rod period ever periods!
Mar-04-2014, Tue : Kids Clave
Mar-03-2014, Mon : Snakehead Shutdown,Go Gourami!

Mar-02-2014, Sun : How many lives do we have?
Feb-28-2014, Fri : Fly tying
Feb-27-2014, Thu : Corked eye
Feb-26-2014, Wed : Someone always has to do it!
Feb-25-2014, Tue : Belum is not Ringing
Feb-24-2014, Mon : Squeaker Squeaks AgainAnd the White Weasel
Feb-22-2014, Sat : OS Mavericks
Feb-21-2014, Fri : Friday Fly-Off
Feb-20-2014, Thu : Some Keys to Successful Retrieves
Feb-19-2014, Wed : Loop Shape Related To Tip Path
Feb-18-2014, Tue : Community
Feb-17-2014, Mon : World Championships
Feb-15-2014, Sat : FONAH-Flies
Feb-13-2014, Thu : The Snakehead Adventures of Squeaker
Feb-12-2014, Wed : How fast do you retrieve your fly?
Feb-10-2014, Mon : Double Monday!

Feb-09-2014, Sun : Mid Winter Dreaming
Feb-08-2014, Sat : Light Line Rods
Feb-05-2014, Wed : German Fly Festival May 17 + 18 in Hamburg!
Feb-04-2014, Tue : Users
Feb-03-2014, Mon : Snakeheadis all about to happen...
Feb-01-2014, Sat : Mallard success!
Jan-31-2014, Fri : Inspired Simplicity
Jan-30-2014, Thu : Year of the Horse
Jan-29-2014, Wed : Winter finally arrived in Germany!
Jan-28-2014, Tue : Home is where my trout is
Jan-27-2014, Mon : INSATIABLE

Jan-26-2014, Sun : Bacon & Egg pie and the perfect fishing day…
Jan-25-2014, Sat : Kickstart
Jan-23-2014, Thu : Chancing the Change
Jan-22-2014, Wed : Artic Char or Dolly Varden?
Jan-21-2014, Tue : Bored
Jan-20-2014, Mon : First Bonefish
Jan-18-2014, Sat : Pearsall's
Jan-16-2014, Thu : Thunderbolt!
Jan-15-2014, Wed : AAPGAI isn't spot-on!
Jan-14-2014, Tue : The Dance
Jan-13-2014, Mon : Winter Shootout

Jan-12-2014, Sun : Damn it's been busy
Jan-10-2014, Fri : Shootout!
Jan-09-2014, Thu : Wisdoms
Jan-08-2014, Wed : Winter Blue
Jan-07-2014, Tue : St. Albans
Jan-06-2014, Mon : The secret to distance casting:SHHHH...

Jan-05-2014, Sun : Murky Waters
Jan-03-2014, Fri : Short Changed and Cheated in Royal Belum
Jan-02-2014, Thu : Live in the dream!
Jan-01-2014, Wed : 316 FISHING days passing by in a blink of an eye!
Dec-31-2013, Tue : Bring on the Competition Muddlers
Dec-30-2013, Mon : Open for action
Dec-28-2013, Sat : Wet Christmas
Dec-27-2013, Fri : Medically approved
Dec-25-2013, Wed : Tactics on pike!
Dec-24-2013, Tue : TICKLED BY BOARS
Dec-23-2013, Mon : Thank you Hungary!

Dec-22-2013, Sun : Expectations: from a guides viewpoint
Dec-21-2013, Sat : HIS DAMSON JUNO
Dec-19-2013, Thu : Happy Birthday, Paul!
Dec-18-2013, Wed : A fantastic day!
Dec-17-2013, Tue : Explorer
Dec-16-2013, Mon : Pirates

Dec-15-2013, Sun : Lazy Sunday
Dec-13-2013, Fri : Know your Snow
Dec-12-2013, Thu : Immigrants and Aliens
Dec-11-2013, Wed : Spey casting can't be done on Stillwater!
Dec-10-2013, Tue : Tennyson
Dec-09-2013, Mon : Thunder...

Dec-08-2013, Sun : I was blind but now I see
Dec-07-2013, Sat : Jackets and oil...
Dec-05-2013, Thu : Rumble in the Jungle
Dec-04-2013, Wed : Sea trout and Pike fishing
Dec-02-2013, Mon : Casting Boots

Dec-01-2013, Sun : It's Terrestrial Time Baby!
Nov-29-2013, Fri : Burned and learned
Nov-28-2013, Thu : Kwailan (Part 2)
Nov-27-2013, Wed : Changing Strategy
Nov-26-2013, Tue : Consumer Fail
Nov-25-2013, Mon : The HT6

Nov-24-2013, Sun : iOS 7
Nov-23-2013, Sat : Dam breach
Nov-22-2013, Fri : Matter of Perception
Nov-21-2013, Thu : Kwailan (part 1)
Nov-20-2013, Wed : Freedom!
Nov-19-2013, Tue : Handling
Nov-18-2013, Mon : Re-arming

Nov-17-2013, Sun : November
Nov-15-2013, Fri : The Fly Fishing Disease
Nov-14-2013, Thu : Simplify the Elements
Nov-13-2013, Wed : Holding pikes
Nov-12-2013, Tue : Aftermath
Nov-11-2013, Mon : A Mermaid in every Bottle

Nov-10-2013, Sun : NZ Nymphing Ponderings
Nov-08-2013, Fri : Mentors and meaning.
Nov-07-2013, Thu : Mudskippers
Nov-06-2013, Wed : Fishing, Fishing and Fishing
Nov-04-2013, Mon : Spanish Barbel
Nov-01-2013, Fri : Why , Now!
Oct-29-2013, Tue : Pike morals
Oct-28-2013, Mon : ADELAM and Spain

Oct-27-2013, Sun : It's more than just fishing
Oct-26-2013, Sat : Learning curve
Oct-25-2013, Fri : Battle of the sexes... It never gets old
Oct-24-2013, Thu : The Sissy Fish
Oct-23-2013, Wed : History of the Switch cast
Oct-21-2013, Mon : Road Trip

Oct-20-2013, Sun : Move with me
Oct-19-2013, Sat : Fiery Browns
Oct-17-2013, Thu : Siakap
Oct-16-2013, Wed : Names To Support Teaching
Oct-14-2013, Mon : Bring on the Fry Feeders!

Oct-13-2013, Sun : Expectations and A Games
Oct-12-2013, Sat : Back Pack Blues
Oct-11-2013, Fri : I do understand!!
Oct-10-2013, Thu : Fishing Partners from Hell
Oct-09-2013, Wed : Spey Casting Terminology
Oct-08-2013, Tue : Montana travels
Oct-07-2013, Mon : Rebuilding

Oct-06-2013, Sun : Chickity Check yo drift
Oct-05-2013, Sat : Practice
Oct-03-2013, Thu : Teknik Layangan or Casting Technique.
Oct-02-2013, Wed : Important Teaching Skills
Oct-01-2013, Tue : WTF?!?!
Sep-30-2013, Mon : Out of Memory!

Sep-29-2013, Sun : THIS guy??!!
Sep-28-2013, Sat : Low water
Sep-27-2013, Fri : Half a tank!
Sep-26-2013, Thu : What's in a Name?
Sep-25-2013, Wed : State of...
Sep-23-2013, Mon : Chris Dore
Sep-20-2013, Fri : Quick FP!
Sep-19-2013, Thu : Robocop Leg
Sep-18-2013, Wed : Two weeks coastal fishing
Sep-17-2013, Tue : Weird Science
Sep-16-2013, Mon : The pulse

Sep-15-2013, Sun : Scotland coming up
Sep-13-2013, Fri : Gypsy Wishes and Grayling Dreams
Sep-12-2013, Thu : Spreading the Disease
Sep-11-2013, Wed : 8
Sep-10-2013, Tue : Barrens
Sep-09-2013, Mon : Fish, fish, fish, fish...

Sep-08-2013, Sun : IFFS Indonesia
Sep-07-2013, Sat : Gearing Down - and Up!
Sep-06-2013, Fri : Fischer's last season
Sep-05-2013, Thu : Hungry Ghost Month
Sep-04-2013, Wed : Amazing!
Sep-02-2013, Mon : A Student

Sep-01-2013, Sun : Bite Indicator
Aug-28-2013, Wed : Fly casting discussions
Aug-27-2013, Tue : Not so north
Aug-26-2013, Mon : Siberia
Aug-24-2013, Sat : Ants
Aug-23-2013, Fri : Sonder and Yonder
Aug-22-2013, Thu : Cracking the code
Aug-21-2013, Wed : Curry in a Hurry
Aug-20-2013, Tue : Flood and let die?
Aug-19-2013, Mon : Kippered Caviar

Aug-18-2013, Sun : The Eagle Has Landed
Aug-17-2013, Sat : FF History and pike
Aug-16-2013, Fri : Big Fish Peter
Aug-15-2013, Thu : Good Job Well Done
Aug-14-2013, Wed : Stopping the rod is essential
Aug-12-2013, Mon : Reverting to Plan A

Aug-11-2013, Sun : Changes
Aug-10-2013, Sat : Kayak
Aug-09-2013, Fri : Mukachevo
Aug-08-2013, Thu : Odd, sod and a bastard
Aug-07-2013, Wed : What do our flies imitate?
Aug-05-2013, Mon : Asp Fishing

Aug-04-2013, Sun : Youngsters
Aug-03-2013, Sat : Heatwave
Aug-02-2013, Fri : Ti's Question
Aug-01-2013, Thu : Working to get away
Jul-31-2013, Wed : Still studying mullets!
Jul-30-2013, Tue : Choices
Jul-29-2013, Mon : It's Monday!
Jul-27-2013, Sat : Silence
Jul-26-2013, Fri : Ironfish
Jul-25-2013, Thu : ONE LEG KICK ALL
Jul-24-2013, Wed : Harboured Mullet
Jul-23-2013, Tue : Fly fishing or fishing with a fly?
Jul-22-2013, Mon : VESTS, PACKS AND BAGS
Jul-19-2013, Fri : It's not a period
Jul-18-2013, Thu : Fasting and Fishing
Jul-17-2013, Wed : Our flies AREN'T odourless!
Jul-16-2013, Tue : Good flood
Jul-15-2013, Mon : Fly Swapand the Hungarian Sea

Jul-14-2013, Sun : Fly Swap!
Jul-13-2013, Sat : Visualising
Jul-12-2013, Fri : Thanks Sudesh!
Jul-11-2013, Thu : Planning not to plan
Jul-10-2013, Wed : Getting excited
Jul-09-2013, Tue : Getting there
Jul-08-2013, Mon : Thunder and Lightning

Jul-07-2013, Sun : One of those days...
Jul-06-2013, Sat : tick... tick.. tick...
Jul-04-2013, Thu : It's Show Time - Indonesia
Jul-03-2013, Wed : Slow motion studies
Jul-02-2013, Tue : Rebuild
Jul-01-2013, Mon : The past nine days

Jun-29-2013, Sat : Drava Report
Jun-28-2013, Fri : Drava Attack
Jun-27-2013, Thu : Smokin' Hot
Jun-26-2013, Wed : Catching educated & uneducated fish
Jun-24-2013, Mon : A fine weekend!
Jun-21-2013, Fri : My First Rod
Jun-20-2013, Thu : Grams and Grains
Jun-19-2013, Wed : Fly fishing for MULLET
Jun-18-2013, Tue : Experiments
Jun-17-2013, Mon : EFFTEX 2013

Jun-16-2013, Sun : It's Summer! (in Hungary)
Jun-15-2013, Sat : Big Boobies
Jun-13-2013, Thu : Checklist
Jun-12-2013, Wed : Summer fishing for Sea trout starts right now!
Jun-11-2013, Tue : Salmonflies
Jun-10-2013, Mon : Australia meets Balkans
Jun-08-2013, Sat : FC Championships
Jun-07-2013, Fri : In the interest of the Economy
Jun-06-2013, Thu : Romancing the Rods
Jun-05-2013, Wed : The perfect Chromer- finally got him!
Jun-04-2013, Tue : Practice
Jun-03-2013, Mon : BURN!

Jun-02-2013, Sun : IM, next week and Oleg's Photos
Jun-01-2013, Sat : No midges
May-31-2013, Fri : I am,
May-30-2013, Thu : Blood Sport
May-29-2013, Wed : The perfect Atlantic salmon
May-28-2013, Tue : From Mexico
May-27-2013, Mon : Not just shoes!

May-26-2013, Sun : Good news, bad news
May-25-2013, Sat : Handle care
May-24-2013, Fri : Winter is Upon Us
May-22-2013, Wed : Another fantastic weekend!
May-20-2013, Mon : The Fast Smudge

May-19-2013, Sun : Better late than never
May-18-2013, Sat : Wax
May-17-2013, Fri : Kick Boat Fly Fishing
May-16-2013, Thu : Annus Horribilis
May-15-2013, Wed : Salmon fishing in Denmark
May-14-2013, Tue : Bring it!
May-13-2013, Mon : Hungary

May-12-2013, Sun : App finally released
May-11-2013, Sat : Light Cured Glues
May-09-2013, Thu : Ugly Videos
May-08-2013, Wed : Rich the Salmon Masterand the Annual Fly Swap
May-07-2013, Tue : Fishing the DHD
May-06-2013, Mon : Special Match-Grade Freedomfor Scotland (165gr)
May-03-2013, Fri : Fishing Tricks - Part 3
May-01-2013, Wed : Creating a great fly
Apr-29-2013, Mon : Heat

Apr-28-2013, Sun : Which flylines do you use?
Apr-26-2013, Fri : Fishing Tricks - Part 2 (Rivers)
Apr-24-2013, Wed : Cormorant vs. Sea trout?
Apr-23-2013, Tue : Late Winter
Apr-22-2013, Mon : Marbles

Apr-21-2013, Sun : The Jiggled Nymph
Apr-20-2013, Sat : Sad, yet smiling
Apr-18-2013, Thu : In Sickness and In Death
Apr-17-2013, Wed : Hot Torpedo 8
Apr-16-2013, Tue : Craig
Apr-15-2013, Mon : Busy
Apr-13-2013, Sat : Gearing Up
Apr-12-2013, Fri : Fishing Tricks
Apr-11-2013, Thu : One week in Congo
Apr-10-2013, Wed : Sea trout fishing Swedish coast
Apr-09-2013, Tue : New Chapter

Apr-07-2013, Sun : Short page
Apr-05-2013, Fri : Catch and Keep Fisheries
Apr-03-2013, Wed : Becoming a good fly caster
Apr-01-2013, Mon : Fishing for teeth

Mar-31-2013, Sun : The next big thing
Mar-30-2013, Sat : Danish FlyFestival over
Mar-27-2013, Wed : Time for Spring NOW
Mar-26-2013, Tue : Chinook Waters Fly Fishing Club Conclave
Mar-25-2013, Mon : Testing the HT8

Mar-24-2013, Sun : Flipflopping on Ice
Mar-23-2013, Sat : Denmark
Mar-21-2013, Thu : The Ball Cutter
Mar-18-2013, Mon : 20% Spring, 80% Winter
Mar-16-2013, Sat : DFF 2013
Mar-15-2013, Fri : Tackle Failure
Mar-14-2013, Thu : WET OR WETTER
Mar-13-2013, Wed : AAPGAI Spey casting weekend
Mar-12-2013, Tue : The Stomped Circle
Mar-11-2013, Mon : Thanks!

Mar-10-2013, Sun : Testing a Rod
Mar-09-2013, Sat : Camera
Mar-08-2013, Fri : Fish! Like You Want to Catch Fish
Mar-07-2013, Thu : CONVERTS
Mar-06-2013, Wed : Stop it!
Mar-05-2013, Tue : Not Yet
Mar-04-2013, Mon : Jakarta Fly Fishing Club

Mar-03-2013, Sun : Baptizing the Hot Torpedo
Mar-01-2013, Fri : Whatever gets you juiced!!!
Feb-28-2013, Thu : CREATING VALUE
Feb-27-2013, Wed : Sexyloops Fly Casting Forum
Feb-26-2013, Tue : In the air
Feb-25-2013, Mon : Trip Report

Feb-24-2013, Sun : Blooming of the Tisza
Feb-20-2013, Wed : Shaping TIGHT LOOPS
Feb-19-2013, Tue : Rituals
Feb-18-2013, Mon : The New Board

Feb-17-2013, Sun : How to put flyline on the reel
Feb-16-2013, Sat : Swapping flies
Feb-15-2013, Fri : The Perfect Cast
Feb-13-2013, Wed : Learn to double haul
Feb-12-2013, Tue : Mo Casting
Feb-11-2013, Mon : The Year of Snake

Feb-10-2013, Sun : Mud
Feb-09-2013, Sat : Happy Chinese New Year
Feb-08-2013, Fri : If it Swims
Feb-07-2013, Thu : Stuff you may have missed...
Feb-06-2013, Wed : Fly Casting Styles
Feb-04-2013, Mon : Exploratory Casts

Feb-03-2013, Sun : R.I.P. Wheatley
Feb-01-2013, Fri : Being Prepared
Jan-31-2013, Thu : The Royal Gurgle-Fuck
Jan-30-2013, Wed : Fly Casting Geeks
Jan-29-2013, Tue : Barriers
Jan-28-2013, Mon : Snakehead Bay

Jan-27-2013, Sun : Danish FlyFestival 2013
Jan-25-2013, Fri : Google Earth and Fishing
Jan-24-2013, Thu : From the backwaters to the jungles.
Jan-23-2013, Wed : Testing Hot Torpedo Instructor Rod
Jan-22-2013, Tue : Snakeheads?
Jan-21-2013, Mon : Free the Snake

Jan-20-2013, Sun : 1st Hungarian Flycasting Championship
Jan-19-2013, Sat : THAT is a good fly!
Jan-18-2013, Fri : Strategy, Planning, Execution, and Performance Indicators
Jan-17-2013, Thu : Newbie
Jan-16-2013, Wed : First Snakehead!
Jan-15-2013, Tue : AAPGAI isn't spot-on!
Jan-14-2013, Mon : I know I needed a bath...

Jan-13-2013, Sun : How to put the rod in the sock
Jan-11-2013, Fri : Fishing Fit
Jan-10-2013, Thu : Snakey
Jan-09-2013, Wed : World Record Catch
Jan-08-2013, Tue : New Year
Jan-07-2013, Mon : RECOIL OR NOT RECOIL
Jan-05-2013, Sat : Winter Pike
Jan-04-2013, Fri : Frustration or Fun??
Jan-03-2013, Thu : Heat me up, baby.
Jan-02-2013, Wed : It's not over until it's over!
Jan-01-2013, Tue : Happy New Year!
Jan-04-2013, Fri : Frustration or Fun??
Dec-31-2012, Mon : Happy New Year

Dec-29-2012, Sat : How to light and build a fire
Dec-28-2012, Fri : Life Skills
Dec-27-2012, Thu : Zanzibar
Dec-26-2012, Wed : A Perfect day!
Dec-25-2012, Tue : MFC!
Dec-24-2012, Mon : The Unknown Zone

Dec-23-2012, Sun : Furry Earflaps and Fairie Lightfoot
Dec-22-2012, Sat : Papal Orders
Dec-21-2012, Fri : Time to Reflect
Dec-20-2012, Thu : Good stuff...
Dec-19-2012, Wed : Push The Button!
Dec-18-2012, Tue : So Hot it's White
Dec-17-2012, Mon : Flow

Dec-16-2012, Sun : Loose Ends
Dec-15-2012, Sat : Spaghetti
Dec-14-2012, Fri : Shop open!
Dec-12-2012, Wed : Catch TO Release
Dec-11-2012, Tue : Smiling
Dec-10-2012, Mon : Hot Torpedo

Dec-09-2012, Sun : Take That
Dec-08-2012, Sat : The Little Things
Dec-07-2012, Fri : School Fees
Dec-06-2012, Thu : Scotch Mist
Dec-05-2012, Wed : Fishing Expectations
Dec-04-2012, Tue : Tied?
Dec-03-2012, Mon : Just Back...

Dec-02-2012, Sun : Breaking Eggs
Dec-01-2012, Sat : Gifts
Nov-30-2012, Fri : Underground Fishing
Nov-28-2012, Wed : A SHIT LOAD OF FISH
Nov-26-2012, Mon : Frozen Baltic Balls

Nov-25-2012, Sun : A New Angle
Nov-24-2012, Sat : Pike flies
Nov-23-2012, Fri : A Different Perspective
Nov-22-2012, Thu : Life Skills
Nov-21-2012, Wed : Tactics on pike
Nov-20-2012, Tue : Take Cover
Nov-19-2012, Mon : The Light

Nov-18-2012, Sun : Fetch
Nov-17-2012, Sat : Quick Shot
Nov-16-2012, Fri : Why We Don't Catch Fish
Nov-15-2012, Thu : Wonder
Nov-14-2012, Wed : We call it FISHING, not CATCHING!
Nov-13-2012, Tue : Proper flies
Nov-12-2012, Mon : Quick Strike FP

Nov-11-2012, Sun : The Long Route
Nov-10-2012, Sat : ZipLock Bags
Nov-09-2012, Fri : The Fundamentals of Catching Fish
Nov-08-2012, Thu : Preparation is the key
Nov-07-2012, Wed : Pike Meeting
Nov-06-2012, Tue : For the Love of Feather!
Nov-05-2012, Mon : Corked and Socked

Nov-04-2012, Sun : The Three G's
Nov-03-2012, Sat : Lake Update
Nov-02-2012, Fri : The Best Fly Fisher in the World
Nov-01-2012, Thu : Off Season
Oct-31-2012, Wed : Late and EARLY season
Oct-30-2012, Tue : Summer fishing
Oct-29-2012, Mon : Check

Oct-28-2012, Sun : A whirlwind of Bunny Fluff
Oct-27-2012, Sat : Get out there!
Oct-26-2012, Fri : Changing of Seasons
Oct-25-2012, Thu : Missed Strike
Oct-24-2012, Wed : AAPGAI is spot-on
Oct-23-2012, Tue : Chill time
Oct-22-2012, Mon : "Shall we try lifting the avocado?"

Oct-21-2012, Sun : Bad Leaves
Oct-20-2012, Sat : Gear Test and More Rain
Oct-19-2012, Fri : Time on the Water
Oct-18-2012, Thu : Cast and Hold On
Oct-17-2012, Wed : Meeting PAUL at 9:45 am
Oct-16-2012, Tue : Fair's Fair
Oct-15-2012, Mon : Man Skills: Part 2Sewing!

Oct-14-2012, Sun : Carry On Crimping
Oct-13-2012, Sat : Blow Out
Oct-12-2012, Fri : The Auction
Oct-11-2012, Thu : Caught Up
Oct-10-2012, Wed : Guide or no guide?
Oct-09-2012, Tue : Half Breed
Oct-08-2012, Mon : Light My Head

Oct-07-2012, Sun : Unrequited
Oct-06-2012, Sat : A Legend Retires
Oct-05-2012, Fri : The Value of Information
Oct-04-2012, Thu : Skinny
Oct-03-2012, Wed : "Come on number 4!"
Oct-02-2012, Tue : Nice Asp
Oct-01-2012, Mon : A Call To Auction

Sep-30-2012, Sun : Matching The Hatch
Sep-29-2012, Sat : Slight Autumn Crisis
Sep-28-2012, Fri : An Authentic South African Bunny Chow
Sep-25-2012, Tue : Fall starts
Sep-24-2012, Mon : Giant Snakehead

Sep-23-2012, Sun : Pickled Fish
Sep-22-2012, Sat : Pike Mode
Sep-20-2012, Thu : Crafty
Sep-18-2012, Tue : Plans gone awry
Sep-17-2012, Mon : Paul NIC (No Internet Connection)

Sep-16-2012, Sun : Somewhat Slightly Dazed
Sep-15-2012, Sat : Snails
Sep-12-2012, Wed : Certified and Qualified Instructors
Sep-10-2012, Mon : Changing seasons

Sep-09-2012, Sun : Two Things
Sep-07-2012, Fri : Happier Memories
Sep-06-2012, Thu : Straight out of Croatia
Sep-05-2012, Wed : The Auction continues...
Sep-04-2012, Tue : Responsible
Sep-03-2012, Mon : It's an exploration

Sep-02-2012, Sun : Sweet Sorrow
Sep-01-2012, Sat : Fundraiser Auction
Aug-31-2012, Fri : Where in the World Next?
Aug-30-2012, Thu : Adventure Team Activate
Aug-29-2012, Wed : Impressions
Aug-27-2012, Mon : Knut Syrstad
Aug-25-2012, Sat : 4-5-7-8-9
Aug-24-2012, Fri : All in the plan
Aug-23-2012, Thu : Reporting In
Aug-22-2012, Wed : Destination Fridge
Aug-21-2012, Tue : Brookie Cull
Aug-20-2012, Mon : Balaton Adventure

Aug-19-2012, Sun : At the Water's Edge
Aug-18-2012, Sat : River Morrum
Aug-17-2012, Fri : My First Fly
Aug-14-2012, Tue : Old Man Rainbow
Aug-13-2012, Mon : The Build Up

Aug-12-2012, Sun : Huffy Paddling
Aug-10-2012, Fri : The Tackle Conundrum
Aug-08-2012, Wed : The Olympics of Flycasting
Aug-07-2012, Tue : Back to the regular programming...
Aug-06-2012, Mon : Melt down

Aug-05-2012, Sun : Olympians
Aug-04-2012, Sat : Clean rods
Aug-03-2012, Fri : Back to our Roots
Aug-02-2012, Thu : Watch your Step
Aug-01-2012, Wed : The calm after the storm
Jul-31-2012, Tue : Numbers
Jul-30-2012, Mon : Walk in the Park

Jul-29-2012, Sun : Holding back
Jul-28-2012, Sat : Travelling Trinity
Jul-27-2012, Fri : Olympic Flycasting
Jul-26-2012, Thu : A Tying Challenge
Jul-25-2012, Wed : It's all about...
Jul-24-2012, Tue : Counting down
Jul-23-2012, Mon : Gacka Meet

Jul-22-2012, Sun : Midgies
Jul-21-2012, Sat : Disarmed
Jul-20-2012, Fri : Winged ant invasion (at Latohegy)
Jul-18-2012, Wed : Run-up to Gacka
Jul-17-2012, Tue : CDC or not CDC?
Jul-16-2012, Mon : The One Fish
Jul-14-2012, Sat : State of Emergency
Jul-13-2012, Fri : Choices
Jul-11-2012, Wed : Fishing Contrasts
Jul-10-2012, Tue : Beyond Ethics- Taking the fish out of fishing
Jul-09-2012, Mon : Peta pussy smells like fish

Jul-08-2012, Sun : The Only Way is Ethics
Jul-06-2012, Fri : Freestying Slovakia
Jul-04-2012, Wed : The storms of Latohegy
Jul-03-2012, Tue : Summer Solstice
Jul-02-2012, Mon : Look out Balkans!

Jul-01-2012, Sun : Early
Jun-29-2012, Fri : School Latohegy
Jun-28-2012, Thu : Dubs
Jun-27-2012, Wed : Peter is the God
Jun-25-2012, Mon : Car woes

Jun-24-2012, Sun : Player
Jun-23-2012, Sat : This and that!
Jun-22-2012, Fri : Late FP!
Jun-21-2012, Thu : dead ant, dead ant
Jun-20-2012, Wed : Chub
Jun-19-2012, Tue : What a Week
Jun-18-2012, Mon : Asping

Jun-17-2012, Sun : Don't make me choose
Jun-15-2012, Fri : Part two of the SURRENDER
Jun-14-2012, Thu : Anchored
Jun-13-2012, Wed : Avoiding the wrap
Jun-12-2012, Tue : Making it right
Jun-11-2012, Mon : Forewarned is Armed

Jun-10-2012, Sun : Oooff
Jun-08-2012, Fri : THE SURRENDER
Jun-07-2012, Thu : Christened
Jun-06-2012, Wed : Feeling like a runner again..
Jun-05-2012, Tue : Get 'em while they're here
Jun-04-2012, Mon : Life is good

Jun-03-2012, Sun : Ronan's trout
Jun-02-2012, Sat : Best Laid Plans
Jun-01-2012, Fri : The Shadow of the fly. A right Smart answer
May-31-2012, Thu : Dibbling
May-30-2012, Wed : Stripping
May-28-2012, Mon : Serbian Open

May-27-2012, Sun : Good news bad news
May-25-2012, Fri : Sipping suds at Smiley’s on a simmering summer day
May-24-2012, Thu : Eclipse
May-23-2012, Wed : Destination Serbia
May-22-2012, Tue : Not a Fishery?
May-21-2012, Mon : Fishing with Tonio and Peter

May-20-2012, Sun : Sparkle
May-18-2012, Fri : The Spin Fisherman meets the Mayfly
May-17-2012, Thu : Quick Slip and Dip
May-16-2012, Wed : Long Line C+R..
May-15-2012, Tue : Playing with Fire

May-13-2012, Sun : Mad
May-12-2012, Sat : Sportfish
May-11-2012, Fri : Real Courage
May-10-2012, Thu :
May-09-2012, Wed : An unexpected Scotland!
May-08-2012, Tue : Suckers
May-07-2012, Mon : Bait
May-04-2012, Fri : Political Hippy
May-03-2012, Thu : Opening Rush
May-02-2012, Wed : Ukraine and back!
May-01-2012, Tue : Going out
Apr-28-2012, Sat : Road trip!
Apr-26-2012, Thu : Changing Gears
Apr-25-2012, Wed : Keep Talking
Apr-24-2012, Tue : Foam again!
Apr-23-2012, Mon : Busy times

Apr-22-2012, Sun : Basic Instinct
Apr-20-2012, Fri : I-FART
Apr-18-2012, Wed : Look out Munich!
Apr-17-2012, Tue : Greener grass?
Apr-16-2012, Mon : The time is now!

Apr-15-2012, Sun : Instruction
Apr-13-2012, Fri : Done right!
Apr-12-2012, Thu : Sierra Tanglefish
Apr-11-2012, Wed : Next adventure please...
Apr-10-2012, Tue : Come To Daddy!
Apr-09-2012, Mon : Getting ready for Summer!

Apr-08-2012, Sun : Portent
Apr-07-2012, Sat : Hodgepodge or not
Apr-06-2012, Fri : Snapper Cops
Apr-05-2012, Thu : If There's One...
Apr-04-2012, Wed : Back from the Gacka
Apr-02-2012, Mon : A new beginning

Apr-01-2012, Sun : Mind Game
Mar-31-2012, Sat : Busy busy
Mar-29-2012, Thu : New Life for an Old Vest
Mar-28-2012, Wed : The Wall
Mar-27-2012, Tue : Bear Aware
Mar-26-2012, Mon : Shagged
Mar-24-2012, Sat : Gravel Pit Flies
Mar-23-2012, Fri : SHOCKING
Mar-22-2012, Thu : I see fly casting.
Mar-21-2012, Wed : Unfinished business...
Mar-20-2012, Tue : Clave and other ongoings
Mar-19-2012, Mon : Operation Fluff 2012

Mar-18-2012, Sun : Ha!
Mar-15-2012, Thu : A Damn Stick
Mar-14-2012, Wed : Until next time...
Mar-12-2012, Mon : and the season begins...

Mar-11-2012, Sun : The Hut
Mar-10-2012, Sat : Live from Deutchland
Mar-09-2012, Fri : A tale so tall..
Mar-07-2012, Wed : Tonio's Man Cave
Mar-06-2012, Tue : Moving on
Mar-05-2012, Mon : It's funny how people build a cage so they can feel secure.

Mar-04-2012, Sun : Toys
Mar-03-2012, Sat : Discontinue discontinueing
Mar-02-2012, Fri : Ode to a bug!
Mar-01-2012, Thu : Opalized Wingcase
Feb-29-2012, Wed : The Mullet Shot
Feb-28-2012, Tue : Can you survive?
Feb-27-2012, Mon : Spring is in the Air

Feb-26-2012, Sun : Older Than Trees
Feb-25-2012, Sat : Be gone, fight butts!
Feb-24-2012, Fri : When did you loose your virginity?
Feb-23-2012, Thu : Lost
Feb-22-2012, Wed : News from Tas
Feb-21-2012, Tue : Small flies, Big fish (relatively)
Feb-20-2012, Mon : Boring Poetry

Feb-19-2012, Sun : Late
Feb-18-2012, Sat : Tying thread
Feb-17-2012, Fri : The best greatest and latest,
Feb-16-2012, Thu : Retrieve Practice
Feb-15-2012, Wed : The Sprats are balledup in the harbour tonight and the Kahawai are
Feb-14-2012, Tue : Is it Time Yet?
Feb-13-2012, Mon : Castles made for Bass

Feb-12-2012, Sun : Andy Goldsworthy
Feb-10-2012, Fri : Perspective!
Feb-09-2012, Thu : The Groove
Feb-08-2012, Wed : Dam Removal
Feb-07-2012, Tue : Kingfish Trev
Feb-06-2012, Mon : The only good Cormorantis a dead Cormorant.

Feb-05-2012, Sun : The Road
Feb-03-2012, Fri : On the trail of the Über tuga
Feb-02-2012, Thu : Lump
Feb-01-2012, Wed : Snappers and (no) Kingfish (yet)!
Jan-31-2012, Tue : In Washington
Jan-30-2012, Mon : Oh yeah he's back, baby!

Jan-29-2012, Sun : The Gene Genie
Jan-28-2012, Sat : No trout fishing!
Jan-27-2012, Fri : Three teas for Trout
Jan-25-2012, Wed : The Framework
Jan-24-2012, Tue : River Restoration Symposium
Jan-23-2012, Mon : Destination Spain

Jan-22-2012, Sun : The Film
Jan-20-2012, Fri : Three teas for Trout
Jan-19-2012, Thu : Good stuff...
Jan-18-2012, Wed : Kingfish hunt continues...
Jan-17-2012, Tue : Ice
Jan-16-2012, Mon : Top Ten Fish

Jan-15-2012, Sun : Demonstrate
Jan-14-2012, Sat : I'm flying!
Jan-13-2012, Fri : Job search done,
Jan-12-2012, Thu : Kingfish mission..
Jan-11-2012, Wed : Interesting Facts
Jan-10-2012, Tue : Exploration
Jan-09-2012, Mon : The White Zone

Jan-08-2012, Sun : Doodle
Jan-05-2012, Thu : Lakes
Jan-04-2012, Wed : Holidays
Jan-03-2012, Tue : Anticipation
Jan-02-2012, Mon : No resolutions

Jan-01-2012, Sun : NY
Dec-16-2011, Fri : Short FP
Dec-15-2011, Thu : Tempest in a Teapot
Dec-14-2011, Wed : The 50 cast fish
Dec-13-2011, Tue : Colour me poorly
Dec-12-2011, Mon : First rule of domestication

Dec-11-2011, Sun : Being like Walt
Dec-10-2011, Sat : Looking back!
Dec-09-2011, Fri : On Strike!
Dec-07-2011, Wed : Good stuff...
Dec-05-2011, Mon : A bit Heath Ronbinson

Dec-04-2011, Sun : Shed2
Dec-02-2011, Fri : My first Environmental thought,Somebody pick Walter up off the floor!
Dec-01-2011, Thu : a little perspective
Nov-30-2011, Wed : News from the Front Line
Nov-29-2011, Tue : Fishing Chinooks
Nov-28-2011, Mon : Black Cellar

Nov-27-2011, Sun : 'ooks
Nov-26-2011, Sat : Big Woody
Nov-24-2011, Thu : Fuzzy pictures, clear memories
Nov-23-2011, Wed : Red letter day and a flat battery...
Nov-22-2011, Tue : Long Live the Winter
Nov-21-2011, Mon : The Fog

Nov-20-2011, Sun : Endrick Spider
Nov-19-2011, Sat : More flytying
Nov-18-2011, Fri : New digs, happy dogs and
Nov-17-2011, Thu : Super-Hydrophobic andWillow Grub Steelhead
Nov-16-2011, Wed : Adventures with Jack
Nov-14-2011, Mon : The Woodpile

Nov-13-2011, Sun : Brain Fart
Nov-11-2011, Fri : There is no -4
Nov-10-2011, Thu : Chapter 4: The Iridescent Sombrero
Nov-09-2011, Wed : Secret creeks and broken bones
Nov-08-2011, Tue : Safety First
Nov-07-2011, Mon : Malaysian Snakehead

Nov-06-2011, Sun : Plaiting and Whittling
Nov-05-2011, Sat : Late Season Flytying
Nov-03-2011, Thu : Crush
Oct-31-2011, Mon : AAPGAI Nymphing Antlers

Oct-30-2011, Sun : Drifting
Oct-29-2011, Sat : Scandi Short
Oct-27-2011, Thu : A Good Blow
Oct-26-2011, Wed : Invisible Trouts
Oct-25-2011, Tue : Beauty is never lost
Oct-24-2011, Mon : Hungarian Tree Moles

Oct-23-2011, Sun : Critical Mass
Oct-22-2011, Sat : Your fish and You!
Oct-21-2011, Fri : How do you get to
Oct-20-2011, Thu : Get the Net!
Oct-19-2011, Wed : Stalking
Oct-18-2011, Tue : The Cold Hard Ethics
Oct-17-2011, Mon : Operation Fluff

Oct-16-2011, Sun : Being a good FFer
Oct-13-2011, Thu : Bait Fish
Oct-12-2011, Wed : New Arrivals
Oct-11-2011, Tue : The Unexpected
Oct-10-2011, Mon : 9 out of 10 fish say "yes"!

Oct-09-2011, Sun : Chapped
Oct-07-2011, Fri : Canadian Chaos
Oct-06-2011, Thu : Impetus
Oct-05-2011, Wed : Drava Asping
Oct-04-2011, Tue : A good week
Oct-03-2011, Mon : Indian Summer

Oct-02-2011, Sun : Stock-take
Sep-30-2011, Fri : There goes the neighborhood!
Sep-29-2011, Thu : One for Me
Sep-28-2011, Wed : Leaving on a jet plane...
Sep-26-2011, Mon : The killer weed fly

Sep-25-2011, Sun : Shout!
Sep-24-2011, Sat : Collateral
Sep-23-2011, Fri : A Father
Sep-22-2011, Thu : This Thin Shell
Sep-21-2011, Wed : Pike
Sep-19-2011, Mon : 3.42

Sep-18-2011, Sun : Billiards
Sep-16-2011, Fri : Stiffed
Sep-15-2011, Thu : Birthplace
Sep-14-2011, Wed : Autumn
Sep-13-2011, Tue : In Search of Gold
Sep-12-2011, Mon : It's chaos!

Sep-11-2011, Sun : Right Foot
Sep-10-2011, Sat : Water everywhere!
Sep-08-2011, Thu : Fast Times 2
Sep-07-2011, Wed : Day Dreaming
Sep-06-2011, Tue : Changes
Sep-05-2011, Mon : Hungary Meet

Sep-04-2011, Sun : Testing Testing
Sep-03-2011, Sat : Hooks
Sep-02-2011, Fri : Memory lane, at least for me, intro for most
Sep-01-2011, Thu : Fast Times
Aug-31-2011, Wed : Mums, take 'em fishing!
Aug-30-2011, Tue : Life in the Fast Lane
Aug-29-2011, Mon : Castathon

Aug-28-2011, Sun : Sharp
Aug-26-2011, Fri : How did Fly Fishing Evolve
Aug-25-2011, Thu : Feel like a Sneak
Aug-24-2011, Wed : Bass & Ball's
Aug-23-2011, Tue : Fall Already?!?
Aug-22-2011, Mon : The Mice of Latohegy

Aug-21-2011, Sun : Stewart
Aug-20-2011, Sat : Trans-Europe
Aug-19-2011, Fri : A Lame Spring Break,
Aug-18-2011, Thu : Surf Beat Down
Aug-17-2011, Wed : Heros
Aug-16-2011, Tue : To Get There
Aug-15-2011, Mon : Pocket Internet

Aug-14-2011, Sun : Rains
Aug-12-2011, Fri : Do you still get Excited about
Aug-11-2011, Thu : Evening Explosion
Aug-10-2011, Wed : Sheep rescue...
Aug-09-2011, Tue : The one that got away

Aug-07-2011, Sun : The Hotel Biscuit
Aug-05-2011, Fri : Ray Jr’s Day
Aug-04-2011, Thu : Barry Buckley.
Aug-03-2011, Wed : Learning
Aug-01-2011, Mon : Weekend Bash

Jul-31-2011, Sun : Weight
Jul-30-2011, Sat : Items
Jul-29-2011, Fri : There they were gone! or Ray's Tech page!
Jul-28-2011, Thu : Go Big or... Really?
Jul-27-2011, Wed : Angry buggers
Jul-26-2011, Tue : Karma

Jul-24-2011, Sun : Levenensis
Jul-22-2011, Fri : Fly Rods and Shot Guns
Jul-21-2011, Thu : Trout Slam
Jul-20-2011, Wed : The ones that get away..
Jul-19-2011, Tue : Hot and Humid
Jul-18-2011, Mon : Sunny Weather
Jul-15-2011, Fri : Fish Fairies
Jul-14-2011, Thu : Flyshed
Jul-13-2011, Wed : 1000 Flies
Jul-12-2011, Tue : Walkabout
Jul-11-2011, Mon : Fantastic weekend!

Jul-10-2011, Sun : Discovery
Jul-08-2011, Fri : Throwing Big Ugly Nasty
Jul-07-2011, Thu : Nasty Little Buggers
Jul-06-2011, Wed : Adventure
Jul-05-2011, Tue : Angler's Curse!
Jul-04-2011, Mon : Back to Blighty

Jul-03-2011, Sun : Submerged
Jul-01-2011, Fri : Heading for dem Hills
Jun-30-2011, Thu : River Calendar
Jun-29-2011, Wed : And then, there were Trout...
Jun-28-2011, Tue : Summer's Here!
Jun-27-2011, Mon : Spanish Barbel

Jun-26-2011, Sun : Grass
Jun-24-2011, Fri : Crafty Geezers and Generous Groups
Jun-23-2011, Thu : Ready or Not
Jun-22-2011, Wed : Trout Mentality vs. Steelhead Mentality
Jun-21-2011, Tue : Long dayz
Jun-20-2011, Mon : Apparently I do work!

Jun-19-2011, Sun : The Creel Path
Jun-18-2011, Sat : Status
Jun-17-2011, Fri : Gear Geeks, Goofs and Grumps
Jun-15-2011, Wed : Back Pack Eddy
Jun-14-2011, Tue : Sometimes you never learn
Jun-13-2011, Mon : Happy Ending

Jun-12-2011, Sun : The Run
Jun-10-2011, Fri : Not Ray Either
Jun-09-2011, Thu : Not-Really-Davy
Jun-08-2011, Wed : Fish Story
Jun-07-2011, Tue : To Reel, or Not to Reel

Jun-05-2011, Sun : Cauliflowers
Jun-04-2011, Sat : Wet Flies
Jun-03-2011, Fri : I had a thought – nope it’s gone!
Jun-02-2011, Thu : been a long time
Jun-01-2011, Wed : Water World
May-31-2011, Tue : Flies, Films, and Tornados
May-30-2011, Mon : Malaysia

May-29-2011, Sun : Low Sounds by The Shore
May-27-2011, Fri : What the hell,
May-26-2011, Thu : I didn't brake for rivers
May-25-2011, Wed : Special Places
May-23-2011, Mon : Bass in Australia

May-22-2011, Sun : The Scottish Play
May-20-2011, Fri : Just checking, did I forget anything?
May-17-2011, Tue : Around the Bend
May-16-2011, Mon : Scot Aussie Shootout

May-15-2011, Sun : Tilting at windmills
May-14-2011, Sat : Casting Championships
May-13-2011, Fri : Lucky Me!
May-12-2011, Thu : Parts Familiar and Unknown
May-11-2011, Wed : BLENDING IN
May-10-2011, Tue : Ecological Preservation
May-09-2011, Mon : SLTV9

May-08-2011, Sun : See!
May-07-2011, Sat : Sink Tips
May-06-2011, Fri : They are here ! Know what!
May-05-2011, Thu : Floods again
May-04-2011, Wed : Yakima Unicorn
May-03-2011, Tue : Passage Retrofits
May-02-2011, Mon : Crabs

May-01-2011, Sun : The Snap-Crackle-Pork-Roll
Apr-29-2011, Fri : Good MoJo Raising!!
Apr-28-2011, Thu : Sub at Pointy Rock Lake
Apr-27-2011, Wed : Superstitions Breed Confidence
Apr-26-2011, Tue : Easter Drive
Apr-25-2011, Mon : Exmouth Time

Apr-24-2011, Sun : Thanks Eric!
Apr-22-2011, Fri : Fishing with the flying Budda.
Apr-20-2011, Wed : Big Pull, Little Pull
Apr-19-2011, Tue : Snow and toys
Apr-18-2011, Mon : Contrasts

Apr-17-2011, Sun : Invention
Apr-15-2011, Fri : Big Fish, Small Flys and Firsts.
Apr-14-2011, Thu : Exmouth
Apr-13-2011, Wed : Big fish eat weed
Apr-11-2011, Mon : Exmouth and Ireland

Apr-10-2011, Sun : Numbers
Apr-09-2011, Sat : Salmon and (no) grayling
Apr-08-2011, Fri : Its Spring Again!
Apr-06-2011, Wed : Take Action
Apr-05-2011, Tue : IF4
Apr-04-2011, Mon : Back to Mac

Apr-03-2011, Sun : LifeCycle
Apr-02-2011, Sat : Salmon Opening
Apr-01-2011, Fri : That’s it I am done!
Mar-31-2011, Thu : Caddisorama
Mar-30-2011, Wed : Antralia
Mar-29-2011, Tue : Snowed in
Mar-28-2011, Mon : Ripped off, for the last time!
Mar-25-2011, Fri : What I won’t change
Mar-23-2011, Wed : P T
Mar-22-2011, Tue : Moving Trapped Fish
Mar-21-2011, Mon : Busted!

Mar-20-2011, Sun : Lunacy
Mar-19-2011, Sat : BUSY!
Mar-18-2011, Fri : Nonsense
Mar-17-2011, Thu : Following Tonio’s foot prints
Mar-16-2011, Wed : Stop Eating Wild Steelhead
Mar-15-2011, Tue : Changing Rivers, Changing Lives
Mar-14-2011, Mon : Get ahead, get a hat

Mar-13-2011, Sun : Spin
Mar-11-2011, Fri : Reminiscing
Mar-10-2011, Thu : Corrupted
Mar-09-2011, Wed : Choose Your Own Perfection
Mar-08-2011, Tue : Season Approaching!
Mar-07-2011, Mon : Adelaide (almost)!

Mar-06-2011, Sun : Moments of Perfection
Mar-05-2011, Sat : Old Rods
Mar-04-2011, Fri : Rant, rave and sing a tune!
Mar-03-2011, Thu : Search Party
Mar-02-2011, Wed : Some Haiku
Mar-01-2011, Tue : Something to do...
Feb-28-2011, Mon : Great Ocean Road

Feb-27-2011, Sun : Hope
Feb-26-2011, Sat : Rods
Feb-23-2011, Wed : It's Tricky
Feb-21-2011, Mon : Jindabyne - Melbourne

Feb-20-2011, Sun : The More You Learn...
Feb-19-2011, Sat : More snow, more festival, more Conclave
Feb-16-2011, Wed : Back Log
Feb-15-2011, Tue : Pissed Off
Feb-14-2011, Mon : Fishing Jindabyne
Feb-10-2011, Thu : What's White and pisses you off
Feb-09-2011, Wed : Happenings
Feb-08-2011, Tue : Still Winter
Feb-07-2011, Mon : FFF at Scot Meet

Feb-06-2011, Sun : Opening Day
Feb-05-2011, Sat : Flies, Fish and Gatherings
Feb-04-2011, Fri : Western Canadian Fly Fishing Expo
Feb-03-2011, Thu : Winter Strikes
Feb-02-2011, Wed : The Stoke
Feb-01-2011, Tue : Ode to my Vice
Jan-31-2011, Mon : Winners, Pike and SLTV

Jan-30-2011, Sun : CHanging Shifts
Jan-28-2011, Fri : Unexpected and the Expo
Jan-26-2011, Wed : Out of the Darkness
Jan-25-2011, Tue : Bug Study: How much do you need to learn?
Jan-24-2011, Mon : FFF Euro Conclave

Jan-23-2011, Sun : The Evil Identical Twin
Jan-22-2011, Sat : FFF Euro Conclave
Jan-21-2011, Fri : Better late then never ever.
Jan-20-2011, Thu : Caught Short.
Jan-19-2011, Wed : The Most Memorable Fish I Never Caught
Jan-18-2011, Tue : Taking Things for Granted
Jan-17-2011, Mon : Fly Shed

Jan-16-2011, Sun : Words
Jan-15-2011, Sat : Running Out
Jan-13-2011, Thu : SNAILS ALIVE
Jan-12-2011, Wed : "Dirty Assed Nympher!"
Jan-11-2011, Tue : Delayed Harvest Regulations
Jan-10-2011, Mon : Scottish Australian Meet

Jan-09-2011, Sun : Naturals
Jan-08-2011, Sat : Defining Frank
Jan-07-2011, Fri : 92 in the Shade
Jan-06-2011, Thu : Quickies
Jan-05-2011, Wed : On Strike!
Jan-04-2011, Tue : Little things
Jan-03-2011, Mon : 2010 The Year of Wood

Jan-02-2011, Sun : Do Something
Jan-01-2011, Sat : 2011
Dec-31-2010, Fri : Happy New Year.
Dec-30-2010, Thu : Get your Ducks in a Row
Dec-29-2010, Wed : Numbers Game - A Discussion on Fishing Psychology
Dec-28-2010, Tue : Travelling for fish?
Dec-27-2010, Mon : Icy Coggeshall Wastelands

Dec-26-2010, Sun : No Batteries Required
Dec-25-2010, Sat : MERRY CHRISTMAS
Dec-24-2010, Fri : Super Kool Solstice Part Duex,
Dec-23-2010, Thu : Feather Collecting
Dec-22-2010, Wed : Happy Holidays
Dec-21-2010, Tue : SuperCool Solstice
Dec-20-2010, Mon : 43 again...

Dec-19-2010, Sun : No Tongues
Dec-18-2010, Sat : Trip Tying
Dec-17-2010, Fri : Fishing With a Purpose
Dec-16-2010, Thu : Balls (Bollocks)
Dec-15-2010, Wed : Reverence
Dec-14-2010, Tue : Great days...
Dec-13-2010, Mon : Twin Stars

Dec-12-2010, Sun : Is It Just Me, Then?
Dec-11-2010, Sat : Good stuff...
Dec-10-2010, Fri : Secret Places
Dec-09-2010, Thu : Whitlock Vibert box
Dec-08-2010, Wed : #76 - Sheepshead
Dec-07-2010, Tue : Cold Pictures
Dec-06-2010, Mon : Winter Pike

Dec-05-2010, Sun : Faster Horses
Dec-04-2010, Sat : WINTER - again, FFS
Dec-03-2010, Fri : The Song of the Reel
Dec-02-2010, Thu : at the end
Dec-01-2010, Wed : (Red)Fish Tale
Nov-30-2010, Tue : Take life by the handlebars
Nov-25-2010, Thu : Skunked
Nov-24-2010, Wed : Dawn Fishing
Nov-23-2010, Tue : The Board

Nov-21-2010, Sun : Reefton
Nov-20-2010, Sat : Fridge Blindness
Nov-19-2010, Fri : Smoked and Baked
Nov-18-2010, Thu : Family Life
Nov-17-2010, Wed : Dam you
Nov-15-2010, Mon : Teeth

Nov-14-2010, Sun : Scotch Pie
Nov-13-2010, Sat : Flies
Nov-12-2010, Fri : Remembrance
Nov-11-2010, Thu : Timeshift
Nov-10-2010, Wed : Rapids
Nov-09-2010, Tue : Damn You
Nov-08-2010, Mon : Old Woman's Summer

Nov-07-2010, Sun : Beginnings
Nov-06-2010, Sat : Maintenance-time
Nov-05-2010, Fri : Mountain Highway Streams
Nov-04-2010, Thu : The Browns Keep Coming
Nov-03-2010, Wed : Old Mare's Tale
Nov-02-2010, Tue : Another end of the General Season
Nov-01-2010, Mon : Manshit!

Oct-31-2010, Sun : Thanks Morsie!!
Oct-30-2010, Sat : Closed
Oct-29-2010, Fri : Preparing for Winter
Oct-27-2010, Wed : Two Pounds
Oct-26-2010, Tue : Fall teachings
Oct-25-2010, Mon : Never do the same thing once

Oct-24-2010, Sun : News from Hungary
Oct-23-2010, Sat : Stay Home
Oct-22-2010, Fri : Comfortable
Oct-21-2010, Thu : The changing faces of fall
Oct-20-2010, Wed : Boots
Oct-19-2010, Tue : What after the French guiding course…..the guiding experiences abroad!
Oct-18-2010, Mon : News from Argentina

Oct-17-2010, Sun : Paul out - again
Oct-16-2010, Sat : Strange things
Oct-15-2010, Fri : Well is it
Oct-14-2010, Thu : Hectic Season
Oct-13-2010, Wed : The Cat on the Pommel
Oct-12-2010, Tue : Thanksgiving
Oct-11-2010, Mon : Golfish Kalyha

Oct-10-2010, Sun : A few great flies...
Oct-08-2010, Fri : Go ahead and give it a try
Oct-07-2010, Thu : The times they are a changing
Oct-06-2010, Wed : Why Bother?
Oct-05-2010, Tue : Fishing Literature
Oct-04-2010, Mon : Sharing knowledge

Oct-03-2010, Sun : Release
Oct-01-2010, Fri : The same but not!!
Sep-30-2010, Thu : Missed shot
Sep-29-2010, Wed : The Grab - Part III:
Sep-28-2010, Tue : On the ground
Sep-27-2010, Mon : Zsófia broke the Orgasmatron

Sep-26-2010, Sun : Heritage Trout and Rumors
Sep-25-2010, Sat : Ghosts
Sep-24-2010, Fri :
Sep-23-2010, Thu : The Spook Zone
Sep-22-2010, Wed : The Grab - Part II:
Sep-20-2010, Mon : Exciting

Sep-19-2010, Sun : More Tales of Crocodiles
Sep-17-2010, Fri : Recent News
Sep-15-2010, Wed : The Grab - Part I:
Sep-14-2010, Tue : Back in Alberta!
Sep-13-2010, Mon : SL Hungary Meet

Sep-12-2010, Sun : Crocodile Run
Sep-11-2010, Sat : More on butts
Sep-10-2010, Fri : Buddies and Bulls, and Bugling
Sep-09-2010, Thu : White River Bumble
Sep-08-2010, Wed : Slim Pickin's
Sep-07-2010, Tue : You'll Work It Out
Sep-06-2010, Mon : Living Afloat
Sep-04-2010, Sat : First Autumn Weekend!
Sep-03-2010, Fri : Seasonal Traditions
Sep-02-2010, Thu : It feels like Autumn
Sep-01-2010, Wed : Rainy Day Rant
Aug-30-2010, Mon : Brown trout haydays on the way.

Aug-29-2010, Sun : Sooty Grunters
Aug-27-2010, Fri : Scouting, Fish Bonanza,
Aug-25-2010, Wed : Fish(ing) Food
Aug-24-2010, Tue : The Spotted Phantom
Aug-23-2010, Mon : Events and Clinics

Aug-22-2010, Sun : Moths
Aug-21-2010, Sat : Fellowship
Aug-20-2010, Fri : Bugs and Flies
Aug-19-2010, Thu : SLTV
Aug-18-2010, Wed : Saltfly - It's An Illness
Aug-17-2010, Tue : Asping
Aug-16-2010, Mon : Slippery when Wet

Aug-15-2010, Sun : Murray Cod
Aug-14-2010, Sat : Sea trout
Aug-13-2010, Fri : A Sad Tale and Who Knew?
Aug-12-2010, Thu : It's a Guides' Life
Aug-11-2010, Wed : Too Hot To Handle: A Fish Story
Aug-10-2010, Tue : Off to England
Aug-09-2010, Mon : Bring on the Asp

Aug-08-2010, Sun : NG Bass
Aug-07-2010, Sat : One Fly Box and a Solar TsunamiHow did we ever survive?
Aug-06-2010, Fri : One Fly Box and a Solar TsunamiHow did we ever survive?
Aug-05-2010, Thu : Shimmer Midges
Aug-04-2010, Wed : Vested
Aug-03-2010, Tue : Invasion
Aug-02-2010, Mon : Asp by Night

Aug-01-2010, Sun : Old guy stuff.
Jul-31-2010, Sat : Even More Flytying
Jul-30-2010, Fri : Survival and an Experts Explanations
Jul-29-2010, Thu : Worms or Sowbugs?
Jul-28-2010, Wed : Stars
Jul-27-2010, Tue : Stillwaters
Jul-26-2010, Mon : Fishing with Stoats
Jul-24-2010, Sat : More Flytying
Jul-23-2010, Fri : Bloopers and such
Jul-22-2010, Thu : Pictures and Bugs
Jul-21-2010, Wed : How To Catch Big Fish
Jul-20-2010, Tue : Mistakes Redux
Jul-19-2010, Mon : An introduction to the world of Antipodean freshwater fish - Saratoga
Jul-17-2010, Sat : Holiday Speys
Jul-16-2010, Fri : Ticketed, Ticked Off, and Reduced
Jul-15-2010, Thu : Changing
Jul-14-2010, Wed : Hot in the Sun
Jul-13-2010, Tue : Worth the Price
Jul-12-2010, Mon : Ribnik Nymphing

Jul-11-2010, Sun : Photographic tips for fly fishermen.
Jul-09-2010, Fri : Recover Regroup and Reduce
Jul-08-2010, Thu : Bullfrog Fly Fishing
Jul-07-2010, Wed : Nice View
Jul-06-2010, Tue : Ghost Towns and Coal Filtered Trout
Jul-05-2010, Mon : Nymph fishing (for barbel) at night.

Jul-04-2010, Sun : Boneheads!
Jul-03-2010, Sat : A Big Day
Jul-02-2010, Fri : FISCHER DOWN – Not out!
Jul-01-2010, Thu : Hungary Fly School
Jun-29-2010, Tue : Hidden Creeks
Jun-26-2010, Sat : SUMMERTIME
Jun-25-2010, Fri : Summary of Life
Jun-24-2010, Thu : BALANCING A FLY ROD
Jun-23-2010, Wed : #69 - Finescale Triggerfish
Jun-22-2010, Tue : Blame it on the Rain
Jun-21-2010, Mon : Ivica's Fly
Jun-18-2010, Fri : The Twenty-10 Regular season is here!!!!
Jun-17-2010, Thu : Sulphurama
Jun-16-2010, Wed : The Fin
Jun-15-2010, Tue : Fish in Schools
Jun-14-2010, Mon : Support Squadron

Jun-13-2010, Sun : Waiting for the Dog Days of Summer.
Jun-12-2010, Sat : 1 - 2 - 3?
Jun-11-2010, Fri : Do they!
Jun-10-2010, Thu : Trophy
Jun-09-2010, Wed : Guides, Numbers, and the Ethics of Chasing Wild Fish
Jun-08-2010, Tue : SL Board
Jun-07-2010, Mon : The Dungeons of Latohead

Jun-06-2010, Sun : Typical Spring
Jun-04-2010, Fri : Seasonal Fancies and Affairs
Jun-03-2010, Thu : Lunar Times and the stalk
Jun-02-2010, Wed : Guides, Numbers, and the Ethics of Chasing Wild Fish
May-31-2010, Mon : Fight Cast
May-29-2010, Sat : Spools
May-28-2010, Fri : 20 Days Until the Full Fishing Season..
May-27-2010, Thu : Quick FP!
May-26-2010, Wed : It's Most of the Fun Really
May-25-2010, Tue : Listening
May-24-2010, Mon : Yes!!!
May-22-2010, Sat : Salmon flies
May-21-2010, Fri : Well I can’t believe it…
May-20-2010, Thu : Long weekends
May-19-2010, Wed : Scrabbled
May-18-2010, Tue : Figuring it out
May-14-2010, Fri : To Maintain a
May-13-2010, Thu : Crossings
May-12-2010, Wed : May
May-11-2010, Tue : Golden Days, in more ways than one.
May-10-2010, Mon : Scottish MeetHungarian Certifications

May-09-2010, Sun : Mayflies (soon)
May-08-2010, Sat : Wind
May-07-2010, Fri : Diddly Not!
May-06-2010, Thu : Conclave
May-05-2010, Wed : Fishing The Green Eggs And Ham
May-03-2010, Mon : Paul under the radar

May-02-2010, Sun : Sewing
Apr-30-2010, Fri : I got squat
Apr-29-2010, Thu : Ready, Fire, Aim
Apr-28-2010, Wed : Expectations
Apr-27-2010, Tue : Expectations
Apr-26-2010, Mon : Singapore

Apr-25-2010, Sun : Victoria River Preparation
Apr-24-2010, Sat : Fightbutt or not?
Apr-23-2010, Fri : Into the foam, the foam is home
Apr-22-2010, Thu : Early bugs
Apr-21-2010, Wed : Trip Preparation
Apr-20-2010, Tue : Habitat
Apr-19-2010, Mon : Quick FP!

Apr-18-2010, Sun : Corroboree Billabong
Apr-17-2010, Sat : Sinking Lines
Apr-16-2010, Fri : SWAB No place for timid old men!
Apr-15-2010, Thu : Shifting Weather, Blowing Bugs
Apr-14-2010, Wed : Make the Most of the Terrain
Apr-13-2010, Tue : Groovy Casting
Apr-12-2010, Mon : The Map
Apr-09-2010, Fri : John Warren Duncan 1948 – 2007
Apr-08-2010, Thu : Spring budget
Apr-07-2010, Wed : Molting Season
Apr-06-2010, Tue : The Simplicity of a soft hackle
Apr-05-2010, Mon : Northern Territory

Apr-04-2010, Sun : Dry Fly
Apr-03-2010, Sat : Interesting start to
Apr-02-2010, Fri : Where's Ray?
Apr-01-2010, Thu : Wild Trout and Bottled Water
Mar-31-2010, Wed : Angler Evolution
Mar-30-2010, Tue : Dead Drift!!
Mar-29-2010, Mon : Mystery Billabong X
Mar-26-2010, Fri : Cast is off; panning for Gold
Mar-25-2010, Thu : Windy Day
Mar-24-2010, Wed : Color Me Steelhead
Mar-22-2010, Mon : Big Fish Week
Mar-20-2010, Sat : Spiders
Mar-19-2010, Fri : No Fishing!
Mar-18-2010, Thu : Blossoms and Bugs
Mar-17-2010, Wed : Coastal Clover
Mar-16-2010, Tue : Fidgets
Mar-15-2010, Mon : It's all about to happen..
Mar-13-2010, Sat : Shooting Heads
Mar-12-2010, Fri : Casts and Country
Mar-11-2010, Thu : On the Edge
Mar-10-2010, Wed : The Thrills of Moving
Mar-09-2010, Tue : Lets not forget the Woodcock
Mar-08-2010, Mon : SLTV is back!
Mar-06-2010, Sat : Opening drawing near
Mar-05-2010, Fri : Are you fed up yet,
Mar-04-2010, Thu : Just Minnows
Mar-03-2010, Wed : Predator and Prey
Mar-02-2010, Tue : Signs of Spring

Feb-28-2010, Sun : Restoration in Progress
Feb-26-2010, Fri : Deer, Mice and Monks
Feb-25-2010, Thu : Hope for a River
Feb-24-2010, Wed : Trophic Cascade
Feb-23-2010, Tue : Shad kill
Feb-22-2010, Mon : Laptop Blues

Feb-21-2010, Sun : Winter's Summer BWOs
Feb-20-2010, Sat : Cormorants
Feb-19-2010, Fri : Got any tail lately ?
Feb-18-2010, Thu : Bozeman Scouting Trip; Also known as Valentine’s Day
Feb-17-2010, Wed : The Super Psyche and the Steelheader’s Way
Feb-16-2010, Tue : Again the snow fell
Feb-15-2010, Mon : Technical Problems
Feb-13-2010, Sat : Never Ending Winter
Feb-12-2010, Fri : Honoring ZAPP and the man, and an intro..
Feb-11-2010, Thu : Beer and Flies
Feb-10-2010, Wed : The Source
Feb-09-2010, Tue : Oh Deer!
Feb-08-2010, Mon : Lost!
Feb-06-2010, Sat : Speed
Feb-05-2010, Fri : Beyond the Chorten
Feb-04-2010, Thu : Other Things I See
Feb-03-2010, Wed : The Real Deal
Feb-02-2010, Tue : Tyathon
Feb-01-2010, Mon : 37 degrees and casting
Jan-30-2010, Sat : Rain, Mice, Backwaters
Jan-29-2010, Fri : Mystery of the Snap Tee Zeta Function
Jan-28-2010, Thu : Hair
Jan-27-2010, Wed : Shift
Jan-26-2010, Tue : Not Didymo
Jan-25-2010, Mon : Three wheels

Jan-24-2010, Sun : Competition!
Jan-23-2010, Sat : Back in The Groove!
Jan-22-2010, Fri : Smooth Corrective Jolt
Jan-21-2010, Thu : What I see
Jan-20-2010, Wed : Winter Fishing
Jan-19-2010, Tue : Tying flies
Jan-18-2010, Mon : Tasmanian Western Lakes
Jan-16-2010, Sat : Plans
Jan-14-2010, Thu : First Fish of 2010
Jan-13-2010, Wed : Fly Swap Fly
Jan-11-2010, Mon : Squids, Kahawai and Mugwai
Jan-09-2010, Sat : New Flies
Jan-08-2010, Fri : Hot Pants
Jan-07-2010, Thu : Winter Nymphing: Trout-6, Harps-0
Jan-06-2010, Wed : Ornithological Pimps
Jan-05-2010, Tue : The New Year is here
Jan-04-2010, Mon : Sharks and Windlanes
Jan-02-2010, Sat : This Year's Awesome Competition
Jan-01-2010, Fri : Happy New Year!
Dec-31-1969, Wed : The Fish Girls
Dec-30-2009, Wed : Best of Ought Nine
Dec-29-2009, Tue : Christmas Fly's
Dec-28-2009, Mon : Tasmanian Fishing
Dec-26-2009, Sat : Happy Holidays
Dec-25-2009, Fri : THE FROG IN THE WELL
Dec-24-2009, Thu : Winter Solstice
Dec-23-2009, Wed : The Day Before the Night Before Christmas
Dec-22-2009, Tue : Early beginnings
Dec-21-2009, Mon : Tassie

Dec-20-2009, Sun : Eating the elephant
Dec-18-2009, Fri : Dear Santa
Dec-17-2009, Thu : Christmas List
Dec-16-2009, Wed : Reverence
Dec-15-2009, Tue : Bird hunt
Dec-14-2009, Mon : The Ronan
Dec-12-2009, Sat : Yes - it's coming - X-mas
Dec-11-2009, Fri : Amazingly Easy
Dec-10-2009, Thu : Too Cold
Dec-09-2009, Wed : Advanced Angling
Dec-08-2009, Tue : Jack Gartside
Dec-07-2009, Mon : Camo-guy and the 9lb trout
Dec-05-2009, Sat : Electrofishing
Dec-04-2009, Fri : Beginnings
Dec-03-2009, Thu : Missed Opportunities
Dec-02-2009, Wed : Change It Up
Dec-01-2009, Tue : The Grand Matchbox Slam
Nov-30-2009, Mon : Frazer's Hat

Nov-29-2009, Sun : Net losses
Nov-27-2009, Fri : The Pointilliste Pimple
Nov-26-2009, Thu : Solitude
Nov-25-2009, Wed : Up The Canyon
Nov-24-2009, Tue : Scorpios
Nov-23-2009, Mon : SexyloopsTV
Nov-21-2009, Sat : Numbers
Nov-20-2009, Fri : MORE GLENDAS NOTES
Nov-19-2009, Thu : Sexyloops: Bringer of everything fish!
Nov-18-2009, Wed : Flash
Nov-17-2009, Tue : Flood stages again
Nov-16-2009, Mon : Busted but not Broken

Nov-15-2009, Sun : Stuff
Nov-14-2009, Sat : # of rods
Nov-13-2009, Fri : Intoxicating Spice
Nov-12-2009, Thu : Back to Summer
Nov-11-2009, Wed : Fish Lit
Nov-10-2009, Tue : Another week gone by
Nov-09-2009, Mon : The Sexyloops FlySwap 2009

Nov-08-2009, Sun : Testing times
Nov-07-2009, Sat : Words
Nov-06-2009, Fri : Zaiku
Nov-05-2009, Thu : Filling in!
Nov-04-2009, Wed : Some Haiku
Nov-03-2009, Tue : Season's Close
Nov-02-2009, Mon : The Reservoirs
Oct-31-2009, Sat : THE DEMON HATCH
Oct-30-2009, Fri : Closed
Oct-29-2009, Thu : No blondes
Oct-28-2009, Wed : Salmon Watch
Oct-27-2009, Tue : Guiding
Oct-26-2009, Mon : The importance of fishing (with someone who can operate a camera)
Oct-24-2009, Sat : Digging a River II
Oct-22-2009, Thu : Fall time
Oct-21-2009, Wed : The End of Summer
Oct-20-2009, Tue : Fish or Fishing?
Oct-19-2009, Mon : Victor's Victory!

Oct-18-2009, Sun : FLYFUSHING Portugal Barbos a pluma 3/3
Oct-17-2009, Sat : Sweden
Oct-16-2009, Fri : The Shrimpy Gurgler
Oct-15-2009, Thu : Fish, flies and blondes
Oct-14-2009, Wed : Open Season
Oct-13-2009, Tue : Canadian Thanksgiving
Oct-12-2009, Mon : New Start
Oct-10-2009, Sat : Boobies
Oct-09-2009, Fri : A matter of little consequence
Oct-08-2009, Thu : Skins
Oct-07-2009, Wed : Love / Hate
Oct-06-2009, Tue : Trashfish
Oct-05-2009, Mon : Big Changes

Oct-04-2009, Sun : Lessons
Oct-03-2009, Sat : Autumn
Oct-02-2009, Fri : Bank Bustle
Oct-01-2009, Thu : Bugs and Critters
Sep-30-2009, Wed : Planet Blog
Sep-29-2009, Tue : Industrial Cutthroat
Sep-28-2009, Mon : So... what's next?

Sep-27-2009, Sun : 0.08%
Sep-26-2009, Sat : Exceptionally Tasty
Sep-25-2009, Fri : The Apple of Discord
Sep-24-2009, Thu : Dave and the blondes
Sep-23-2009, Wed : Mystery Location X
Sep-22-2009, Tue : Mistakes
Sep-21-2009, Mon : Asp Lookout, Mancamp Latohead

Sep-20-2009, Sun : Fly fushing Portugal
Sep-19-2009, Sat : Knives
Sep-18-2009, Fri : Peach Fuzz
Sep-17-2009, Thu : The vacation is over, but the memories remain.
Sep-16-2009, Wed : Headed Home
Sep-15-2009, Tue : Test Fishing
Sep-14-2009, Mon : Resuscitated

Sep-13-2009, Sun : Fly fushing PortugalCarpa a pluma 1/3
Sep-12-2009, Sat : Digging a river
Sep-11-2009, Fri : A Miscast
Sep-10-2009, Thu : Last Front Page
Sep-09-2009, Wed : The Wedding
Sep-08-2009, Tue : The Passing of Summer
Sep-07-2009, Mon : Sweden, Croatia and Ronan "putting on his shoes".

Sep-06-2009, Sun : Worms
Sep-05-2009, Sat : New Rod - New Lines
Sep-04-2009, Fri : In The Hot Phenolic Dawn
Sep-03-2009, Thu : Song of Rivers Past
Sep-02-2009, Wed : September Fish Art
Sep-01-2009, Tue : Sharing
Aug-31-2009, Mon : Information and Ideas

Aug-30-2009, Sun : Haiku
Aug-29-2009, Sat : Down in the Drava
Aug-28-2009, Fri : ITCHING
Aug-27-2009, Thu : Coming up
Aug-26-2009, Wed : Fish On!
Aug-25-2009, Tue : Hungary Shootout!
Aug-25-2009, Tue : No time for a summer fish
Aug-24-2009, Mon : Ronan's Fault

Aug-23-2009, Sun : Just say no
Aug-22-2009, Sat : Hungary
Aug-21-2009, Fri : CAC IS SPoOC TRANSLATOR
Aug-21-2009, Fri : CAC IS SPoOC TRANSLATOR
Aug-20-2009, Thu : The Magnificent Seven
Aug-19-2009, Wed : Area 49.5
Aug-18-2009, Tue : The Bulls Hit
Aug-17-2009, Mon : Ironfish

Aug-16-2009, Sun : Silver tourists
Aug-15-2009, Sat : Swim - run - bike
Aug-14-2009, Fri : They dream of Bogs
Aug-13-2009, Thu : What do you do for kicks now....????
Aug-12-2009, Wed : The Summer Run
Aug-11-2009, Tue : Tonio Tonio
Aug-10-2009, Mon : Ironman, FFF Testingand Latohead

Aug-09-2009, Sun : The Sure Thing
Aug-08-2009, Sat : Ants
Aug-07-2009, Fri : Pop Quiz
Aug-05-2009, Wed : Thermal Barrier
Aug-04-2009, Tue : Adventures of TarzanPaul on River Drina, Serbia
Aug-03-2009, Mon : Serbia

Aug-02-2009, Sun : Top of the world
Aug-01-2009, Sat : Selective feeding
Jul-31-2009, Fri : Summer Bleak
Jul-30-2009, Thu : It was a hell of an adventure....
Jul-29-2009, Wed : Oregon Warmwater Gathering Report
Jul-28-2009, Tue : Winter Doldrums
Jul-27-2009, Mon : Destination Serbia

Jul-26-2009, Sun : Where the...
Jul-25-2009, Sat : Off Season Sanity?
Jul-24-2009, Fri : Primeval Mating
Jul-23-2009, Thu : Jimmy Buffett!
Jul-22-2009, Wed : Buzzed
Jul-21-2009, Tue : Good Stuff
Jul-20-2009, Mon : No Patience

Jul-19-2009, Sun : Run for the Hills
Jul-18-2009, Sat : Ironfish
Jul-17-2009, Fri : The Yurt of the Tripping Frog
Jul-16-2009, Thu : Checking the live bait....
Jul-15-2009, Wed : 120 Minutes of Summer
Jul-14-2009, Tue : Back to the 80'ies!
Jul-13-2009, Mon : Erection

Jul-12-2009, Sun : Between Two Whirls
Jul-11-2009, Sat : Summerfishing
Jul-10-2009, Fri : Alpentench
Jul-09-2009, Thu : Don't swim in the burley trail....
Jul-08-2009, Wed : The System is Down
Jul-07-2009, Tue : GUILLI GUILLIE
Jul-06-2009, Mon : Thunder over Gyekenyes

Jul-05-2009, Sun : Antastic
Jul-04-2009, Sat : HEAT!
Jul-03-2009, Fri : Bogstock
Jul-02-2009, Thu : Guiding Stories...
Jul-01-2009, Wed : Have I got it right or wrong?(The ramblings of an Irishman)
Jun-30-2009, Tue : Connemara
Jun-29-2009, Mon : Destination Spain

Jun-28-2009, Sun : Flyline fever
Jun-27-2009, Sat : Barbels
Jun-26-2009, Fri : Winston was a Druid
Jun-25-2009, Thu : It never happened....
Jun-24-2009, Wed : Scouting Dry Flats
Jun-23-2009, Tue : Nearly over
Jun-22-2009, Mon : Lines

Jun-21-2009, Sun : Halcyon days
Jun-20-2009, Sat : Foundations
Jun-19-2009, Fri : Dreamtime
Jun-18-2009, Thu : NZSWF
Jun-17-2009, Wed : #57 - Palometa
Jun-16-2009, Tue : Back in business
Jun-15-2009, Mon : EFTTEX

Jun-14-2009, Sun : Bass-less again
Jun-13-2009, Sat : Seatrout Mode
Jun-12-2009, Fri : TRICOS
Jun-11-2009, Thu : Pierre...
Jun-10-2009, Wed : Return From Mystery Island X
Jun-09-2009, Tue : Glossary
Jun-08-2009, Mon : Things and Stuff

Jun-07-2009, Sun : Imitations
Jun-06-2009, Sat : A keeper :-)
Jun-05-2009, Fri : Bubbles Colquhoun
Jun-04-2009, Thu : Mr Ayers...
Jun-03-2009, Wed : Skagit & Scandi - Simplified
Jun-02-2009, Tue : Sheep
Jun-01-2009, Mon : Cold Snap!

May-31-2009, Sun : On Strike
May-30-2009, Sat : Another Viking
May-29-2009, Fri : THE CLITTERHOUSE
May-28-2009, Thu : Bring Something To The Table....
May-27-2009, Wed : I've Never Been Fishing
May-26-2009, Tue : Luminosity
May-25-2009, Mon : The Flycasting Model

May-24-2009, Sun : Inescapable truths
May-23-2009, Sat : Late - I know!
May-22-2009, Fri : Tomorrows Chickens
May-21-2009, Thu : Going back....
May-20-2009, Wed : May In Montana
May-19-2009, Tue : Vertical Fishing
May-18-2009, Mon : 5am Asp

May-17-2009, Sun : Dead calm (and not gay)
May-16-2009, Sat : From Hungary
May-15-2009, Fri : OCH AYE THE MOO
May-14-2009, Thu : Chuck is the best!
May-13-2009, Wed : Which Rod?
May-12-2009, Tue : Scotland
May-11-2009, Mon : Dead Laptop
May-09-2009, Sat : Pontoon
May-08-2009, Fri : FISH TALK
May-07-2009, Thu : I tried to give up smoking once….
May-06-2009, Wed : More Last Minute Science
May-05-2009, Tue : N°4 why not…
May-04-2009, Mon : It's all about to...

May-03-2009, Sun : LTWB Pt. 2
May-02-2009, Sat : Poppers
May-01-2009, Fri : THE HERETIC
Apr-30-2009, Thu : 90%
Apr-29-2009, Wed : Three Seconds on the Marsh
Apr-28-2009, Tue : Be prepared you should be
Apr-27-2009, Mon : Black Zander

Apr-26-2009, Sun : Far more
Apr-25-2009, Sat : Danish Fly Festival
Apr-24-2009, Fri : A little extra length
Apr-23-2009, Thu : I'm not as good as I once was!
Apr-22-2009, Wed : Last Minute Science
Apr-21-2009, Tue : TRANSITION
Apr-20-2009, Mon : The Jungles of Latohead

Apr-19-2009, Sun : Spiderman
Apr-18-2009, Sat : Danish Fly Festival
Apr-16-2009, Thu : We're all nuts.
Apr-15-2009, Wed : The Gear Nerd
Apr-14-2009, Tue : TEACHING first attempt
Apr-13-2009, Mon : Prince Latohead

Apr-12-2009, Sun : Easter exertions
Apr-11-2009, Sat : The guy with the knife
Apr-10-2009, Fri : TRAINING TAILS
Apr-09-2009, Thu : Learning
Apr-08-2009, Wed : Gone (Bait) Fishin'
Apr-07-2009, Tue : Fly Casting week, not weekend….and seven hours a day
Apr-06-2009, Mon : 10 Metre Creeper

Apr-05-2009, Sun : Reservoir blues
Apr-04-2009, Sat : Double Openings
Apr-03-2009, Fri : Lobelia Pukeweed
Apr-02-2009, Thu : Guru
Apr-01-2009, Wed : Big Water - Small Water
Mar-31-2009, Tue :
Mar-30-2009, Mon : Take control... & Shop!

Mar-29-2009, Sun : Words of Wisdom
Mar-28-2009, Sat : Deer Moo
Mar-27-2009, Fri : THE AMUN RA BA KA RODS OF ZA
Mar-26-2009, Thu : Hunting
Mar-25-2009, Wed : Mask & Corrib
Mar-24-2009, Tue : Denmark
Mar-23-2009, Mon : Opening day

Mar-22-2009, Sun : March madness
Mar-21-2009, Sat : Getting ready
Mar-20-2009, Fri : FRTS
Mar-19-2009, Thu : I'm not funny today!
Mar-18-2009, Wed : The 'Loopers Are Coming
Mar-17-2009, Tue : PASSIVE STALKING
Mar-16-2009, Mon : Mancamp Latohead

Mar-15-2009, Sun : Three
Mar-14-2009, Sat : Flies and Fleece
Mar-13-2009, Fri : PST
Mar-12-2009, Thu : Australian Bushfires
Mar-11-2009, Wed : Tying Tunes
Mar-10-2009, Tue : Learning to cast
Mar-09-2009, Mon : Dead Drift Casts

Mar-08-2009, Sun : Reintroduction of Salmon Farming Threatens Wild Salmon and Sea Trout stocks in the West of Ireland.
Mar-07-2009, Sat : Washing tyingmaterials
Mar-06-2009, Fri : Zander Mechanicals
Mar-05-2009, Thu : Fellatio
Mar-04-2009, Wed : Giant Fly Caught Steelhead Killed Legally - Washington State, USA
Mar-03-2009, Tue : Fancy planning...
Mar-02-2009, Mon : Lateral Shift

Mar-01-2009, Sun : The Good Stuff
Feb-28-2009, Sat : Sea Fog
Feb-27-2009, Fri : "ANGLERS IN AGONY"
Feb-26-2009, Thu : “Sex symbol on stagemusic performer”
Feb-25-2009, Wed : In The Stars?
Feb-24-2009, Tue : “DEVELOPMENT AGENT”possible job?
Feb-23-2009, Mon : Eat Snow

Feb-22-2009, Sun : The Birds
Feb-21-2009, Sat : Canoes
Feb-20-2009, Fri : MEMO TO THE BOARD29/06/08
Feb-19-2009, Thu : I guess you had to be there....
Feb-18-2009, Wed : Building An Army
Feb-17-2009, Tue : 4&half months left….
Feb-16-2009, Mon : The Isten Papa

Feb-15-2009, Sun : Sharkskin stories
Feb-14-2009, Sat : Bean Bag
Feb-13-2009, Fri : ZA “OM” Tuning Mallets
Feb-12-2009, Thu : first fp
Feb-11-2009, Wed : The Streak (2)
Feb-10-2009, Tue : Week 56837....
Feb-09-2009, Mon : The Gathering 2009

Feb-08-2009, Sun : Two rivers
Feb-07-2009, Sat : New venues
Feb-06-2009, Fri : Science Rejected
Feb-05-2009, Thu : Clave
Feb-04-2009, Wed : Make The Most
Feb-03-2009, Tue : UP & DOWN
Feb-02-2009, Mon : New stuff

Feb-01-2009, Sun : Smörgåsbord
Jan-31-2009, Sat : 0
Jan-30-2009, Fri : Glenda's Notes
Jan-29-2009, Thu : Why do we do it?
Jan-28-2009, Wed : The Wrong Way To C&R
Jan-27-2009, Tue : MULTI PASS
Jan-26-2009, Mon : Fishing for the Future

Jan-25-2009, Sun : News from the road
Jan-24-2009, Sat : Family Fishing
Jan-23-2009, Fri : A LITTLE ROMANCE
Jan-22-2009, Thu : Travel on Gravel
Jan-21-2009, Wed : Random Thoughts and Questions From a Long and Funky Winter in Oregon
Jan-20-2009, Tue : WRONG CHOICE
Jan-19-2009, Mon : Course Dates

Jan-18-2009, Sun : Back from the high country
Jan-15-2009, Thu : Launch the Woolly Bugger!
Jan-14-2009, Wed : The Gamblers
Jan-13-2009, Tue : BACK ON THE BENCH
Jan-12-2009, Mon : Moonlight

Jan-11-2009, Sun : Deja vu
Jan-10-2009, Sat : More tying
Jan-09-2009, Fri : Jimmy the Wig
Jan-08-2009, Thu : The Leeriness of Fish
Jan-07-2009, Wed : Filling in!
Jan-06-2009, Tue : Human mistake
Jan-05-2009, Mon : Peaches

Jan-04-2009, Sun : Thirteen hats
Jan-03-2009, Sat : BlackHammer
Jan-02-2009, Fri : Glandade
Jan-01-2009, Thu : Happy New Year!
Dec-31-2008, Wed : Countdown to 2009
Dec-30-2008, Tue : HOW I MET OUR « FARTHER »
Dec-29-2008, Mon : Last few days of 2008

Dec-28-2008, Sun : Death to cormorants?
Dec-27-2008, Sat : Stacked Loop
Dec-26-2008, Fri : Kit Kat Rumble
Dec-25-2008, Thu : Merry Christmas!
Dec-24-2008, Wed : The Night Before Christmas
Dec-23-2008, Tue : Thinking
Dec-22-2008, Mon : Splinters

Dec-21-2008, Sun : Reversed expectations
Dec-20-2008, Sat : Success
Dec-19-2008, Fri : Do a little dance
Dec-18-2008, Thu : Physically Abused, Mentally Beaten
Dec-17-2008, Wed : Go Beav's
Dec-16-2008, Tue : WINTER BREAK
Dec-15-2008, Mon : Overload

Dec-14-2008, Sun : The river of black sand
Dec-13-2008, Sat : Magic Dust
Dec-12-2008, Fri : Kola Ekoka Wah Rapture
Dec-11-2008, Thu : Flyfishing as Therapy
Dec-10-2008, Wed : Makin' A List
Dec-09-2008, Tue : WEEK FOR.
Dec-08-2008, Mon : SNAPCAST andZonas de confort

Dec-07-2008, Sun : Thirteen days
Dec-06-2008, Sat : Presents
Dec-05-2008, Fri : Wrinkly, dry, dull and flat looking skins??
Dec-04-2008, Thu : Newsflash ... Paul Changes Socks!
Dec-03-2008, Wed : Cotton Candy
Dec-02-2008, Tue : IN THE PROCESS…
Dec-01-2008, Mon : Live from New Zealand...And news from Spain

Nov-30-2008, Sun : Killing Zone
Nov-29-2008, Sat : Winter coming
Nov-28-2008, Fri : THE PRESSURE
Nov-27-2008, Thu : Spey and the Singlehander
Nov-26-2008, Wed : Special Fish
Nov-25-2008, Tue : Did you had a nice week?…..
Nov-24-2008, Mon : Snippets

Nov-23-2008, Sun : Back to summer
Nov-22-2008, Sat : Guidelines
Nov-21-2008, Fri : THE REVOLUTION
Nov-20-2008, Thu : Weird Flies
Nov-19-2008, Wed : Real or Dream?
Nov-17-2008, Mon : It's time...

Nov-16-2008, Sun : A Grand Adventure
Nov-15-2008, Sat : Casting Park Blues
Nov-14-2008, Fri : HOOKS, FORTY HOOKS
Nov-13-2008, Thu : Confessions of a Beginner
Nov-12-2008, Wed : Arts & Crafts
Nov-11-2008, Tue : AND HE CHANGESHIS DESTINY …..
Nov-10-2008, Mon : In for the Bang

Nov-09-2008, Sun : ADIOS
Nov-08-2008, Sat : Styles
Nov-07-2008, Fri : The Berlengee Grizzle
Nov-06-2008, Thu : Confessions of a Beginner
Nov-05-2008, Wed : #55. Chum Salmon
Nov-04-2008, Tue : Ten Box Tonio
Nov-03-2008, Mon : Counting Asp

Nov-02-2008, Sun : BODY COUNT
Nov-01-2008, Sat : Strike?
Oct-31-2008, Fri : HALLOWEEL NIGHT
Oct-30-2008, Thu : Confessions of a Beginner
Oct-29-2008, Wed : Eye Stalks
Oct-28-2008, Tue : Video killed the radio star!
Oct-27-2008, Mon : Smells like fish.

Oct-26-2008, Sun : BUSTED, AGAIN
Oct-25-2008, Sat : Floating
Oct-23-2008, Thu : Care and Feeding of Your Equipment
Oct-22-2008, Wed : Analyze This.
Oct-21-2008, Tue : Mullet
Oct-20-2008, Mon : BFCC

Oct-19-2008, Sun : The Whisky Talking
Oct-18-2008, Sat : More steelhead
Oct-17-2008, Fri : How to makeyour cactus sink
Oct-16-2008, Thu : Confessions of a Beginner
Oct-15-2008, Wed : The Aftermath
Oct-14-2008, Tue : Cutting edge!
Oct-13-2008, Mon : Somewhere in Nova Scotia

Oct-12-2008, Sun : The Missing FP!
Oct-11-2008, Sat : Wide Open
Oct-10-2008, Fri : Putting up the Weasels
Oct-09-2008, Thu : Confessions of a Beginner
Oct-08-2008, Wed : What You DO Know Can Hurt You
Oct-07-2008, Tue : The Old Masters
Oct-06-2008, Mon : Flycasting CoursesIntermediate and Beyond

Oct-05-2008, Sun : MOTHER NATURE
Oct-04-2008, Sat : Gearing Up
Oct-02-2008, Thu : Confessions of a Beginner
Oct-01-2008, Wed : Hooked
Sep-30-2008, Tue : Soft touch!
Sep-29-2008, Mon : Out of Wal-Mart

Sep-28-2008, Sun : RITUAL
Sep-27-2008, Sat : Closed
Sep-26-2008, Fri : AdveadvertisemenadvetvetisementsAdveadver
Sep-25-2008, Thu : Confessions of a Beginner
Sep-24-2008, Wed : Save the Nevis!
Sep-23-2008, Tue : Border fishing!
Sep-22-2008, Mon : Past Present Future

Sep-21-2008, Sun : Less Is More
Sep-20-2008, Sat : The Devil's Shoes
Sep-18-2008, Thu : Confessions of a Beginner
Sep-17-2008, Wed : The Legend of Highway Cone
Sep-16-2008, Tue : Relocation denied!
Sep-15-2008, Mon : The SL Files

Sep-14-2008, Sun : TYING
Sep-13-2008, Sat : Adverse winds
Sep-12-2008, Fri : Aunty Marjorie
Sep-11-2008, Thu : Confessions of a Beginner
Sep-10-2008, Wed : Plans are the Blueprints of Disappointment
Sep-09-2008, Tue : Dinner is served!
Sep-08-2008, Mon : Beaver Buzz and Bear Bells

Sep-07-2008, Sun : REALITY
Sep-05-2008, Fri : Advertisemntadvertsementadvrtisemetadvertiementadavtsmestadver
Sep-04-2008, Thu : Confessions of a Beginner
Sep-03-2008, Wed : Gumby and Pokey
Sep-02-2008, Tue : Hidden skills
Sep-01-2008, Mon : Almost TEN!

Aug-31-2008, Sun : A BRAND NEW DAY
Aug-30-2008, Sat : Nets?
Aug-28-2008, Thu :
Aug-27-2008, Wed : Seriously
Aug-26-2008, Tue : Tangled emotions
Aug-25-2008, Mon : Launching the Lumiline
Aug-23-2008, Sat : Lost box
Aug-22-2008, Fri : Millicent Figges
Aug-21-2008, Thu : The Fly have to be in the water
Aug-20-2008, Wed : Time Machine
Aug-19-2008, Tue : Why do you go fly fishing?
Aug-18-2008, Mon : Swim, Bike, Run, Fish

Aug-17-2008, Sun : INCIDENTALS
Aug-16-2008, Sat : Surface Lures
Aug-15-2008, Fri : Detective Sergeant
Aug-14-2008, Thu : The Adventures of Tarzan
Aug-13-2008, Wed : From The Vault - 3
Aug-12-2008, Tue : So you want to be a Casting Instructor
Aug-11-2008, Mon : Barcelona to Hungary

Aug-10-2008, Sun : 42
Aug-09-2008, Sat : 42
Aug-08-2008, Fri : MEMO.
Aug-07-2008, Thu : The Adventures of Tarzan
Aug-06-2008, Wed : All FLY, No FISHING
Aug-05-2008, Tue : Mystery Locations Q, X, and Y
Aug-04-2008, Mon : Getting decadent

Aug-03-2008, Sun : GET SERIOUS
Aug-02-2008, Sat : Defining Moments
Jan-01-1970, Thu : Emergencio
Jul-31-2008, Thu : The Adventures of TarzanWas There , Back here
Jul-30-2008, Wed : Birds of a Feather
Jul-29-2008, Tue : Conclave 2008
Jul-28-2008, Mon : Smoke and Mirrors

Jul-27-2008, Sun : CHEWY
Jul-25-2008, Fri : 4
Jul-24-2008, Thu : The 'R' Word:The Cure........
Jul-23-2008, Wed : For A Steelhead
Jul-22-2008, Tue : The Road to Conclave 2008
Jul-21-2008, Mon : Paul? NO. He is too busytoday…- sorry guys

Jul-20-2008, Sun : SNOBS
Jul-19-2008, Sat : Carlos!
Jul-18-2008, Fri : Laurence Furtlesham
Jul-17-2008, Thu : Chaos and the Art of Fly Casting
Jul-16-2008, Wed : Pacific NW - The Gathering
Jul-15-2008, Tue : Show time
Jul-14-2008, Mon : Strike Content 3

Jul-13-2008, Sun : SLOBS
Jul-12-2008, Sat : Fly fishing, Guinness,and a laptop.....
Jul-11-2008, Fri : Tarpon of the Thames
Jul-10-2008, Thu : One From The Road
Jul-09-2008, Wed : Seasons of Summer
Jul-08-2008, Tue : Teaching style
Jul-07-2008, Mon : Wilderness Guide

Jul-06-2008, Sun : ONLY CONNECT
Jul-05-2008, Sat : FP
Jul-04-2008, Fri : RENOVATIONS part 3
Jul-02-2008, Wed : Coffee
Jul-01-2008, Tue : Sexyloops DeclaresInternational Holiday
Jun-30-2008, Mon : From the cracks...

Jun-29-2008, Sun : THE SIZE OF IT
Jun-28-2008, Sat : Very Special Occasion
Jun-27-2008, Fri : The Adventures of TarzanFC MODES
Jun-26-2008, Thu : Pigeon flutes
Jun-25-2008, Wed : Guide as ________
Jun-24-2008, Tue : The Guide's share
Jun-23-2008, Mon : The Dungeons

Jun-22-2008, Sun : DOGS
Jun-21-2008, Sat : NAWLINS
Jun-20-2008, Fri : The Adventures of TarzanCLICK
Jun-19-2008, Thu : The Organs of Wesleys Chapel
Jun-18-2008, Wed : Full Throttle
Jun-17-2008, Tue : RENOVATIONS continued…
Jun-16-2008, Mon : Praises

Jun-15-2008, Sun : RUNOFF
Jun-14-2008, Sat : Discontinued
Jun-13-2008, Fri : The Adventures of TarzanWinter in Africa
Jun-12-2008, Thu : Summer “plans”
Jun-11-2008, Wed : The Finest Lines
Jun-10-2008, Tue : Advertisement advertisementadvertisementadvertisementadvertisementadvertisementadvertisementadvertisementadvertisementaertit
Jun-09-2008, Mon : THE RECKONING.

Jun-08-2008, Sun : RENOVATIONS!
Jun-07-2008, Sat : Duffer's Fortnight
Jun-06-2008, Fri : PUSSY GALORE
Jun-05-2008, Thu : Planet Sexyloops
Jun-04-2008, Wed : Big Bugs and Burgers
Jun-03-2008, Tue : Breaking News
Jun-02-2008, Mon : Monks Day

Jun-01-2008, Sun : HELL AND GONE
May-31-2008, Sat : Opening Day
May-30-2008, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan
May-29-2008, Thu : Asp Central
May-28-2008, Wed : Headhunter
May-27-2008, Tue : Rockets with fins
May-26-2008, Mon : Tahoe

May-25-2008, Sun : OLD NAMAYCUSH
May-24-2008, Sat : The Adventures of TarzanFly Fishing Roads
May-22-2008, Thu : We Gathered
May-21-2008, Wed : Steelhead Conservation & Spey Clave
May-20-2008, Tue : Smoking through Scotland
May-19-2008, Mon : Sight Fishing

May-18-2008, Sun : Snoek!
May-17-2008, Sat : Insects
May-16-2008, Fri : The Adventures of TarzanSWFF Confession
May-14-2008, Wed : FP Writer's Folly
May-13-2008, Tue : The Gathering
May-12-2008, Mon : Us and Them

May-11-2008, Sun : TYING NITE
May-10-2008, Sat : One Magic Fly
May-09-2008, Fri : Screw You!
May-08-2008, Thu : Man Shopping
May-07-2008, Wed : That time again
May-06-2008, Tue : Paying for the privilege
May-05-2008, Mon : T-Minus

May-04-2008, Sun : SPINNERS
May-03-2008, Sat : Do Your Part
May-02-2008, Fri : Sexyloopers Fly Fishing World
May-01-2008, Thu : Desination Hungary
Apr-30-2008, Wed : Rusty
Apr-29-2008, Tue : A feather

Apr-27-2008, Sun : Flip Side
Apr-26-2008, Sat : Last Saturday in April
Apr-25-2008, Fri : Sexyloops On Strike?
Apr-24-2008, Thu : Covert Forces
Apr-23-2008, Wed : Lonely Feathers
Apr-22-2008, Tue : Blind measure
Apr-21-2008, Mon : Oops

Apr-20-2008, Sun : THE ICING ON THE CAKE
Apr-19-2008, Sat : THE ICING ON THE CAKE
Apr-18-2008, Fri : Sexyloopers Fly Fishing WorldPart two
Apr-17-2008, Thu : Definition of a fly…
Apr-16-2008, Wed : The Dry Fly and Fast Water
Apr-15-2008, Tue : Don't let it happen
Apr-14-2008, Mon : Bank fishing

Apr-13-2008, Sun : CHEWING THE RAG
Apr-12-2008, Sat : Lars is back...
Apr-11-2008, Fri : Sexyloopers Fly Fishing World
Apr-10-2008, Thu : Mobile Fluff Kit
Apr-09-2008, Wed : Sorry For Your Loss
Apr-08-2008, Tue : Power and action
Apr-07-2008, Mon : Blown Away

Apr-06-2008, Sun : WELL, EXCUSE ME
Apr-05-2008, Sat : Viking Lars is in Japan
Apr-04-2008, Fri : Adventures of Tarzan
Apr-03-2008, Thu : The Wonderful Worldof Woolly Buggers
Apr-02-2008, Wed : 10 Different Directions
Apr-01-2008, Tue : Line down
Mar-31-2008, Mon : Support

Mar-30-2008, Sun : PRIME TIME
Mar-29-2008, Sat : Midges
Mar-27-2008, Thu : Presidential Doings
Mar-26-2008, Wed : First Bonefish
Mar-25-2008, Tue : Read that look
Mar-24-2008, Mon : Counting turns

Mar-23-2008, Sun : PRESSURE
Mar-22-2008, Sat : Hit the defroster would ya?
Mar-20-2008, Thu : Tungstenations
Mar-19-2008, Wed : Angler Evolution
Mar-18-2008, Tue : Just another casting clip
Mar-17-2008, Mon : Long Short

Mar-16-2008, Sun : OPENING DAY
Mar-15-2008, Sat : Still Steelhead
Mar-14-2008, Fri : The Adventures of TarzanThis is The Sexyloops Board
Mar-13-2008, Thu : The Mighty Trio
Mar-12-2008, Wed : From the Vault - #2
Mar-11-2008, Tue : Tackle up
Mar-10-2008, Mon : Close Encounters

Mar-09-2008, Sun : THE TURNING
Mar-08-2008, Sat : Day One
Mar-07-2008, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan
Mar-06-2008, Thu : Going in Circles
Mar-05-2008, Wed : Backup F-Ups
Mar-04-2008, Tue : Gripping
Mar-03-2008, Mon : In Like a Lion

Mar-02-2008, Sun : GOOD
Mar-01-2008, Sat : Likeminded
Feb-29-2008, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan
Feb-28-2008, Thu : Paul on Strike
Feb-27-2008, Wed : BUSTED - Part 2
Feb-26-2008, Tue : The Incredible Dr John
Feb-25-2008, Mon : Water at $5/gallon

Feb-24-2008, Sun : BUSTED
Feb-23-2008, Sat : Buzzer Hell
Feb-22-2008, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan & White Ghost
Feb-21-2008, Thu : Eat my Fly
Feb-20-2008, Wed : Back in the Saddles
Feb-19-2008, Tue : Length Matters
Feb-18-2008, Mon : Steel

Feb-17-2008, Sun : Ten Car Maintenance Tips
Feb-16-2008, Sat : Casting Books
Feb-15-2008, Fri : How I manage to fuck up Paul's new car...
Feb-14-2008, Thu : The three musketeers
Feb-13-2008, Wed : Go With The Flow
Feb-12-2008, Tue : Wild and misleading
Feb-11-2008, Mon : Situation Normal...

Feb-10-2008, Sun : Mistakes or Missed Takes?
Feb-09-2008, Sat : Cicada tactics
Feb-08-2008, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan
Feb-07-2008, Thu : Us!
Feb-06-2008, Wed : NDD
Feb-05-2008, Tue : Cracks you up
Feb-04-2008, Mon : The Flynn Effect

Feb-03-2008, Sun : THE CLAVE
Feb-02-2008, Sat : New stuff
Feb-01-2008, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan & White Ghost
Jan-31-2008, Thu : Look out NZ
Jan-30-2008, Wed : Dead Fish Tale
Jan-29-2008, Tue : Reassuring Elephants
Jan-28-2008, Mon : Moon Casting

Jan-27-2008, Sun : Reality Bites
Jan-26-2008, Sat : Revolution, skis, Big fishand women.
Jan-25-2008, Fri : Willow The Grub
Jan-24-2008, Thu : New Hobby
Jan-23-2008, Wed : Grab Bag
Jan-22-2008, Tue : Looking forward…
Jan-21-2008, Mon : BotW Sac

Jan-19-2008, Sat : I really don't like.....
Jan-18-2008, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan & White Ghost
Jan-17-2008, Thu : Suck my Fly
Jan-16-2008, Wed : My Least Favorite Fly?
Jan-15-2008, Tue : Educated trout
Jan-14-2008, Mon : Not Just Another Stick

Jan-13-2008, Sun : Ducks
Jan-12-2008, Sat : Heli..
Jan-11-2008, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan & White Ghost
Jan-10-2008, Thu : Flyswap
Jan-09-2008, Wed : From the Vault
Jan-08-2008, Tue : On the other side
Jan-07-2008, Mon : Sorted

Jan-06-2008, Sun : Spanked
Jan-05-2008, Sat : Snapcast
Jan-04-2008, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan & White Hilux
Jan-03-2008, Thu : A F...'d Front Page for Eric
Jan-02-2008, Wed : 8 for '08
Jan-01-2008, Tue : Happy New Year
Dec-31-2007, Mon : Coming Soon

Dec-30-2007, Sun : Ownership
Dec-29-2007, Sat : 2 PODS 1 Resolution
Dec-28-2007, Fri : Pin-up
Dec-27-2007, Thu : post Xmas bag full of pork bliss
Dec-26-2007, Wed : Striking A Nerve
Dec-25-2007, Tue : MERRY CHRISTMAS
Dec-24-2007, Mon : Binding

Dec-23-2007, Sun : DOG YEARS
Dec-22-2007, Sat : 43 FFS.
Dec-21-2007, Fri : Mr. Sexyloops is 43! Day 3
Dec-20-2007, Thu : Mr. Sexyloops is 43! Day 2
Dec-19-2007, Wed : Mr. Sexyloops is 43! Day 1
Dec-18-2007, Tue : Season Coming
Dec-17-2007, Mon : Straighten Up

Dec-16-2007, Sun : VALUE
Dec-15-2007, Sat : Masochist
Dec-14-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan & White Ghost
Dec-13-2007, Thu : Hard to follow!!
Dec-12-2007, Wed : Real or Dream?
Dec-11-2007, Tue : My feeling is…
Dec-10-2007, Mon : The Silver Sock

Dec-09-2007, Sun : HOMEWATERS II
Dec-08-2007, Sat : Launching from the Left
Dec-07-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan & White Ghost
Dec-06-2007, Thu : The Mighty Trio
Dec-05-2007, Wed : Rain! And the Best Trout.
Dec-04-2007, Tue : Fly Testing
Dec-03-2007, Mon : Delta Stripers

Dec-02-2007, Sun : Mother Nature
Dec-01-2007, Sat : The Mighty Trio
Nov-30-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan & White Ghost
Nov-29-2007, Thu : Casting for the H... of it!
Nov-28-2007, Wed : Passing It On
Nov-27-2007, Tue : Nothing New
Nov-26-2007, Mon : On Ice

Nov-25-2007, Sun : The Back End
Nov-24-2007, Sat : Triple Trouble
Nov-23-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan & White Ghost
Nov-22-2007, Thu : Winter fishing
Nov-21-2007, Wed : FP Grab Bag
Nov-20-2007, Tue : Nurture it
Nov-19-2007, Mon : Changing Gears

Nov-18-2007, Sun : Homewaters
Nov-17-2007, Sat : Random Winter Thoughts
Nov-16-2007, Fri : Winter… WTF???
Nov-15-2007, Thu : It's Beetle Time Bay bee!
Nov-14-2007, Wed : Clams?
Nov-13-2007, Tue : Rod porn
Nov-12-2007, Mon : '07 Charity Auction, Midges and River in a Box

Nov-11-2007, Sun : Drawing the Line
Nov-10-2007, Sat : “That's why they call it fishing, not catching”
Nov-09-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan & White Ghost
Nov-08-2007, Thu : Election-time
Nov-07-2007, Wed : Catching Up
Nov-06-2007, Tue : Just Aesthetics
Nov-05-2007, Mon : Stunting with Ronan

Nov-04-2007, Sun : Wild At Heart
Nov-03-2007, Sat : Zandering
Nov-02-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan White& Ghost
Nov-01-2007, Thu : Sexyloops Caps
Oct-31-2007, Wed : Boo!
Oct-30-2007, Tue : Just typical
Oct-29-2007, Mon : Openner

Oct-28-2007, Sun : Going Native
Oct-27-2007, Sat : Book a Lesson!
Oct-26-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan White& Ghost
Oct-25-2007, Thu : Instruction
Oct-24-2007, Wed : Classics
Oct-23-2007, Tue : Monstrous
Oct-22-2007, Mon : Al Kyte on Substance vs. Style and Biometric Isolation

Oct-21-2007, Sun : The Flow
Oct-20-2007, Sat : Sexy toys
Oct-19-2007, Fri : Tulum in Bosnia
Oct-18-2007, Thu : Flatwings
Oct-17-2007, Wed : The More I Practice, The Luckier I Get
Oct-16-2007, Tue : Bigger than those within it
Oct-15-2007, Mon : October Caddis

Oct-14-2007, Sun : That's not a mess!
Oct-13-2007, Sat : Heckled
Oct-12-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan & White GhostIntroducing of CDC in South Africa
Oct-11-2007, Thu : Youngsters
Oct-10-2007, Wed : FP Writer's Block
Oct-09-2007, Tue : It Works
Oct-08-2007, Mon : Satin

Oct-07-2007, Sun : Hackle Shmackle
Oct-06-2007, Sat : Nice Asp
Oct-04-2007, Thu : Weekend-trip
Oct-03-2007, Wed : The Secret Life of RiverTrash
Oct-02-2007, Tue : Despite Appearances
Oct-01-2007, Mon : It's Alive! IT'S ALIVE!

Sep-30-2007, Sun : FLIES
Sep-29-2007, Sat : Croatia
Sep-27-2007, Thu : A Change of Seasons
Sep-26-2007, Wed : "Fall!"
Sep-25-2007, Tue : Death Match
Sep-24-2007, Mon : What's Eating You?

Sep-23-2007, Sun : Spring
Sep-22-2007, Sat : 2007 Fly Fishing Retailer Show
Sep-21-2007, Fri : Adventures of Tarzan & White Ghost Sexyloopers on Balkan FF Trip
Sep-20-2007, Thu : Destination Croatia
Sep-19-2007, Wed : "Casting Practice or Steelheading?"
Sep-18-2007, Tue : Bend with the…
Sep-17-2007, Mon : Reality Bubble

Sep-16-2007, Sun : CREEPED OUT
Sep-15-2007, Sat : Asp Fest
Sep-14-2007, Fri : “To Spey or not to Spey”
Sep-13-2007, Thu : More zones
Sep-12-2007, Wed : "Outside of the Comfort Zone"
Sep-11-2007, Tue : Medium best
Sep-10-2007, Mon : Spey to Z

Sep-09-2007, Sun : Reality Bites
Sep-08-2007, Sat : "Wilderness Fishing: Bull Trout and Other Delights"
Sep-07-2007, Fri : Just back from...
Sep-06-2007, Thu : Like clockwork
Sep-05-2007, Wed : Reunion
Sep-04-2007, Tue : An economy of desire
Sep-03-2007, Mon : Walk the Walk

Sep-02-2007, Sun : Talk the Talk
Sep-01-2007, Sat : Means to an End
Aug-31-2007, Fri : Viking Assault
Aug-30-2007, Thu : The Nut Cracker
Aug-29-2007, Wed : "More Jargon Bashing - Sort Of"
Aug-28-2007, Tue : Speaking of casting…
Aug-27-2007, Mon : Tulum

Aug-26-2007, Sun : Bravehearts
Aug-25-2007, Sat : 50' Volcano
Aug-24-2007, Fri : Adventures of Tarzan & White Ghost Sexyloopers on Balkan FF Trip
Aug-23-2007, Thu : Gadgets
Aug-22-2007, Wed : "Cleaning Day"
Aug-21-2007, Tue : Watching and Wading

Aug-19-2007, Sun : Wild Wild West
Aug-18-2007, Sat : Shoot the Panties
Aug-17-2007, Fri : Metamorphosis
Aug-16-2007, Thu : Wading Boots - The Sequel
Aug-15-2007, Wed : "Wading Boots"
Aug-14-2007, Tue : From somewhere in Lapland
Aug-13-2007, Mon : Material World

Aug-12-2007, Sun : The Loop
Aug-11-2007, Sat : CCI
Aug-10-2007, Fri : Gone Fishing
Aug-08-2007, Wed : "Big Win For Umpqua Steelhead!"
Aug-07-2007, Tue : Bring on the Frogs and Locusts
Aug-06-2007, Mon : Bob's back :-)

Aug-05-2007, Sun : Bob's Out to Lunch
Aug-04-2007, Sat : Alberta
Aug-03-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan &White Ghost
Aug-02-2007, Thu : Intermission
Aug-01-2007, Wed : "It's Over, For Now"
Jul-31-2007, Tue : Bag wanted
Jul-30-2007, Mon : The Look of Love

Jul-29-2007, Sun : OPEN RANGE
Jul-28-2007, Sat : The Bow Wow & Wow the Bow
Jul-27-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan &White Ghost
Jul-26-2007, Thu : Dirty Jobs
Jul-25-2007, Wed : "Support Your Local Fly Shop"
Jul-24-2007, Tue : Dog's Dinner
Jul-23-2007, Mon : Dorothy

Jul-22-2007, Sun : Heads
Jul-21-2007, Sat : Outbound
Jul-20-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan & White Ghost Quotes for different shooting heads constructions :)
Jul-19-2007, Thu : Misery
Jul-18-2007, Wed : "Fishing Poorly"
Jul-17-2007, Tue : Practical & Sexy
Jul-16-2007, Mon : Do it today!

Jul-15-2007, Sun : PREY
Jul-14-2007, Sat : Stay Cool Honey Bunny
Jul-13-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan & White Ghost Mosquito's Perfect Stop
Jul-12-2007, Thu : The Mozzie Theme
Jul-11-2007, Wed : "Dickflies!"
Jul-10-2007, Tue : Eat who?
Jul-09-2007, Mon : Bite me!

Jul-08-2007, Sun : Bags
Jul-06-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan & White Ghost FF Bags? Is there something like that?
Jul-05-2007, Thu : Waterproof
Jul-04-2007, Wed : Bag Fetishists
Jul-03-2007, Tue : Bag Life
Jul-02-2007, Mon : No Returns

Jul-01-2007, Sun : Travel Tying
Jun-30-2007, Sat : Travel Kit
Jun-29-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan & White Ghost Tying Stations of Golden Days
Jun-28-2007, Thu : Tying Station
Jun-27-2007, Wed : Rabbit, & More!
Jun-26-2007, Tue : Choices!
Jun-25-2007, Mon : Global Domination

Jun-24-2007, Sun : Wishing
Jun-23-2007, Sat : Reviews
Jun-22-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan& White Ghost Future and Past are relative. Right Now is absolute
Jun-21-2007, Thu : Stay Out Late!
Jun-20-2007, Wed : Eterno debate
Jun-20-2007, Wed : Not Trout...
Jun-19-2007, Tue : Curses foiled! and Double-Handed Forum
Jun-18-2007, Mon : Members Only

Jun-17-2007, Sun : Mozzies!
Jun-16-2007, Sat : Bent
Jun-15-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan & White Ghost Hooks
Jun-15-2007, Fri : Avanture Tarzana Belog Duha Udica
Jun-14-2007, Thu : Territorial Pissings
Jun-13-2007, Wed : Fotos sí, pero no…
Jun-13-2007, Wed : Hooks For Steelhead
Jun-12-2007, Tue : Hook Points
Jun-11-2007, Mon : Hooked!

Jun-10-2007, Sun : Grip n' Grin
Jun-09-2007, Sat : Mice!
Jun-08-2007, Fri : Bigfoot
Jun-07-2007, Thu : More Than Just Photos
Jun-06-2007, Wed : Smile Ya Miserable Bastard!
Jun-05-2007, Tue : Everybody's doing it… …and we're getting better.
Jun-04-2007, Mon : Beaver Snapper

Jun-03-2007, Sun : Get Real
Jun-02-2007, Sat : Perfectly Fickle
Jun-01-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan &White Ghost What's Fly Fishing to my Son
May-31-2007, Thu : Natural laws
May-30-2007, Wed : Fly fishing jargon
May-28-2007, Mon : JR

May-27-2007, Sun : I Win. You Lose.
May-26-2007, Sat : Everything! (except Sportsmanship)
May-25-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan &White Ghost The Two Roads and Fly Fishing
May-24-2007, Thu : Competition
May-23-2007, Wed : Just an opinion
May-22-2007, Tue : Universals
May-21-2007, Mon : Media Pack

May-20-2007, Sun : Wind Up
May-19-2007, Sat : Dear Diary
May-18-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan & White GhostCentury and One Night Before Drakensberg Fishing
May-17-2007, Thu : Excavating
May-16-2007, Wed : SL Advertising
May-15-2007, Tue : Scotch Mist
May-14-2007, Mon : It's all happening!!!

May-13-2007, Sun : THE G-SPOT
May-12-2007, Sat : A Common Passion
May-11-2007, Fri : Shee
May-10-2007, Thu : Woodstock for Spey Casters
May-09-2007, Wed : Eli
May-08-2007, Tue : Forbidden Pleasure
May-07-2007, Mon : Flyfishing Women

May-06-2007, Sun : Rod Database
May-05-2007, Sat : Lost in the Wash
May-04-2007, Fri : FP05042007
May-03-2007, Thu : May
May-02-2007, Wed : Googling
May-01-2007, Tue : Seasoning
Apr-30-2007, Mon : Casting weekend

Apr-29-2007, Sun : WORK IT OUT
Apr-28-2007, Sat : Spin It
Apr-27-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan &White Ghost Witcher
Apr-26-2007, Thu : Diggin' in the dirt
Apr-25-2007, Wed : Update from Spain
Apr-24-2007, Tue : Sexyloopers Guide to Hungary
Apr-23-2007, Mon : Real Jobs

Apr-22-2007, Sun : Defeated in WA
Apr-21-2007, Sat : The Perks
Apr-20-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan &White Ghost EFFA - Basic Instructor Test (theoretical part)
Apr-19-2007, Thu : Hungary beckons
Apr-18-2007, Wed : Catch up..
Apr-17-2007, Tue : Explain Yourself
Apr-16-2007, Mon : Certified

Apr-15-2007, Sun : Soundtrack
Apr-14-2007, Sat : Road Time
Apr-13-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan&White Ghost: Niccolò Paganini
Apr-12-2007, Thu : MUSIC
Apr-11-2007, Wed : Music For Bull Trout Specialists
Apr-11-2007, Wed : Conocimiento
Apr-10-2007, Tue : Smells like Sexyloopers
Apr-09-2007, Mon : Departure…

Apr-08-2007, Sun : Saltwater 2
Apr-07-2007, Sat : Spontaneous Baptism
Apr-06-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan&White Ghost: Memories of the Future
Apr-05-2007, Thu : SSSS Shrimp
Apr-04-2007, Wed : Yahoo with Bill Gammel
Apr-03-2007, Tue : Vardøger
Apr-02-2007, Mon : The Hoodie

Apr-01-2007, Sun : CERTIFIABLE
Mar-31-2007, Sat : Bait Balls, Fertigs, and Flyswaps
Mar-30-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan &White GhostFertig
Mar-29-2007, Thu : Flies - Flies - Flies
Mar-28-2007, Wed : Cristóbal Herrera
Mar-27-2007, Tue : Lines of Defence
Mar-26-2007, Mon : Fertig

Mar-25-2007, Sun : STYLE
Mar-24-2007, Sat : Certifications
Mar-23-2007, Fri : The Search
Mar-22-2007, Thu : Mugwai Broadcast Network
Mar-21-2007, Wed : School Sexyloops
Mar-19-2007, Mon : Style, pets you can eat,and WTF is flyfishing anyway??

Mar-18-2007, Sun : HOSTING?
Mar-17-2007, Sat : New Eyes
Mar-16-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan&White Ghost and Blue Arrow: FF and other Hosting in Serbia and ex Yugoslavia
Mar-15-2007, Thu : Hosting
Mar-14-2007, Wed : Escuela Sexyloops en España
Mar-13-2007, Tue : 66 degrees of expertise
Mar-12-2007, Mon : Mates

Mar-11-2007, Sun : The Adventures of Tarzan&White Ghost and Blue Arrow: FF and other Hosting in Serbia and ex Yugoslavia

Mar-11-2007, Sun : Reading
Mar-10-2007, Sat : Seams
Mar-09-2007, Fri : Stealth 'n' Streetwear
Mar-08-2007, Thu : Read-cast-hook-fight-release
Mar-07-2007, Wed : Deseos
Mar-06-2007, Tue : Reading then Seeing
Mar-05-2007, Mon : The Adventures of Tarzan&White Ghost: Property-another side of the story

Mar-04-2007, Sun : Proper property
Mar-03-2007, Sat : Whiskey is for Drinking
Mar-02-2007, Fri : MINE, ALL MINE!
Mar-01-2007, Thu : Property
Feb-28-2007, Wed : Actualidad mosquera
Feb-27-2007, Tue : Property - huh?
Feb-26-2007, Mon : Bicycles and Fish

Feb-25-2007, Sun : TROUT BOAT
Feb-24-2007, Sat : Enviable Grace
Feb-23-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan & White GhostFishing Kayak with 60* C degrees flu
Feb-22-2007, Thu : SNOW :-)
Feb-21-2007, Wed : Spanish latest..
Feb-20-2007, Tue : Launching..
Feb-19-2007, Mon : Blind Ambition

Feb-18-2007, Sun : Search and Rescue
Feb-17-2007, Sat : Fill in the Blank
Feb-16-2007, Fri : Ambitions?
Feb-15-2007, Thu : The Adventures of Tarzan & White Ghost
Feb-14-2007, Wed : Enamorado de la seca
Feb-13-2007, Tue : Sexypresents
Feb-12-2007, Mon : 17

Feb-11-2007, Sun : Even More Bollocks
Feb-10-2007, Sat : Spark of Being
Feb-09-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan&White Ghost: Practicing C&R with SheepGirls
Feb-08-2007, Thu : Why do trout eat flies?
Feb-07-2007, Wed : Carlos está Escondido
Feb-06-2007, Tue : With all due referents
Feb-05-2007, Mon : Dead or Alive

Feb-04-2007, Sun : BOLLOCKS!
Feb-03-2007, Sat : Fuzzy
Feb-02-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan &White Ghost
Feb-01-2007, Thu : Realistic Flycasting
Jan-31-2007, Wed : Los bucles estrechos a debate
Jan-31-2007, Wed : The Spanish experience
Jan-30-2007, Tue : Oh really!
Jan-29-2007, Mon : Back to Front

Jan-28-2007, Sun : Not my goat
Jan-27-2007, Sat : The Adventures of Tarzan&White GhostDon't roadkill the Duck with your airplane
Jan-26-2007, Fri : Our Demands
Jan-25-2007, Thu : Theme - Roadkill
Jan-24-2007, Wed : Foro Sexyloops
Jan-23-2007, Tue : Just good friends…
Jan-22-2007, Mon : Hardcore

Jan-21-2007, Sun : THE CLAVE!
Jan-20-2007, Sat : Critical Mass
Jan-19-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan&White Ghost: Fly Fishing Gathering & Tulumming
Jan-18-2007, Thu : Foro Sexyloops
Jan-17-2007, Wed : Foro Sexyloops en español
Jan-16-2007, Tue : Gathering
Jan-15-2007, Mon : Togetherness…

Jan-14-2007, Sun : Pockets
Jan-13-2007, Sat : Lint
Jan-12-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan&White Ghost: FF Pockets or having a "virtual" but real friends through Sexyloops
Jan-11-2007, Thu : Chest-pack - not pockets!
Jan-10-2007, Wed : Man Camp
Jan-09-2007, Tue : The Corner Pocket
Jan-08-2007, Mon : What's in the pocket?

Jan-07-2007, Sun : Spuddlers, Zuddlers, and Sponkers
Jan-06-2007, Sat : Not a Zonker
Jan-05-2007, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan&White Ghost:Sight Fly Fishing Paradise finally discovered?
Jan-04-2007, Thu : Zonker Tubes
Jan-03-2007, Wed : ¿Por qué no se me extiende la línea?
Jan-03-2007, Wed : Why won't my line extend?
Jan-02-2007, Tue : Zonker extreme(ly) small
Jan-01-2007, Mon : Happy New Year!

Dec-31-2006, Sun : MICE ON DRUGS!
Dec-30-2006, Sat : a One
Dec-29-2006, Fri : The Adventures of Tarzan&White Ghost: Mountains of the Dragon
Dec-28-2006, Thu : fisherMAN
Dec-27-2006, Wed : Analogías
Dec-27-2006, Wed : Analogies
Dec-26-2006, Tue : Boxing Day
Dec-25-2006, Mon : Happy Christmas

Dec-24-2006, Sun : XMAS
Dec-23-2006, Sat : The Nod
Dec-22-2006, Fri :
Dec-21-2006, Thu : The gangs all here
Dec-20-2006, Wed : Encuentro Yahoo.Jueves a las 22,00
Dec-20-2006, Wed : Yahoo meeting.Thursday at 22,00 local time
Dec-19-2006, Tue : Update…
Dec-18-2006, Mon : Tassles

Dec-17-2006, Sun : My Fish
Dec-16-2006, Sat : Let the wolves attack
Dec-15-2006, Fri : The Perfect
Dec-14-2006, Thu : They're coming to get us
Dec-13-2006, Wed : Pedagogía del lanzado
Dec-12-2006, Tue : Don't stop me now…
Dec-11-2006, Mon : Backcountry

Dec-10-2006, Sun : GEEKS
Dec-09-2006, Sat : Release
Dec-08-2006, Fri : SEXYLOOPS ARE BETTER (It is better to cast better, especially at Friday)
Dec-07-2006, Thu : Personality Disorder
Dec-06-2006, Wed : El lance a debate
Dec-05-2006, Tue : Feeding or Aggression?
Dec-04-2006, Mon : Mystery Lake X

Dec-03-2006, Sun : Make it Happen
Dec-02-2006, Sat : An Inch of Fish per Gallon
Dec-01-2006, Fri : Training your wrist
Nov-30-2006, Thu : The dog ate my homework
Nov-29-2006, Wed : Weather report
Nov-28-2006, Tue : Spot the Pattern?
Nov-27-2006, Mon : Christmas ideas

Nov-26-2006, Sun : Drag-up Fever
Nov-25-2006, Sat : Magnets
Nov-24-2006, Fri : Launching
Nov-23-2006, Thu : Help save Folla!
Nov-22-2006, Wed : No Lanzadores 2
Nov-22-2006, Wed : No-casters 2
Nov-21-2006, Tue : Even Buddhists do it…
Nov-20-2006, Mon : Flooded!

Nov-19-2006, Sun : The Big Sleep
Nov-18-2006, Sat : 8!
Nov-17-2006, Fri : The Adventures of the Pink Psycho
Nov-16-2006, Thu : More on GISS
Nov-15-2006, Wed : Lanzado cruel
Nov-15-2006, Wed : Cruel Casting
Nov-14-2006, Tue : How do they see us?
Nov-13-2006, Mon : The Pink Psycho

Nov-12-2006, Sun : Born Again
Nov-11-2006, Sat : giz
Nov-10-2006, Fri : M6?
Nov-09-2006, Thu : Tubefly
Nov-08-2006, Wed : Homo sapiens mosquensis
Nov-08-2006, Wed : Bug Fush
Nov-07-2006, Tue : Did what….?
Nov-06-2006, Mon : New Zealand!

Nov-05-2006, Sun : Mine!
Nov-04-2006, Sat : Hooked
Nov-03-2006, Fri : it's.................
Nov-02-2006, Thu : Winter
Nov-01-2006, Wed : Próximo Sábado a las 10,00
Nov-01-2006, Wed : This Saturday at 10.00
Oct-31-2006, Tue : Six Degrees of Separation
Oct-30-2006, Mon : All fronts

Oct-29-2006, Sun : The Bar
Oct-28-2006, Sat : Soft Underbelly
Oct-27-2006, Fri : Shootout
Oct-26-2006, Thu : CHAMP!
Oct-25-2006, Wed : Tees
Oct-25-2006, Wed : Tees
Oct-24-2006, Tue : Guarantee or Warranty?
Oct-23-2006, Mon : Shootout!

Oct-22-2006, Sun : Talk Talk
Oct-21-2006, Sat : Adipose
Oct-20-2006, Fri : Olay
Oct-19-2006, Thu : Ben's Translation
Oct-18-2006, Wed : Preguntas sobre el curso
Oct-17-2006, Tue : Water and quality
Oct-16-2006, Mon : It's all happening...

Oct-15-2006, Sun : Voodoo
Oct-14-2006, Sat : Snapcast Archive
Oct-13-2006, Fri : Sheepgirls
Oct-12-2006, Thu : No fish(ing)!
Oct-11-2006, Wed : Porgrama Curso CNL
Oct-10-2006, Tue : We're back!
Oct-09-2006, Mon : Roll up, Roll up!

Oct-08-2006, Sun : Homewater is Where the Heart Is
Oct-07-2006, Sat : Homewater
Oct-06-2006, Fri : Blanked?
Oct-05-2006, Thu : Mid-Point
Oct-04-2006, Wed : Nuevo curso modular de la CNL
Oct-04-2006, Wed : New Modular fly casting course
Oct-03-2006, Tue : Try this at home…
Oct-02-2006, Mon : Coast to Coast

Oct-01-2006, Sun : SKUNKED
Sep-30-2006, Sat : Special Offer
Sep-29-2006, Fri : Tofino Tifino
Sep-28-2006, Thu : Training
Sep-27-2006, Wed : Lecciones de un minuto
Sep-27-2006, Wed : One-minute lessons
Sep-26-2006, Tue : Fishing Fantasy
Sep-25-2006, Mon : Northern Lights

Sep-24-2006, Sun : North
Sep-23-2006, Sat : Limits
Sep-22-2006, Fri : It's Coming
Sep-21-2006, Thu : The Viking wears Prada
Sep-20-2006, Wed : Aitor responde
Sep-20-2006, Wed : Aitor replies
Sep-19-2006, Tue : It so happens
Sep-18-2006, Mon : The fish must go on...

Sep-17-2006, Sun : THE WAY
Sep-16-2006, Sat : Plunder
Sep-15-2006, Fri : Basstar.....
Sep-14-2006, Thu : Catastrophe
Sep-13-2006, Wed : Actualidad PAIL
Sep-13-2006, Wed : Not so breaking news
Sep-12-2006, Tue : The Back-end Cometh
Sep-11-2006, Mon : Problems problems...

Sep-10-2006, Sun : OZ Bites
Sep-09-2006, Sat : See no, Speak no, Smell no Feet
Sep-08-2006, Fri : Normality (almost) resumed!
Sep-07-2006, Thu : Consejos para lanzar lejos
Sep-07-2006, Thu : Some tips to throw far
Sep-06-2006, Wed : They eat rabbits..
Sep-05-2006, Tue : Instant Friends. Just add beer.
Sep-04-2006, Mon : Bullhead

Sep-03-2006, Sun : No Surrender!
Sep-02-2006, Sat : SOC
Sep-01-2006, Fri : Unique
Aug-31-2006, Thu : Fishy Flies
Aug-30-2006, Wed : Meditación
Aug-30-2006, Wed : Meditation
Aug-29-2006, Tue : Rudolph is delicious!
Aug-28-2006, Mon : Fly Fishing Retailers

Aug-27-2006, Sun : Elephant's Graveyard
Aug-26-2006, Sat : See Me, Feel Me
Aug-25-2006, Fri : Clousers
Aug-24-2006, Thu : DON'T PANIC
Aug-23-2006, Wed : Lance extendido con apilado
Aug-23-2006, Wed : The improved reach cast
Aug-22-2006, Tue : The Board
Aug-21-2006, Mon : Denver

Aug-20-2006, Sun : Holy Mackeral!
Aug-19-2006, Sat : Losing My Grip
Aug-18-2006, Fri : Censored!
Aug-17-2006, Thu : The Good Men
Aug-16-2006, Wed : ¿Hierba o río?
Aug-16-2006, Wed : Grass or water?
Aug-15-2006, Tue : Solar eclipse
Aug-14-2006, Mon : Paranoid

Aug-13-2006, Sun : Curtains!
Aug-12-2006, Sat : The Red Pill
Aug-11-2006, Fri : wherefore art though Rich?
Aug-10-2006, Thu : I'm Off
Aug-09-2006, Wed : Redefiniendo conceptos
Aug-09-2006, Wed : Redefining concepts
Aug-08-2006, Tue : Chaos and a stick
Aug-07-2006, Mon : Writer's Block

Aug-06-2006, Sun : Southern Comfort!
Aug-05-2006, Sat : Cutthroat
Aug-04-2006, Fri : Out West
Aug-03-2006, Thu : Summer fishing and tying
Aug-02-2006, Wed : ¿Aprender a lanzar?
Aug-02-2006, Wed : Learn how to cast?
Aug-01-2006, Tue : If I ruled the world…
Jul-31-2006, Mon : They never call. They don't write.

Jul-30-2006, Sun : Bozeman Riot
Jul-29-2006, Sat : -10.45° 105.69°
Jul-28-2006, Fri : CLA
Jul-27-2006, Thu : The Conclave
Jul-26-2006, Wed : El pescador a ninfa
Jul-26-2006, Wed : The nymph angler
Jul-25-2006, Tue : Migration
Jul-24-2006, Mon : Too many fish

Jul-23-2006, Sun : Fire Gazing
Jul-22-2006, Sat : Convergence and 120 Mega Volts
Jul-21-2006, Fri : Foxy!
Jul-20-2006, Thu : Tour De France
Jul-19-2006, Wed : Sobre fotos macabras
Jul-19-2006, Wed : About macabre photos
Jul-18-2006, Tue : Of leaders, the U.S. dogs and hope.
Jul-17-2006, Mon : interesting...

Jul-16-2006, Sun : Sweden Bites
Jul-15-2006, Sat : Wet Fly and Kiwi Hitchhikers
Jul-14-2006, Fri : Key things
Jul-13-2006, Thu : Stillwater
Jul-12-2006, Wed : Guías de pesca
Jul-12-2006, Wed : Fishing guides
Jul-11-2006, Tue : Never mind the bollocks
Jul-10-2006, Mon : Gone fishin'

Jul-09-2006, Sun : Britt Eckland's Bum
Jul-08-2006, Sat : Guiding vs Hosting
Jul-07-2006, Fri : Good stuff...
Jul-06-2006, Thu : New Gear
Jul-05-2006, Wed : Sobre revistas de pesca
Jul-05-2006, Wed : About Spanish fishing magazines
Jul-04-2006, Tue : The Scientific Generalist
Jul-03-2006, Mon : Big Dick

Jul-02-2006, Sun : Scotland II
Jul-01-2006, Sat : Quintilis
Jun-30-2006, Fri : Dear Doris
Jun-29-2006, Thu : The Deep Nymph
Jun-28-2006, Wed : Los 10 de errores del instructor de lanzado
Jun-28-2006, Wed : 10 mistakes of the average fly-casting instructor
Jun-27-2006, Tue : Dear Doris
Jun-26-2006, Mon : Not (exactly) pretty..

Jun-25-2006, Sun : Scotland
Jun-24-2006, Sat : Big Luck Bang
Jun-23-2006, Fri : Dear Doris
Jun-22-2006, Thu : Larsday
Jun-22-2006, Thu : Larsday
Jun-21-2006, Wed : Clases de una hora
Jun-21-2006, Wed : One-hour classes
Jun-20-2006, Tue : Dashed
Jun-19-2006, Mon : The Big and Ugly

Jun-18-2006, Sun : The Meaning of Life
Jun-17-2006, Sat : Ants
Jun-16-2006, Fri : Topical Stuff FP No 5568
Jun-15-2006, Thu : Sulphur
Jun-14-2006, Wed : Duelling Banjos
Jun-13-2006, Tue : Bumbag
Jun-12-2006, Mon : A Modest Proposal
Jun-10-2006, Sat : Catching Up
Jun-09-2006, Fri : Scientific development
Jun-08-2006, Thu : Duffer's Fortnight
Jun-07-2006, Wed : Arkansas
Jun-06-2006, Tue : Victor -ious
Jun-05-2006, Mon : Zombie

Jun-04-2006, Sun : Silence of the Scams
Jun-03-2006, Sat : Cliff Notes
Jun-02-2006, Fri : Practice
Jun-01-2006, Thu : Keeping it up
May-31-2006, Wed : Tres preguntas clave
May-31-2006, Wed : Three key questions
May-30-2006, Tue : Impossibles
May-29-2006, Mon : Seven Deadly Fish

May-28-2006, Sun : Seven Deadly Sins
May-27-2006, Sat : Please Leave a Message
May-26-2006, Fri : His name is...
May-25-2006, Thu : That time.....
May-24-2006, Wed : Lo más corto posible
May-24-2006, Wed : As short as possible
May-23-2006, Tue : A bit about us.
May-22-2006, Mon : Black Hole

May-21-2006, Sun : Ten Commandments
May-20-2006, Sat : Cast Till It Hurts
May-19-2006, Fri : Unhinged
May-18-2006, Thu : Garfish II
May-17-2006, Wed : Las moscas de Pablo Castro
May-17-2006, Wed : Pablo Castro's flies
May-16-2006, Tue : Dirty Little Secret
May-15-2006, Mon : Blow the trumpets..

May-14-2006, Sun : Trees and Stuff
May-13-2006, Sat : The Clockworks
May-12-2006, Fri : Hit me!
May-11-2006, Thu : Garfish
May-10-2006, Wed : He vuelto
May-10-2006, Wed : I'm back
May-09-2006, Tue : Bloody Greenies
May-08-2006, Mon : He vuelto
May-08-2006, Mon : The Flyfishing Party

May-07-2006, Sun : The Nature of Things
May-06-2006, Sat : Winter Summer
May-05-2006, Fri : Wild, baby!
May-04-2006, Thu : Superglue
May-03-2006, Wed : Alive Again!
May-02-2006, Tue : No sex please, we're British!
May-01-2006, Mon : May Day

Apr-30-2006, Sun : Who are You?
Apr-29-2006, Sat : The Son
Apr-28-2006, Fri : Ignite my Fly
Apr-27-2006, Thu : The Good Oil
Apr-26-2006, Wed : Launch pad
Apr-25-2006, Tue : F-file
Apr-24-2006, Mon : Revelations

Apr-23-2006, Sun : The Big Bang
Apr-22-2006, Sat : Landlocked
Apr-21-2006, Fri : Stillwater Fly
Apr-20-2006, Thu : Gone Fishing - again
Apr-19-2006, Wed : The Erection
Apr-18-2006, Tue : Articulate
Apr-17-2006, Mon : Countdown

Apr-16-2006, Sun : Blue
Apr-15-2006, Sat : 3 Young Fishermen
Apr-14-2006, Fri : Relax
Apr-12-2006, Wed : Rerun
Apr-11-2006, Tue : We're back!

Apr-09-2006, Sun : God or Dog?
Apr-08-2006, Sat : Conchos Truchas
Apr-07-2006, Fri : Take 5
Apr-06-2006, Thu : GONE FISHING
Apr-05-2006, Wed : Curso modular de Atapuerca
Apr-05-2006, Wed : Modular approach in Atapuerca
Apr-03-2006, Mon : Bombs

Apr-02-2006, Sun : Message from a Bottle

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