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Easter exertions


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Monday: Paul Arden
Tuesday: Harps
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Sunday: Bruce Richards

Ronan's report

Some people spend their Easter weekends fishing. Others do god stuff. But not Ten-Pound Tom. He's spending it in a two-man kayak, taking part in the world's longest non-stop canoe race. 125 miles, 24 hours, 90,000 paddle strokes – this is a race for real men.

Which is why I'm not doing it, of course. But I am providing crew support on the Tideway section in the early hours of Easter Sunday, trying to stop Tom and Piers literally keeling over from hunger and exhaustion. A big race, then, and for a big cause: if you're feeling in a charitable mood, you can contribute something on this page. You know it makes sense.

(For those of you who don't know: Ten-Pound Tom is arguably the world's best fisherman and least convincing Mel Gibson lookalike. Here he is doing some other stupid things).


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