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Ronan's report

Saturday February 15th 2014

This week, my eldest daughter had her winter holiday from school, and we all took the week off and went to the inlays' summer cabin for some R&R. Apart from clearing a couple of big storm felled trees, I tied a lot of flies, in fact, I went a little over board as I usually do with flies.

I remember when I could bring more or less all my flytying materials - I can't anymore :-). That means I pack for a handful of patterns that I know I need, and that's it. Of course I have a really cool bag to pack it in!

This time, I packed for some big, black season-opening-salmonflies that needed restocking, as well as some smaller ones (same pattern). Some stuff for shrimp flies for the salt and some classic spey patterns (which I didn't get to).

I've been advocating the use of Craft Fur for salmon flies for a long time. It's so cheap, so easy to work with and yields perfect, beautiful results with long, tapering wings - and it's very mobile as well. Only drawback is that no one seems to make a really deep, nice fiery brown and it's impossible to dye the stuff your self (at least I can't get dye to catch at all).

All of a sudden, I really look forward to the salmon season opening!

I wonder a bit why more people aren't using Craft Fur, both for saltwater flies, but also for salmon/sea trout flies. It's not good for pike flies - they look good, but the fibres tangle in the pikes teeth, ruining the fly on the first fish, and making it difficult to release them again. Check out this old PoD of a Mickey Finn tube fly for salmon I tied several years ago.

Winter is still mild, and sea trout are being caught everywhere, so I'm looking forward to testing some of these FONAH-flies soon!

Have a great weekend!


PS - competition time again: Guess what FONAH is short for, and win three FONAH-flies of your own choice, from today's PoD :-)

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