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Ronan's report

Thursday 9th June, 2011

Ray's off with Harps, or recovering from a day out with Harps, or maybe lost, but it's rumored something good is happening up in Alberta. Or it could be not at all. Sounds to me like they're chasing a hatch! Perhaps the fabled giant orange cheeseburger hatch. Personally, I'll be trying to find the big ol' green chimichangas this weekend. Word is they're working up the canyon; a little ashamed say I haven't been out enough to know for sure. Must have something to do with that balanced life I've been reading about.

Today was a good day. Met up again with a young student and gifted him a combo! Big thanks to Mustang Matt for a rod and Bill ("Wayne Wong") for a reel and line! The fellas read my page, rumaged through the closet and got something workable. Trust me, the kid really appreciated it. When I last saw him, he was either learning how to rollcasting near the cattails or finding every possible way to tangle his line. I don't remember.

Also got a rare strike this evening, only the second I've had from a cruising spotted bass in the shallows. It was on for a moment but my size 10 beadhead wetfly didn't hold. Now I know it's not that rare of a fish, but when the rare thing happens to you, it's a charge! Hope you all get a change at something unexpected this season.


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