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Ronan's report

Saturday March 9th 2013

Picture or it didn't happen!

That's a common phrase these days on boards and in other internet discussions. Most people these days have a phone with a built in camera - and a lot of people also have a camera.

But even more people don't carry a camera when fishing - and/or leave their phone in the car so they can fish with disturbances, which is fine - I do that too!

But I do carry a camera - always. I have two - a big, professional DLSR with professional flashes, lenses and other gear. If I need a specific picture for an article, I do carry that camera on occasions, but 90% of my fishing photography is done with a semi-compact - at present a Canon G11, which I might sell for something else soon, but that's beside the point.

The point is to have a camera small enough that you in fact do carry it and still a good enough camera to actually make some nice shots. Both factors are easy - cameras have never been smaller than they are now and they can all make really nice shots. Get to know your camera, know its settings so you don't have to fiddle around when the fish is waiting in the net.

Finally - acquaint yourself with the basic "rules" of photography. A few good points are these:
1. Get close and then get closer again!
2. Fill the frame with the motif - at least consider your crop carefully.
3. Use fill flash (just use auto flash in a compact) in bright sunlight.
4. Turn down the... Oh crap, nearly for got - there is no 4 of course :-).
5. Turn down the flash output in dusk or even dark if possible.
6. Hold the camera still, close to your body - don't wave it around in out stretched arms.
7. Many, many more and if you know how to intentionally break the rules, you can make even more interesting photos!

Most modern cameras do a good job when simply on a full auto functions - just compose and hold the camera still before pressing the shutter release. But most importantly - BRING YOUR CAMERA! We've all caught trophy fish that we have no photos of - not that we really need them (we KNOW it happened :-), but they are nice to have. When your photographing your trophy fish, make sure not to harm the fish - leave in the water, lift it out only shortly etc.

Have a nice weekend!


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