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Ronan's report

Friday October 30th 2009

Monday was my last chance at riverfishing for salmon and seatrout in my local water - I took half the day off from work to get in a good few hours (dark falls around 6pm now). I caught nothing, but met up with a few guys I've been talking to over the season and wished them a good off-season.

I've already stored my troutgear until next season. All lines have been cleaned and lubricated, old leaders discarded, worn out flies thrown out and I even made a list of flies to tie over the winter. That won't happen :-). It's time to clean, check and store the big rods until April 1st 2010 - something I enjoy doing!

However, there's no real off-season for a real flyfisherman in Denmark. Rivers are closed yes, but lakes and ponds are open for pikefishing and the salt is open year round (unless if frozen over :-), so it's definitely not off-season as such - it's saltwater-season now :-).

My other homewater, clubwater, is open for trout- and grayling fishing all winter, and I try and get out once or twice every winter - mostly to visit the river, but also to wet a line.

Last weekend I cleaned, checked and lubricated all my saltwater WF-lines and shootingheads (I have quite a few of them), and I have some days off from work now, and I really need to get out on the beach and fish the salt again. I've been on the beach ONCE this year, and last year I may have had 5-10 trips. Before then, I usually clocked around 50 trips/year. So I'm busy - 2 months to get in 49 fishing days :-).

Have a nice weekend - apoligise for screwing around the order of the week - Paul's idea - won't happen again :-).


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