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Ronan's report

Monday 4th May, 2009

Ben's been busy organising the Scottish Meet. No one knows what's going to happen exactly, but one thing's for sure: it's going to be fantastic! The Scottish Meet is this coming weekend. And this Friday, mystery location X, near Aberdeen, I'll be running the Sexyloops One-Day Intermediates and Beyond casting clinic, with the help of Stefan Siikavaara. If you're interested in this course drop me an email - we still have a few slots available. It's £120 for the day and includes lunch. There'll be a big Shootout on the Saturday.

Here in Hungary the Asp season has begun! Yes!! I went down the Drava for a few hours last week. Quite high at the moment and not very clear, which is a bit of a bummer. But it's going to change! The Hungary/Croatia borders are a bit challenging. I thought Croatia was the other side of the Drava, and Hungary this side, but Croatia zigzags the river and there are islands which are complicated and you're never really sure where you are. So what I'm saying here is there is a strong possibility that I will get arrested this summer for crossing illegally into Croatia!

Judging by last Friday, I'm going to need a backup plan. I think that may involve a boat on lake Gyekenyes for when the river's high. Good carp fishing, big catfish, asps and of course pike on Gyekenyes. And there's Mystery Lake Y which has all the above apart from Asp, but includes Bass. And finally there's a secret backwater on the Drava where there are big Asp... over 6 kilos big...

Regards Latohead, I've almost finished clearing the land. I've been having small fires all week. We had the land officially measured, which was particularly interesting for our neighbour. There's an Estonian log cabin being delivered and in the meantime we have a number of things to do, such as build a concrete base, connect the water and power, go fishing every day. Should be exciting.

And what did we do this weekend - the beginning of Asp season? We went wine tasting in Eger! Had a fantastic weekend and learned a bunch about wine and drank a fair bit too! Hungary if you didn't know, produces some of world's best wine. Many of these wines never reach supermarkets because typically there'll only be 500 or 1000, max 2000 bottles of a type. Typically the better quality wine is around 10 Euros/bottle. Eventually there will be a Sexyloops wine from Latohegy - but you'll have to visit me if you want to drink it! Our land has been used for wine production for hundreds and probably thousands of years, but not in the last 50. So that pretty damned exciting. It takes three years for vines to start producing wine. In the meantime: Sexyloops Christmas Trees. We have a couple of hundred of the things. Put in your pre-season order today!

Tomorrow, or in fact later today: Big Fish.


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