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Ronan's report

Thursday 14th August, 2008

It was long time ago from last visit to my friend Dave on Sterkfontain, one of the most beautiful place on this Earth. So , I'll do that this Sunday, and I am hardly waiting for it. It's too early for mighty Yellowfish, but if there is no Yellows, Trout might be fine, no problem . As usually, there is Dave's monthly Trout report for the end of the Winter, with some really strange stuffs (escaping shrimps ) I never saw or heard before. But, that's why Sexyloops is here, to do the things for the first time, before everyone and everybody else, and not only in a Fly Casting, but in a lot of another areas as well…

Dave Weaver Report, Trout , August 2008

Having just spent a weekend on the stunning waters of a gem of a venue in Nottingham Road, I have found new interest in trout. Not that I would consider ignoring yellows or any other species, but my respect has returned. I was smoked a few times and saw a few hooks straightened and I felt challenged. Trout lost my interest because we always tend to be fishing in overstocked waters where it's harder to not catch a fish than it is to catch one. Well after this weekend of 'head-scratching' and fly box opening, my respect is back.

I witnessed something that I have never seen before in fresh water, shrimps. To see them jumping clean out the water to escape feeding trout was a wonderful sight. It suddenly dawned on me, why the White Death is such a successful fly in the Midlands. Yet it is never mentioned that fresh-water shrimps is what it is imitating. Of course I didn't have a single fly that vaguely resembled a shrimp and worse, no tying kit.

Why am I rambling on about shrimps in the midlands when I should be reporting on the fishing in the Freestate? Well, I have been asking around, the farmers, and have discovered that there are shrimps in this part of the world. One farmer relates how his water pumps had to be cleaned regularly as they were getting clogged with shrimp. I have never seen shrimp in our waters but now that I know what to look for, I am sure that I will find a crustacean or too. Sounds like a line from the fly-fishing musical… Oliver and the Desperate Damsel.

This weekend I am going to be tying shrimp; I have already worked out a simple pattern. Short square white marabou tail and I am finally going to find a use for those condoms gathering dust in my bathroom cupboard.

Our local dams have been fishing superbly after our last stocking. When we checked the dams before stocking we could only scrape a fish or 2. Now that the pressure on resources has increased we are catching all the old big fish that have been in the dams forever. A fish of 7.5 lbs was beached this last weekend. That's what happens when you leave your home waters.

Insect activity is picking up so this is a good time to get to some trout waters.

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