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Ronan's report

Thursday 14th December, 2012

The Sexyloops Shop is now officially open. I think pricing the Hot Torpedo range was perhaps one of the hardest thing I've had to do. But ultimately I asked myself the question, what would I pay for it? And that's how we nailed down the final figure of 650 Euros.

Marketing BS aside, I stand behind this product completely, after all it's got my name on it!

We don't offer an "unconditional" life-time warranty but we do offer a repair service, 50 Euros for any of the top three sections and 80 Euros for the butt section, which interestingly is less than some manufacturers unconditional warranty!

Here is the shop:

I was thinking a little about Bernd's page on releasing fish yesterday, especially the bit where Bernd suggests that if we accidentally badly damage a fish while fishing, we should then respect it by eating it.

I don't follow the logic, but I do hear this argument all the time! I think the important thing is to try to minimise the damage.

I think it's one for the Board! Fish for Supper.

Have a great day!


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