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Ronan's report

Friday 14th July, 2006

We have discovered several key things about life on Sexyloops this week. Firstly, intermediate fly lines are very important. I emailed a Paul about it and he did indeed confirm that lots of fish are caught on intermediate fly lines. Now Iím the kind of angler who will fish a floater and a dry even when I know I could be catching fish on a Hi D and catís whisker. In other words Iím a crap, albeit very stylish, fisherman.

So yesterday in a mad and slightly confused state I decided that from now on I am going to put a stop to my fishless ways and buck up my ideas. I mean lets face it, I canít go on catching nothing forever, and I need to take a break from distance casting anyway, if only to let Paul catch up.

Apparently I need intermediates for everything. River, stillwater and saltwater. The later interests me especially, as only two weeks ago I succeeded in catching only the second Bass in Wales. It took a Clouser variant, which I call ďThe ScouserĒ. Actually itís not a Clouser variant. Just because it had dumbbell eyes does not make it a Clouser. I hate that in fly tying, itís like me tying a hares ear on a curved hook, with a bit of deer hair sticking up and giving it a name like, I donít know, the EDH emerger. :-))))))

Ok, Second key thing. You canít cast spicy hot loops with soggy rods, you just canít. If you think you can youíre kidding yourself and you probably think you look good in spandex too.


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