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Ronan's report

Monday 6th April, 2009

Just catching up from a mad and fun weekend which saw most of my family over for a visit to Hungary. Spring is well and truly here at the moment. Daytime high was 26 degrees today, which is warmer that it may be all year in Scotland. This week hopefully we can buy the land at Latohead. It's taken a bit longer than expected but the plan is to move there by May 1st, opening day for Asp fishing on the Drava. All being well we'll have a log cabin in place by then and if Cherry is pregnant we'll be able to sell the babies and build a shower cabinet. It's all happening here. Babus started work last week - one of us has to - and I've been busy catching up on emails and the Board. Last week we gave the land a bit of a clean up with a scythe and I had a fight with a 10 metre creeper. What with this, parties, wine tasting and a couple of drives to Budapest I'm pretty damned near tired.

Now at the moment I don't have the numbers for a course in Denmark. So I'll have one last go at mentioning it today and then I'll pull the pin. I think we have two guys interested. If you're interested in attending this Sexyloops One Day Course please send me an email today. It's on the 17th April somewhere near the Fly Festival. The course in Scotland is definitely happening - it's not full yet, but we have the numbers to make it happen. It's a very good intermediates and experts course and generally speaking around half those attending are usually instructors.

More excitement at the bottom of the page follows today. Have a great day and see you on the Board.


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