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Ronan's report

Tuesday 23th August, 2011

It's the end of high summer here in Alberta.

Unfortunately it means that the hopper season is winding down… of course, only to be replaced with the best dry fly fishing of the year!

The Fall/October/Giant Orange/Autumn Caddis-Sedge is perhaps the best fishing hatch on the east slopes of Alberta. The water is low and clear making wading and spotting fish and structure easy. Temperatures are moderate with no need to find shade and rehydrate, although the beers go down just as easily. Mosquitoes aren't so much of a problem. And fish are bulking up for winter- it's all good!

The best part for me is the crisp mornings with the hint of frost and being able to see your breath. And the big fish!

On my way out to the river...

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