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Ronan's report

Monday 29th July, 2013

Congratulations to Ákos, who's just had another baby, and I'm very thrilled that he's decided to call it Paul. It's such a great name and no doubt will serve him well. "Paul Sexyloops Szmutni" - the girls will love him. Lars and Ti were very disappointed with the news, but those are ugly names, so Ákos made the right decision. Well done Ákos.

Managed to get heat stroke on the cycle leg of the Ironman and pulled out 10Ks into the run. Apparently it was 39C in Csurgo; my body just can't cope with these temps. Anyway it was good to pull out - not easy I have to say - but I can focus on the next one now and get back into training, something I've been missing over the last few weeks, I can tell you! Becoming genuinely strong at this is far more important than scratching to the finish line and becoming ill as a result (and possibly worse!).

Thanks to George and Jai for great support over the last few weeks and months. I have a much better idea of what I have to do, expected to do well this time, and have again learned a great deal in the process. I have a decision to make this week; I'm thinking of NZ for the bulk of the winter culminating with the Taupo Ironman March 1st. Ronan can be my support crew and we can fish the river mouths at night.

My parents are over visiting at the moment; I'm taking them sailing on the Balaton tomorrow and then I get to catch up with a million emails, fish the Drava, and get back into the groove! Loving the summer when I'm not trying for 226. Now the fish are in trouble!


Ronan's Report


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