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Ronan's report

Monday 29nd March, 2010

Yeah I just had to have that headline. So anyway we're back from Mystery Billabong X, which was great. Caught my first Saratoga and Archer Fish (on a popper, not by casting a Royal FU into a tree, which was the cunning plan), and hooked a few more crocs. I'm thinking of becoming a saltwater croc specialist - although we gave the 4.5metre one a wide berth this morning, because Ronan thought it "looked hungry".

That's the fun stuff. The not-so-fun stuff was the flies which were absolute MFs and the mosquitoes which kept me awake one night and pissed everyone off the other two. Oh and the ant nest in the sleeping bag (mine). And it was hot. And humid. And hot. And wet for a while when Cyclone Paul (another potential headline) made his presence felt.

Anyway that's next week's SLTV show - something to look forward to. The current one we're busy editing. It's the Darwin Saltwater special. We're editing tonight and tomorrow to bring it in late. Also this week's POD-blog will be coming late too. We are at least consistent, which I think is impressive.

Last night Ronan and I had a late night stint fishing MBX. I think we both expected more fish, and although Ronan moved a big Barra, we didn't land any big ones. However the crashes in the margins, which could only have been crocs, let to a more dramatic than normal fishing experience. There is something special about fishing the Top End, it's not just that there are things that will eat you if you fall in or fuckup - which definitely adds a twist - but also when the fish are on they're savage... even the little ones.

OK here's an important notice! The Hungarian CI workshop weekend I'm hosting has been moved to the 1st/2nd May because I haven't been able to catch an earlier flight. The testing is still the same date. Sorry about the date change. It puts me back in NZ for another week.

Back later with SLTV.


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