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Ronan's report

Sunday March 3rd

I got the final version of my HT maybe 2 month ago but haven't had the chance to fish it until this Thursday. At first it was too cold, then I managed to tear a muscle, so fishing was out of question. But this week the time has come, I fished the Tisza-lake with a friend for zander.

The Tisza-lake is a huge reservoir on the river Tisza. The average depth apart for the main river is 0.5 to 2 meters with canals, islands and an enormous amount of vegetation. Ideal habitat for pike but in the last years zander seem to take over the shallows too (the main river is the best zander water in Hungary).

From November to March the water level is lowered by 1 meter, so the fish gather at the deepest parts. The problem is if they reach the winter level it can be difficult or impossible to access the water. So high time is during the two weeks of the water lowering.

Good places can be reached in the winter too, but it isn't easy. My friend Peter fishes from a kayak, I use a small inflatable boot. Getting to the place we wanted to fish involves crossing the main river, carrying the watercrafts through a forest for a couple of hundred meters and than getting them back on water through some deep mud. Paddling 20 minutes more and you are there.

Pike season closes on the 15th of February, but zander is open until the 1st of March, so the plan was to catch the latter. A couple of days before Peter caught some nice fish. I thought this will be a good opportunity running in the Hot Torpedo, although I felt a bit undergunned with a 6wt. As it turned out the pike have already finished spawning and they were really on. Peter finished with 17 pikes, he caught one great specimen around one meter, I managed to get 2 zanders and 6 pike.

As the zander was the main target and I thought I cracked the code for that day (all zander takes were on slowly jigged flies while pike seemed to prefer a fast retrieve) I changed to hard mono from from wire. This helped me to loose a pike after good ten minutes of cracking fight that could have been my fish of the year.

Anyway, the HT stood up to the task although I wouldn't recommend to use it as a pike rod. Casting 5 inch weighted Bunnyceivers the whole day long to 22-25 meters is a bit out of the comfort zone of the rod, but doable.

Still, mission accomplished: first fishing with the HT was a success. 8-wt prototype arrives on Tuesday. 3 nights to sleep until Christmas day... :-)))))


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