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Ronan's report

Monday, 8th June 2009

So here are some things you can do today:

1. Visit our sister site Flytackle Europe and spend lots of money. It goes to a good cause and the service is fantastic. If there's something you would particularly like to buy and you can see that we don't have it, then please email your suggestions to me. Thanks.

2. Visit the Board. The Board is often where it all happens and we're always welcoming.

3. Go to Stealth and Streetwear and buy something from our exclusive Sexyloops range of handmade clothing.

4. There is no four but if there was I'd probably try to sell you something.

So it's been a pretty full-on weekend for me here in Naggashagga. I ran a marathon yesterday - which was good fun. And I'll be fishing today on the Drava - well, at least I think so, judging by the look of the river from Latohead yesterday. Next week, fingers crossed, we can start building our cabin in preparation for the first Sexyloops School.

Tonio may be on tomorrow. He's here for the weekend and the EFTTEX. OK I need a rest and a sandwich.

Cheers for now,

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