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Ronan's report

Monday February 17th 2014

World championships with fly fishing tackle

I'm delighted to let you know that the world championships with fly fishing tackle will be happening again this year. Our attempt to put in a UK bid fell through because of lack of dosh and a venue. And I'm very grateful that the Norwegians have come up trumps again. Our two previous British attempts at world domination in these games both fell through of course, but this year Lee has come up with a cunning plan on directing all our Palinka efforts at the event draw secretary and the bag man with the batteries.

One of our problems will of course be the Russians, because we believe that they have a similarly devious plan of their own. Vladimir has already let slip that they have come up with the plan to nobble the British team using bikini wearing Russian girls, knowing full well that we are currently defenceless against this sort of attack. And I'm not convinced that we can be ready to defend it in time for August 14-17 either, however you can be assured that we will be there anyway.

I'll post more details as they emerge.

This week I've been back in Kuala Lumpur having blown up both my truck and laptop last week! The hill between Belum where I fish and Gerik where I shop for man supplies has claimed the lives of many car engines, although it may be the first laptop. Fingers crossed I might be back there on Thursday, so I can get back to chasing snakehead and camping with the elephants.

Here I've been doing some of the KL urban fishing for Barra and Pacu, as well as fly casting with friends. It's not snakehead, but it's good fun anyway and it's always nice to have long talks with Mr T even if he is wrong about most things :)

Have a fantastic week!

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