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Ronan's report

Monday February 3rd, 2013

Getting sorted out has taken slightly longer than planned, but I stopped rushing around just prior to Chinese New Year (an event which lasts for months apparently - and I'm happy to say that this time I broke even on the gambling table - I'm not a gambler at all, but when everyone is gambling you have to socialise!) and I started to enjoy KL; organising the truck, eating really excellent Indian meals for 10 Ringgit (about 2 quid!), fishing Nick's ponds for Pacu the ball-cutter and casting under the lights with the guys here.

Today I hope to have the fuel and temperature gauges fixed on the truck (fingers crossed) and then either tonight or most probably tomorrow I'll drive up to Belum Rainforest in search of Snakehead and Jungle Perch. This year I'm going to be even more deadly than last year, for not only do I have my own 4x4 now (which means I can thrash it!) but also a boat with electric and petrol engines (thanks to Ti!) and a bed. Man this is going to be a fantastic trip!

The Malaysians think I'm a little bit mad of course, "why do you want to sleep in your car, Paul?" "Because there are ants on the ground, Ti!" And I can't wait to have a campfire... my last campfire was at Latohegy around about my birthday. So it's been over a month! Also I need to go running again to feel normal; I haven't run in over two weeks...

So yes it's all very exciting and I'm looking forward to this next adventure. The Snakehead in particular is the fish I want to catch. They are so beautiful, so incredibly tough and the casting is the hardest shots I've taken anywhere. So this week it's back to campfires, fishing and jungle running! Brilliant.

Now then now then, over on the Board is a bit quiet and we need some of you lurkers to get involved, introduce yourselves and start some exciting conversations. So please join in!

Tropical Thunderbolt Lines, we're getting pretty low on, and I've only got about 20 left. When they are gone they are gone, and our next batch will be a different weight and possibly colour. So if you are after a tropical long distance taper in 5 weight then please let me know! (I'm looking forward to getting to Belum on a dark night and charging up the Lumiline).

We're currently out of 8-weight Hot Torpedos, but will have a new delivery this week. Instructor 6, Pro6 and Comp5 we have in stock! We should have the four-weights finished in about three weeks. I'm looking forward to firing the 10-weight at Snakehead, but I think a ten-foot ten-weight (the 10-10!) is a little bit too much like hard work when speculative casting - maybe Lee can handle it but for non-body builders like the rest of us, it's a bit too much of a workout (this rod should be sold with a jar of creatine!). However, it might be good for one-shot rising Snakehead, especially with the additional couple of feet of line outside the tip ring. I'll be shortening this rod down to 9ft for general Imaginary Saltwater usage.

Anyway, it's Snakehead Time!


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