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Ronan's report

Wednesday 19 December, 2012

Let's assume you would have two buttons right in front of you.

Button A is standing for a week of fishing in the Caribbean Sea: light breeze, mostly sunny, high temperature and lots of fish like Bonefish, Barracudas, Jacks and maybe a few Tarpon as well.

Button B is standing for a week of fishing for Sea trout in the ocean during winter time: snow storms, often clouded, very low air + water temperature and a very small change to catch a nice silver (winter) Sea trout.

Which one would you push?

Obviously Paul would push button A. That is because button B is standing for what I call to be "men's fishing". Since I have pushed button B am fishing on Rügen Island (German Baltic coast) right now. So far we had lots of snow, strong winds, low air temperatures (below 0°C) and cold water (2-5°C). This easily means significant ice in the rings as well. Yet (over the last days) we did not get a single strike. Hopefully it's going to happen tomorrow! Of course that's what I thought yesterday, too and the day before yesterday and...

What keeps me warm and indeed STRONG while fighting against huge waves, big rocks, icy snow and strong wind, is hope. Hope for just one serious take. If that take happens it might be a silver (perfect conditioned) Sea trout of 8 to 10 pounds (or more). To me there are only a very few fish on the planet that can offer me the same enthusiastic feeling when catching one of them. I don't know exactly if it is the curiosity of such a catch, the fight with the elements or most probably both that makes these fish so special.

What is your favorite type of fishing - significant fighting with the elements to get a small change for one very special fish or the easy way right into the sun and having a shit load of fish right in front of you?

Whatever you will decide I wish you as much joy as I will have tomorrow!

All my best


p.s.: 5 years ago I managed to land a perfect Sea trout of 12 pounds on the 20th of December (same weather conditions like it will be tomorrow). I think it might happen again!?

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