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Ronan's report

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

I woke up this morning and suddenly realised it is January now. You may think I got drunk since Christmas but January as we know it is on the Gregorian calendar. It is actually November of the Chinese Lunar calendar and apparently this year is a leap year on the lunar calendar. It is also year 1436 on the Muslim calendar and today 24 something on the Indian calendar. How do I know? This year I got a Race Day calendar. If you don't already know what a Race Day calendar is, it is calendar with all horse racing days marked with unmistakably pictures of a horse with a jockey. It is actually very British but in Malaysia if you are fishing, you will need a Malaysian Race Day calendar. Confused? So am I but these are what I know is on a Race Day calendar and how they are useful for planning my fishing in Malaysia.

The Gregorian calendar - it tells me the normal white folks' holidays like those boring Christmas (Paul can attest to that), Boxing, New Year, Easter etc. In Malaysia there are many other public holidays, some nationwide and some only for some states (Sultans birthday mostly and there are nine sultanates in Malaysia). School holidays in Malaysia do not fall on summer because there is no summer in Malaysia. They change every year mainly to accommodate the various ethnic festivities. You don't want to be caught in a holiday crowd in Malaysia because you might end up fishing between a fisherman with a casting net on the left and another fisherman with his battery pack on the right.

Chinese Lunar Calendar - Apart from telling me when the Hungry Ghost Month is, it also tells me the moon phase which is important if you are fishing on tidal water. Some people actually believe that knowing the moon phase is important for fishing in non-tidal water too. I actually think they are lunatics.

Muslim Calendar - If you are a Muslim, you don't want to plan your fishing during the Ramadhan month because you should be fasting. If you are a non-Muslim like me, Ramadhan month is the best time to fish because less people will be fishing. It also tells the moon phase.

Indian Calendar - I don't know much about the Indian calendar but if you have fishing with pious Hindu friends, they might be vegetarian on certain day. It is not very useful to me but good to know because there are many Indian lawyers out there. You might get sued for offending them by eating meat in front of them even though they were actually Christian with two first names.

Race Day Calendar - It is very useful if you are punter. You might make a lot of money if you win and could stop working and go fishing for the rest of your life.

You can find all these information on a Malaysian Race Day calendar. Make sure you get one if you are coming to Malaysia for fishing. Otherwise you would be lost in the jungle, running out of supply and have to sleep in the rain like Paul & Co.

Have a nice day.
Mr. T

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