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Ronan's report

Tuesday April 8th, 2014

Unfortunately only few of us are able to afford often and for a long time within a year to get out to interesting places for fishing. Most people are limited to 1-2 day departures to nearby rivers and lakes and 1-2 times a year choose the distant directions for an embodiment of the fishing ambitions. So it's especially important not to make the wrong choice as the following opportunity to test itself and the tackles can appear at a distant day in this case. Often we come across on the marketing tricks and as a result quite often received result pretty much differs from expected and instead of getting positive emotions we can be disappointed time spent.

Facing sometimes with such a problems I will try to make some remarks concerning a choosing direction for a fishing adventure and even if only some people will find these councils useful, I'll consider that didn't waste time :).

The most important criteria (reasons?) which should be taken into account:

1. How comfortable the climate in an estimated place of fishing will be for you? Probably it would make sense to add few days in the adjacent area for acclimatization.

2. Do your technical capabilities and your tackles correspond to conditions of fishing and whether are you ready to "rearmament" for the sake of several days? Same concerns also equipment. The modern equipment allows to feel comfortable practically in any conditions, concentrating only on fishing. The task is to make the right choice and be ready to spend some more time&money for getting missing subjects. Having underestimated importance of the right selection of equipment it is possible to appear in a situation when you won't be able to fish because of it.

3 . Fishing can be essentially different. It is necessary to be defined in advance by that to you is more important: the most event fishing when takes follow one another or fishing when sometimes and for all the day you can not hook any fish, but each take or hooking when it at last happens will be a sign event which remains in memory for a long time.

5 . It is necessary to estimate seasonal changes in a place you have chosen for your fishing. The rivers are unequally productive during the season, carefully study statistics (if it is available) for the previous seasons. In addition there has to be an understanding of that that the same week can be sometimes both the most productive in a season and the most unsuccessful because of different weather conditions.

6. And the most important remark :). Often as far as the chosen trip will give us pleasure depends not on quantity and quality of fish. More important that as far as our expectations from a trip were met. Therefore be always adjusted on smaller and then each trip will surpass all your expectations!

Have fun!

Cheers, Anvar.

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