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Ronan's report

Sunday November 20th 2011

There was I thinking Lars only ever tied flies for salmon and sea-trout, and he goes and hits us with a superb example of a North Country Spider. Nice one Lars.

Like Lars I'm a big fan of the Winter Brown. It's a great mid-dropper fly for me, and although I think it's meant to imitate a stonefly species, it works when there are no stoneflies about. Sometimes I think it works as an excellent sunk spinner imitation.

The Winter Brown is usually on the mid-dropper because there's invariably an Endrick Spider on the point when I'm fishing in this way. You just know that any fly that combines pheasant tail with a soft hackle is destined for greatness. It's a great general nymphy-looking fly (more stone-clinger than agile darter I'd say) and it also looks a lot like a caddis pupa. Pretty chunky too, at least mine are; not really in the same mould as the traditional svelte and sparse NC wets.

Well, I say an Endrick Spider. Actually mine have a woodcock covert feather hackle rather than the classic partridge. I don't think it's massively important, but I just find it easier to find a feather of the proportions I want from a woodcock wing.

I think the fact that the fly is slightly weighted is important. That copper wire gets the fly through the surface film and down below the dropper fly. Firstly this means I am searching the water column a little better, and secondly it means I get a pronounced lift to the point fly at the end of the drift. Superb.


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