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Ronan's report

Thursday March 29th, 2007

The Soutern Scandinavian winter hasn't been particularly long or cold, and I've been fishing all winter. That means that now, when spring is here - very much here, I am short of flies (as usual). There's a lot of my standard patterns that are missing in the box. Add to that the fact that I've just gotten some new materials and started to experiment with Marc Petijean's MagicHeads bigtime, I'm tying a lot of flies at the moment.

The MagicHead is a fantastic little ínvention. Tie one of those to the head of your favourite baitfish imitation, or a Wooly Bugger for that matter, and it'll swim and wiggle like there's no tomorrow! The way the fly acts in the water can be adjusted by clipping the MagicHead on top, on the bottom or you can make the fly move sideways by clipping either side.

Today's PoD shows a baitfish imitation tied with something called Steve Farrar Blend and a big MagicHead. It really moves in the water, and it's not too difficult to cast either!

On top of these, I've been tying the same flies w/o the MagicHeads, scuds (gammarus) for saltwater, STF Fish, Mickey Finns, SSSS Shrimp (you try guessing what that means, and I'll send three of them free of charge anywhere in the World :-), rag worms and to top that, I have a salmon trip in June and I need about 38924 flies for that too :-).

Today, I'm tying more flies and there are also other people I need to tie for - I'll have synthetic hair growing out my ears soon :-).

Tomorrow - Zoran takes over the frontpage, and I'll be fishing!

Have a great day, everyone!


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