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Ronan's report

Saturday, 2nd May 2009

Not long ago, I spent a morning at a small (very small) private water that belongs to a good friend. The water holds rainbow trout that are rarely fished on, and when I visit him, I usually bring a rod and a line :-)

This time, the experiment was fishing with small poppers. I had a few light hooks dressed with marabou tails, a foam popper head and some fine rubber for legs - are very live little creature.

On the third cast, a large wave rose behind the fly and kept following it several yards, until I stopped stripping, and then he engulfed the fly slowly and confidently :-). I kept fishing for an hour or so, and I really had great fun.

Fishing poppers on stillwaters is becoming increasingly popular, and if you haven't tried it yet, either buy a few or tie a few and try them out - I find that the trout mostly take them rather slowly and confidently after chasing them with much commotion. I suppose they are taken for small frogs, if they are taken for anything other than a "whatever-this-thing-is-it's-moving-and-hence-must-be-idible" :-)


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