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Monday: Paul Arden
Tuesday: Harps
Wednesday: Bernd Ziesche
Thursday: Mr T.
Friday: Ray
Saturday: Viking Lars
Sunday: Bruce Richards

Ronan's report

Monday 16th May, 2011

It's been a fantastic weekend here in Melbourne, great fun casting with the lads, sharing teaching tips and ideas. We had our first ever Australian/Scotland SL Shootout, the results of which from the Melbourne leg are live and we're waiting for the results from Scotland which should be through soon. Looking forward to the final rankings. You can see the preliminary results here, I'm currently hanging out in first place, Matty second and Brian third. Not sure how this will change as the Scottish results filter through! All in all a fun and very exciting weekend.

If you were/are at either Meet then please add some photos to the Board! I have lots of video footage which I'll be cutting together this week for SLTV. Last week in Exmouth I caught a Mahi Mahi, so that will make for a great intro!

Scotty and I are off to Hervey Bay tomorrow for a week of intense and exciting Saltwater flats flyfishing - looking forward to wearing my shorts again! - then I'll be in Noosa for a while. There's talk of a SL One Day Course in QLD; if you're keen to join us then please email me and I can put you on the list.

Photos, more results and videos to follow. Many thanks to Sage for donating two fantastic TCX10s as prizes, RIO and Barrio for flylines, backing and tippets. Thanks to John and Ben for all your hard work organising. And thanks to the Southern Flyfishers in Melbourne for being excellent hosts! :-)))

Over in Exmouth, many thanks to Jacko, Craig and Jono for a fantastic month of not-quite-so-imaginary SWFF and really great times. Looking forward to catching up with you guys and fishing again. Jacko, see you in Queensland, Craig let's go fishing for Tarpon and Jono, the best of luck mate and see you next summer :-)))

UPDATE!! Congratulations Fredrik in winning the Scottish event!!! Congratulations to Mike for passing his MCI!!


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