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Ronan's report

Thursday 22nd October, 2009

It's that time of the year for me, fall and early winter is a busy period, guiding on a daily basis.
Now for the best part l really enjoy working out there on the river and watching the customers have a great time. Saying that, guiding does have some downsides. For one you have to deal with at times wicked climatic conditions, that for most of us would keep us in the house, or the nearest pub.

Then we have to deal with customers who have little skill levels and worse on those days when the fish are difficult to coax, perfect presentations are needed at such times, and to say the lease it is frustrating when you know if the rod was in your own hands the fish would oblige.

Then we have to deal with hook ups, not those found in the mouth of a fish, those that stick hooks in all parts of your anatomy, to say the least there are times l get very pissed off when that happens more than a few times during the day, largely due to the sport simply not paying attention.
Now on one such day, one of my regular customers had one of those days he could not keep the damn fly away from me, time and time again he would nail me despite my ducking and diving to get out of the way, which is not always that easy at times.

Now l says to D you got one more chance, if you nail me one more time its gonna cost you $50 bucks, ok he says, guess what the very next time he got me again. Without a word he took out his wallet and paid up. After which l moved him to a different position in the boat, downside was this guy frequently screwed up his leader, which caused me to have to pull in and re-rig him, which l could have easily taken care of while the other sport continued to fish.

Fall and winter for us here in AR is hunting time and we have plenty of that. Deer are considered by some to be items of yard art, all be it living creatures, corn is laid out on the lawn to encourage the deer to visit on a regular basis, in fact l have seen homes offered for sale that also state deer are part of the deal.

Now as much as l like to see in the spring those cute little fawns, l have little time for deer, other than on the dinner plate, to say the least they are a bloody nuisance, they eat all you try to grow in the yard, and worse they are a road hazard. Here in AR as in many other states we are overrun, despite hunting regulations that allow for us to tag a good number of deer they increase on a yearly basis.

Couple of days ago l took this pic at times l will count as many as 30 around my property, some of which will before too long end up in the freezer, venison is good meat, no doubt of that.

Well. l had hoped to report that we caught some trophy Browns this past week, well not so, at least fish in the 25ins plus range, sure we have had days of more than 20 Browns, stacks of Bows a few Cutts and Brookies, but those big guys have shut down, or at least have no interest to chase out streamers and all else we have shown em. Now l know we are fishing in the right zones as l can see the fish. In fact l know for a fact there are times a fat juicy worm has no interest when those fish choose not to feed. At other times they will swim great distances when they smell a food source.

I guess as fall turns into winter, water temps reduce, daylight hours decrease invertebrate food sources start to become dormant, crawdads hibernate and in some cases DO levels reduce big time below the tailwater dam systems, all of which may well contribute to the Browns likewise reducing the interest to feed aggressively, and they are also in the mating mode as the November spawning rituals are nearing.

I was indeed honored at the recent SOC FFF Conclave hosted here in Mountain Home to receive the Innovator of the year award, my other half was awarded the Woman of the year award and a award from the Director of the SOC for her work as a regional director, very cool.

OK, got to get to a meeting guys.

Tight lines for the week.


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