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Ronan's report

Wednesday 06 February, 2013

Right now you may want to ask: What is a FLY CASTING STYLE about? That indeed is a question I've been asked very often. The reason for that question is based in many books, magazines, DVDs, websites, courses and demos each referring to different fly casting styles. This for example may be the TLT style by Roberto Pragliola (Italy), the Andersson style by Göran Andersson (Sweden), the Gebetsroither style by Hans Gebetsroither (Austria), the elbow on the shelf style by Lefty Kreh (USA), the 170 style by Rick Hartman (USA) or the Loch style (Great Britain) just to name a few.

I like to give a quick overview in my fly casting lessons about styles and why some of them have become so well known. At the end of that quick excursion I always point out the intersection of all styles: The 6 essentials am going to teach during the lesson. If you like you may call them to be the substance of good fly casting:

1. proper line tension*

2. proper timing (waiting for the line to unroll)

3. proper acceleration to an abrupt stop

4. rotation at the right time

5. adjusting arc + stroke to a) line speed, b) trajectory and c) rod bend

6. keep the rod in plane during acceleration and deceleration

All of the above fly casting legends simply learnt how to control these essentials in their (very characteristical) own style, their own way of casting. Peter Morse once told me: "Style is how your technique looks." I like that short definition pretty well. The important word in it is "YOUR"!

In the end STYLE to me is the most over estimated word in fly casting at all. To me it's the essentials which matter and then everyone has to find the best way for him/herself to control them and to fit them into many different situations.

Those who use all kind of styles and just choose the one that fits best to a given fishing situation are the true great casters to me!

I hope I could inspire you not to think too much of styles and instead stay open minded and find your own way to control the 6 essentials in order to shape your loops and match line speed + trajectory to present your fly to the fish.

And who knows you may even get a strike. I have done it myself a few times. Good luck!

All my best


*Thanks Will ;)

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