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Ronan's report

Saturday December 13th, 2008

I ought really be writing an FP extolling the majesty of fishing in New Zealand, but before I do, I'd like to share something I've experienced, having lost my full box of dries I had tied. I was fairly philosophical about it at the time, because I had a feeling I may learn a lesson from it...

So, I land in NZ with not a dry fly to my name. I had a fantastic offer from a board member for which I am truly grateful(you know who you are, and thanks for your help). But these weren't to arrive for a few more days yet, so off I went to the fly shop with a big wad of dollars. I came out with the bare essential dries of NZ. Fantastic. Away I went with them to the river. As I was tying on a cicada it began to dawn on me that this fly did nothing for me at all, I barely even gave it a glance as I dressed it with floatant, and I didn't give a shit when i snagged and lost it in a tree a few casts later. It was a fantastically tied fly, spun deerhair, sparkly bits, cool wings, even big eyes, a real masterpiece. I couldn't fish them with any confidence. There was something missing, not a material, but, a feeling. A bit of soul, or heart, or je ne se quoi. I call it Magic Dust.

So anyway, a few days later i begged/borrowed/stole/bought enough materials to tie some dries. Now, my flies are abominations, anyone who has seen my flybox will tell you as such. Scruffy, poorly proportioned glittery and not pretty at all. I made a beautiful mess of a few Klinkhammers, DHE's and some Blowflies. It felt great to tie one of my own on, a real buzz, and with confidence soaring i threw a size 8 klink at a feeding rainbow. The rest is history, the pictures are on the board.

Now my moral here isn't that commercially tied flies are a bad thing, or that only self tied flies are worth fishing, infact I often buy commercial flies to copy or compare to my own. I guess my point is that pulling the knot tight on a fly you tied the night before, watching that fish launch itself across stream to eat it, or losing the fly that took you half an hour to get "just right" is as big a rush as seeing that fish on the bank.

If you don't tie, then just try it, a real simple pattern like a GRHE. All you need is thread, some wire, and some hare's fur.

Oh, and don't forget that little sprinkling of magic dust.....


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