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Ronan's report

Thursday 18th July, 2013

As the mid-year arrives, the monsoon returns to the Indian sub-continent. It will slowly move east and dissipates into the Pacific Ocean in December. In between that, major fly fishing activities will take place here in the Far East. The season for sailfish starts in August in the South China Sea in Pahang, Malaysia and it runs until October or so. There is an international fly fishing conclave in Indonesia and various other fly fishing trips planned by the boys here e.g. Taimen fishing in Mongolia, jungle river fishing in parts of Thailand and Borneo. For me personally I fancy the jungle/reservoir fishing during the December monsoon and the saltwater flats after the monsoon is over.

Talking about mid-year, July is a special month for too me as I have turned fifty. Yes, half of a century of my life is well and truly gone, hopefully the bags of experience and wisdoms are tucked safely under my belt. Although I still go to work every day, my life is fast becoming quieter at home. The kids start leaving me one by one, the wife left me well before that. Maybe in a couple of years I will be home alone and all.

Strange but true, I have started to think of going back to where I started fly fishing 25 years ago. I am not reminiscing, I am planning! Get a mate to go with me for a major road trip of a month fishing to my heart's content. England, Scotland or Europe. Perhaps go for the Tarpon in the Yucatan or Cuba and stay there for a month too. What about them Golden Dorados in South America? Find a fishing middle kingdom somewhere, why not eh!

It's July now, how time flies! Half of the year is gone and it will be Christmas in five month's time. But for now it's the fasting month - the Ramadan. Moslems all over the world fast from dawn to dusk for the whole month. It is not just about abstaining from consuming the food and drink during daytime but also, no fag and no shag too! I used to mix fishing and fasting when I was younger, it was tough but bearable and I was tougher too then. It is about food and drink okay, not about fags and shag. But not anymore, not at this age. In fact, I stopped fishing during the fasting month about five years or so ago. The reason: I found fasting rejuvenates the body if it's done correctly. Maybe it's the religion or just only me!

But one may ask: what happens if you do any of them things you are not suppose to do during fasting? Simple! God cancels your fasting for the day and you will have to pay back in the future one way or the other.

Lovely Jubbly,
Irhamy, the Guv'nor Kuala Lumpur

Ronan's Report

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