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Ronan's report

Saturday April 24th 2010

Let me begin witha quick update on the salmon-front - I caught a nice, 12-14 pounder this week, so I'm at ease now! There - and now for something completely different!

An ongoing discussion between me and some fishing-friends is the issue of fightbutt on the rod - or not! Generally, I'd rather be without them, and if I have the opportunity, I always choose a rod without them. My 8-wt and (brand spanking new TCX 796 :-) has them, and I think they're OK to have on the heavier tackle.

I've used them on big pike in the floattube on the 8-wt (as the PoD obviously reveals - it's an old, recycled PoD). In this discussion, I of course realize that I've never been fishing for strong saltwaterfish like tarpon or bones that really run far over a flat. In the rivers I fish, there's rarely an opportunity to use a fightbutt as I'm constantly steering line clear of weed and other obstacles. But even in the bonefish movies I've seen, most anglers lift the rod high to clear the line and so on.

I find them a nuisance as I somehow often get the line tangled around them when casting. They are of course very handy when placing the rod on the ground as they keep the reel away from sand and grit. So what do you think - do you like them or not - or don't you just care?

Some rods - even lightweight ones - come born with a fightbutt. The old, discontinued G. Loomis Max Line Speed 9' 5-wt for instance. A great rod, which I probably would have in the collection if it wasn't for that stupid fightbutt :-).

Let's hear some pro's and con's on the Board!


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