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Ronan's report

Friday 23rd March, 2007

On the way back last night from my search for sexy breathing - don't ask - I was going to go for a bit of a wander on the Wanaka lake front, I do that sometimes (by the way if you're ever in Kaikoura and you've been out all night, get yourself out on that beach - what an outstanding place to stand with the crescent of town lights and the awesome New Zealand night sky) but at 3am I came across this, which took me the next four and a half hours to navigate.

If ever you get the chance check it out.

Viking Lars is on tomorrow with some news about the Danish Fly Festival. I'm outta here, got to go for a run.. note well, Chris and Quentin.


PS you still have a few days to take advantage of our clothing launch saving..

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