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Ronan's report

Saturday July 2th, 2007

"We're sorry. All circuits are busy now. The front page that you're tried to reach is unavailable. Magnus has run off on me after I simply asked if he would like to go out for a drink... and have children." ~Dorothy

Great news! We've actually had an applicant for the imaginary Dorothy assistant position. Better still her name is actually Dorothy. Her last imaginary gig was with the phone company on some voice work, but she mistakenly signed a one-time payment contract and gave up the lucrative royalty rights to her recordings. So it turns out she needs us, and we need her. It'll be interesting to see if Paul starts to insist she call him James while he calls her Money Penny. Why Paul gets the first Dorothy, I'm not sure. We've all got loads to sort out. Zoran has to figure out his dog situation and Lars needs to split more wood. This all falls under the "other duties" for the Dorothy job description. Don't you need a Dorothy too?

Broadcasting almost live from the Sexyloops Mostly-Mobile Upload and Reconnaisance Vehicle #1, we've left the Calgary area heading south toward Mystery River and Lake Nowhere. I've been sworn to secrecy of course and there were several threats of abduction. I talked the assailants out of the blindfold by promising to keep my eyes closed and hold my breath til I pass out or just not pay attention. I think they're counting on me falling unconcious during the drive. We're going to some old river named after Bob if I got the conversation correctly.

The last mystery river was the Bow Wow (dog reference for Paul) or the Bow for short. It seems very stealthy for it's size. I fished it 3 days (2 nights, 1 day, and 1 very early morning actually) and yet barely saw another angler except the fish assaulting gang that I tagged along with. The fish were great and even though it was full on, was still some the consistently fit fish that I've had a chance to catch, a good mix of bows and browns. Better yet the folk in Calgary seem pretty enamoured with it, can't say I've heard the same for every river flowing through a city of 1 million people.

Paul gave a couple flop-flop seminars (bang) and now we're headed south for parts unknown. Stay tuned, circuit repair in process.


note to self: smile you sour bastard!

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