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Ronan's report

Monday 21th July, 2008

Hello Sexyloops Guys and Girls, Paul is very busy, teaching and talking all day long so I'm (Miss SL) writing the FP instead of him today... I promise it won't be in Hungarian (but sorry if my English is not perfect).

We arrived to Spain yesterday after a very long and tiring trip, with our dog, our many-many bags (…OK….my many-many bags) and some books about France and Spain. I always like to see where we are, read about the culture, history, foods, watching the map, visit the interesting places. Of course, the fishing is the most important, so I'm looking forward to do it from tomorrow. Spain is beautiful, today it's very hot, the guys are on the casting field, listening Paul and Carlos (he is the translator…brrrrrrrr it's a difficult work). Tonight we will camp somewhere and sleep in our brand new bed in the Jimny. Well…it's comfortable when you are lying on your back. The turning around could be an extreme sport and…no, I don't want to write about any other movements. The car was fixed yesterday btw, we didn't run out of petrol again (today it's not sure yet…but we won't; Paul always says that the positive thinking is the most important in the life…ohh no, sorry; it's just the second most important thing - you know the first).

Let's talk about it then! Fishing was not my hobby or lifestyle before I've met Mr Sexyloops. To be honest I've never tried flyfishing, maybe tried once time the other type of fishing with my brother, but I liked better to go along with him and watch the sunset, talk and drink wine. In the first night that we spent together with Paul he showed me “The man and his fish”- you know, the video when Ronan is trying to catch a fish for twenty minutes. So yes…I can't say that I didn't think about it: “Thanks God, a really crazy man again…I don't understand what does Manshit mean, why is this guy in the video running after a fish and why is he showing me this now?”

My brother understood him of course, he is also mad, they became friends at the first time. Anyway…three weeks later Paul gave to me his first present in Venice: a rod (I remember my first impression was just about its colour: sparkling brown…it's nice). We started the flycasting in Venice on the balcony of the apartment, it was funny, everybody was watching us from the gondolas. The next day I went home and took MY flyfishing rod, I started to feel that it's good to hold it in my arms. I practiced a little bit in Hungary and a lot in Canada.

The first days were very difficult. We went to fish, I hooked everything around myself (and myself sometimes), I spent the most time in the bushes because the fly always found a branch, a stem or a leaf but it could never find any fish. Of course Paul caught a lot so I saw it's not impossible and I'm strong enough, I will catch my fish some day. And yessss, I caught it, I felt it and…I lost it..again and again.. I think I was afraid that I hurt the fish and I give pain therefore I couldn't have any. This fear is less already, I caught some fish, I touched them but I'm still a beginner…it's time to practice in this Summer. And the flycasting? It's unbelievable to say but I like it! Don't think that I can do it very well but I enjoy it and it is the important thing. To do something without pressure make you feel good and need you every day to keep you healthy.

OK…I realized that the video with Ronan it's fantastic, I've seen since than many times (the last one was today because Paul showed The Revolution to the Spanish guys) and I realized that your sport, hobby, life - flyfishing or flycasting or flytying can be really enjoyable. And all of the friends of Paul who I've met are very nice including the Spanish friends too.

So let's do some fun!!! I have a look my burned boyfriend…wohooo it will be HOT!

Haste luego, Babus!

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