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Ronan's report

Saturday February 17th, 2007

Lars really got it going yesterday with the share your ambition post. We're all striving to catch fish, to nail a really big hard-to-catch fish and on top of that do it in a fabulously beautiful natural surrounding.

I'm up for that! But there's a place (not a specific place) I really want to explore and fish. It's not a destination. There are no guides. No glossy pics or glowing reports. The trout are probably small and 'normal' brooks, rainbows or browns. The most important thing is that it's out in the middle of nowhere. Somewhere that I can trick myself into thinking I'm one of the first few ever there.

On Zoran's practicability scale, I've got 2 on the list. The first is somewhere in the middle of Russia with a 2% chance. The next gets a 95% chance for this year, but a 0% chance I'll be satisfied with one trip. It's a region a couple hundred miles north of me; it's a couple hundred miles from any of the big cities. It's a scrub covered desert.

And from a distance it looks like the last place you'd want to fish,

but get a little closer and this land, snow covered frozen landscape in winter, burning dryness in summer, is laced with green canyons and thin blue lines waiting to be found and fished. (you have to squint to see the blue... and the green)

Cheers, Eric

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