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Ronan's report

Wednesday 04 February, 2015

Paul still did not manage to define the "stopless stop" based on any difference in the rate of deceleration nor based on any difference in positioning the rod straight position at the end of the rod straightening due to us stoping it. His main statement to me seems to be about "the stopless stop to feel different" (from the stoped one) though.

To me there is one main difference when watching distance experts throwing the 5wt. longbelly line during the world championships compared to someone throwing the fluff to a target at medium distance:

The stroke length. Paul for example is using his full length of arm back and forth in order to create max possible line speed. And that results him to kind of "run out of arm length" at the end of his stroke. This is where of course he stops the rod. From trying this myself I think I know what he means by it to feel different from a (let's call it) conventional stop. In a convential stop I always keep an angle in my ellbow. And yes, that feels quite different!

Of course still I have to decelerate my rod at the end of any stroke.

The only thing really being stopless about the stopless stop seems to be the Sexyloops thread about it though. I haven't read the board for 5 days and today I had to read 300 further posts to just keep up with the "Keys to distance" thread (stopless deeply included). Definetly a lot to learn in that thread - well worth reading it. Yes Bruce, it really is worth reading it - even for retired (no time having) people that is (I think). ;b

Paul probably is going to disagree with me about the stroke length (and the ellbow no longer being angeled) to have anything to do with the stopless stop.

But that's fine. I am looking forward to learn more by following all further discussions on the board. In the end even the stopless thread about the stopless cast will not be stopless! For those of you who know Frank - that of course is because Frank was banned from the board ;).

Nice fly casting discussions to all of you!

All my best


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