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Ronan's report

Saturday 27th September, 2008

I'm gearing up for pike fishing again. October is a great month for pikefishing, and I'm tying flashflies (big flies for big fish - sorry, crappy picture :-), and that got me thinking about flytying.

For ages, I've had the habit of tying in fours - I always tie 4 flies of the same pattern, size, weight etc. In front of me on my desk, I have eight Cased Caddis lying - 4 are "heavy" and 4 are "really heavy" :-).

Tying pikeflies is a different matter though - because they usually take a long time, and involves nothing else than spinning loads of flash in dubbingloops and trying to get it on the hook in a somewhat, hmm, orderly fashion. And frankly, they are incredibly boring to tie, but incredibly effective.

I've been tying a lot of saltwaterflies as well - October is "pink month". Pink is a really effectice colour on seatrout in October and November, and I have stocked up on them too, as you can see in today's PoD :-)!


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