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Ronan's report

Sunday May 14th, 2006

Nature. Yeah, I like that. Are we still Nature, or are we other things now?
-Nature is all things, isn't it? (I had a bit of a chat with the Dude last week by the way)
Right. I thought it was just, like, you know, trees and stuff. (what did you say?)
-I'm sure you could be a bit more inclusive if you really tried. (I told him to give up smoking and stop masturbating so much).
…trees and…um…pebbles? No, must try harder. Mountains! Oceans! Rivers and Lakes! Islands! Hey, this is far out - dolphins! Sparrows! Sheep! And…other stuff too! People, for instance. (Good advice - what did he say?).
-Ah,yes, people. I was Nature before they got here, I stayed Nature for a while, and then they started to get a bit more specific in terms of things to worship. Other parts of this solar system to start with, maybe. That's when You Lot started appearing. (not much; he was pretty stoned at the time)
Us Lot? (shocking - what happened next?)
-My Aspects. (he started playing bad guitar and I got out fast)
I'm getting a sore head again. Show me some seal's fur, baby…
-Oh, you don't want to bother with that stuff, it'll make you cough. Smoke some dope instead. And watch a movie, it'll help you to unwind. How about "How to get ahead in Advertising?"


Are you winding me up?


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