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Ronan's report

Tuesday 25th October, 2011

This past week was a pretty full week for me. Despite the nagging flu that has managed to take roost deep in my bones, I managed to go looking for brown trout reads, hit a brilliant concert, and piss people off enough that they moved their asses. Now, if only phlegm was worth money!

Earlier this week I was at a small club watching a Frank Turner concert when he said something (sung) that resonated with me.

"once we were young, and we were crass enough to care"

I realized that many of the people I work with, and many that my wife works with, just don't seem to care about what our jobs mean. To them, the job is a pay check, they will do a good job (gov't standards), but in the end, it isn't about the job, it's about their ego, their pay, their promotional chances.

I don't give a rat's ass about the job. A co-worker had words with me Monday, because I made his job uncomfortable. He said that I needed to watch what I said and be more tactful otherwise I would piss people off. Well damn them. I will do what is right, and if that means me doing a poor "job", and no chance of promotion, and causing others to do a better (my standard) job, then to hell with it.

I will not sugar coat it. If you suck, you suck. If you've failed, live with it. Stop hiding behind the bureaucracy and step up for what is right. In my line of work we have a chance to make a difference, to protect the environment, to save some fish, and repair damage. It's a pretty F'in cool job, and one that lets you sleep at nights - if you do it right.

Unfortunately, I see it done right, less and less. People seem to be getting old and tired, and there is no fight anymore. My boss gave up on an easy battle the other day because it wasn't worth it. My co-worker refused to fight because the boss didn't care. Other folks aren't even answering the phone.

There is too much left to protect to give up the fight now! I may be getting old but I will not stop being a shit disturber. I don't care about my job. I don't care about the bureaucracy. I care about the fish and protecting the places that they live!

Crass until I die,

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