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Ronan's report

Wednesday 27th July, 2011

The clear blue waters around New Zealand contain more than just Trout.

As if the Kiwis aren't spoilt enough by being surrounded by some of the world's greatest trout fishing, the salt contains more swff targets than you can shake a 12wt at... and an 8wt... a 6 too...

Yellow tailed Kingfish are awesome!Angry bugger's most of them, even the small ones have the bare faced cheek to be hard fighting. They seem to live in all the roughest places, reefs, marker poles, rock ledges and heavy metal bars. Some of them have tattoos and find it fun to chase huge Stingrays around the sandy shores, that's how flippin' hard they are! They'd carry flick knives if they didn't keep dropping them, what with their lack of opposable fin's...

It's an education in fly fishing to try and tackle Kingies (trendy Kiwi name). They truly test gear and the angler, with any mistakes rewarded with a smashed leader, ripped fly line or if you're really stupid a busted rod. The takes can be ferocious with packs of fish zeroed in on your fly like heat seeking missiles, fighting each other in an attempt to be the first to fit the 6/0 FatBoy down their gobs.

With the Drag cranked up tight, the sound of shooting head connections rattling through the guides haunts me nightly.

I'm off to tie some 6/0 Fatboys...


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