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Ronan's report

Wednesday 09 July, 2014

Pretty often I heard fly fishing to be the supreme disziplin of angling. Last weekend Alex and I have been to the Fishing Masters Show in Germany presenting fly fishing to the audience. The show presented experts in all different forms of angling. Besides being extremely busy demonstrating fly fishing to tons of visitors we had lots of great exchanges on angling knowledge for different species of fish!

Often I was told about fly fishermen being THE smart guys always trying to increase knowledge about fish and its food (such as insects) behaviour. Well, I have to disagree! In every single form of angling there are some extreme experts who spezialized in understanding and connecting the details.

One important factor we fly fishermen always miss: Fish feeding behaviour based on olfaction. And that is where we can learn a hell lot about fish behavior when talking to those angling experts not ignoring olfaction.

The Fishing Masters Show had some thousand of vistors and again was a huge sucess. Great organisation, great location and a fantastic team of anglers were presenting angling at its best! Alex and I didn't have the slightest form of anything like a short lunch break and instead taught fly fishing all two days long. One of the truly best angling shows we have been attending to yet! To us fly fishing is just one of many forms of angling. Yes, it is and always will be our way of life. But it doesn't make us any more special than any other anglers. Too often we have been faced poor discussions between anglers each preferring different forms of angling. Glad though in Germany it changed and more and more anglers understand fly fishing to be just one form of angling. An interesting one to try of course. During the past weekend we had around 80-100 anglers taking their first (short) lesson in fly fishing with us. Amazing how many young kids were really interested in fly fishing. Simply we had a blast. I am glad to be able to share fly fishing with those preferring other forms of angling as well in my area. My favorite kind of fly fishing is fishing for Sea trout along the Baltic cost. Here a lot of anglers use both fly fishing as well as spin fishing. Fair to say during the past decade I helped to bring fly fishing near to more than two thousand coastal anglers. And thanks a lot that made me learn a lot about Sea trout (fly) fishing due to exchanging knowledge.

What's your experience: Are fly fishermen THE smart guys inbetween all anglers?

Holy moly Germany just won the semi final in soccer vs. Brasil: 7:1. Record! We reached the final though!

Great week to all of you and some serious takes whenever you will be out in the water!

All my best


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