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Ronan's report

Tuesday December 11th, 2007

Enjoying the new server? Faster than ever - good eh! Paul and Eric are still working to resolve a few bugs - bear with them they'll swat them. (mostly Paul! ~Eric)

If you read the geek threads on the Board you'll know that a few of us are discussing rod frequency - esoteric but interesting. During the course of that discussion 'rod feel' has surfaced. Thorny subject!

My take on 'rod feel' is that we are talking about several different things. I try not to use feel as a term since it seems ambiguous - I guess I do use feel-related terms like these:

A - I talk about casting with rods which I can feel loading and unloading - especially short distance casting.
B - Often enough to be aware I use the terms, I mention if rods are nimble or ponderous.
C - I often mention when I think a rod recovers fast and stop rapidly as they recover from counterflex.

I don't think those three are clearly distinct.

A - has to do with stiffness and action - I can pretty much predict that from CCS figures.
B (links with C) is about the weight out beyond my hand, as I try to make off axis motions. (Heavier, means sideways flicks need more effort and are less precise.)
C (links with B) is about the stiffness of the rod and weight of the rod tip. (Light tip fast recovery - relative to the overall stiffness of the rod.)

So, your opinions? - send a plain brown envelope to The Ubercaster, Hungary, or start a new Rod Feel thread on the Board.


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