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Ronan's report

Tuesday - Magnum Day - July 16th + 1, 2007

Paul looking very sexy..

Paul wearing hoodie and T

(Paul is wearing short sleeved kiwi camo top over the top of Sexyloops Hoodie - he may also be wearing the pants, or he may be naked.)

Babus looking quite sexy..

Babuska wearing the T

(Babuska is wearing Paul's short sleeved top and a belt.)

Gisle Helgesen in Norway, not looking as sexy as either Paul or Babuska, but he does have a fish and so comprehensively proving that KiwiCamo is not only sexy but also practical. [Thanks Gisle]

Gisle wearing a Sexyloops long sleeved fleece and holding a fish. He is not as sexy as Paul. At least not in this picture.

(Gisle is wearing a Sexyloops long sleeved top.)

All our tops are available in a range of colours: Elf Green, KiwiCamo and of course Bush Camo. Shop today - you'll love it.

And remember: buy anything from us and email me for our secret passwords.

(Magnus is fishing today. Bob is fishing at the moment and I'll join him later. We're doing Manshit.)

Future President of USA and Europe.

PS this week's topic is the aerodynamics of a shooting head. Go to it team!

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