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Ronan's report

Tuesday 22nd November, 2011

Winter fishing conditions are finally here!

I've just finished tying up a handful of midge larva to throw in the fly box and I'm looking forward to spending some time Tuesday and Wednesday on the river. A chinook has rolled in driving the temperature up from -20 degrees to +5 degrees in less than 24 hours. The forecast is calling for winds gusting up to 90 kilometres an hour, but I will try my best to find a sheltered bend where I can hope for a midge hatch. It will be the first day out after my eye injury so I'm a little anxious to be in the wind and very excited to be out fishing after 3 weeks of not. I think it's the longest I've gone without fishing in years.

Ray has been busy all fall with his new home and renovations and I don't think we've been out fishing since the spring. I'll have to drag him out before the snow gets too deep this year; I need someone to take pictures of me catching fish as there is little proof that I can and even I am doubting lately!

There is a great thread started on the board about tool misuse and renovation tips. It comes timely as our furnace has decided that if we aren't in the house it will not run. Until a new furnace arrives, ours requires a manual start (or 10 tries) to get the heat running. Fine when we are there but a pisser when we sleep for 7 hours or work for 9. No amount of hitting, fiddling, yelling, or staring seams to make it work… only re-trying and re-trying. I also have to figure if I need to change all the galvanized 1/2 inch pipes to 3/4 inch copper (which Paul hates). Maybe we don't need water to the top floor bathroom? After 3 years of old house crap and numerous single use tools I am done. I now collecting tools for my diesel Land Cruiser- I can borrow the home reno tools from Ray as he builds up his collection! (I just borrowed a load of hardwood flooring!!!)

Anyways, I have to go start the furnace again,

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