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Ronan's report

Wednesday 18 June, 2014

Becoming the best fly fishing teacher I can be obviously means a hell lot of teaching being necessary. At the same time it means teaching fly casting, fly tying and most important fly fishing to me. All that is what I love to do a lot. Besides that it takes a lot of time. Training my own casting on a daily basis can be tricky sometimes though.

Of course I make some casts here and there during teaching as well. But it only will be a few casts usually. I want my students to learn how to cast by mainly doing it. Now a while ago I set a new target for myself to hit 120' with the 5wt. MED. And then Alex has been involved in a lot of teaching next to me now and will be going to pass his first fly casting teacher exam next year. So Alex and I ended up training our casting every day for some weeks now.

So far it looks quite fair. Alex is getting better every week and now throws nice pointy loops while I hit 120' sometimes now (in proper conditions). Everyone who hits that mark with such a beast of a line ;) knows about the amount of work behind it.

Biggest problem usually is TIME. It takes serious time every day to get up to ones best possible level. But then again for me its most important to be a top caster not only in one distance disziplin but in all disziplines. And that makes training much harder. Concentrating on just one type of cast with just one line is one way, becoming a really good caster in many disziplines is quite different.

The best overall single hand caster I have met yet is Paul. Yes mate, you are a hell of a fantastic overall caster. I doubt that there are more than 5 casters on the planet who might get close in a 10 out of 10 (different disziplines) shootout. I also doubt that there are more than 5 casters spending more time fly casting than you do. Most fly casting geeks simply can't spent as much time as you do and therefore have to specialize in order to hit the top range.

Quite interesting trying to find out the personal edge one can reach when really starting to focus on a daily basis. Yet I don't know mine (and hopefully never will). :)

Also I had to learn the SVIRGOLATO as posted by Thomas_E. Thomas btw. is among the best overall fly casters either that I have been casting with. Not only he is a very knowledgable guy but a tremendous good caster as well! Thomas showed that cast to me last Sunday. And so I spent some time learning more about it the days after. :)

As you can feel I am still strongly bitten by the "casting bug" as Stefan Siikavara likes to say! Miss you posting here, Stefan! ;)

Well, I better stop now before YOU get bitten, too!?

Great week to all of you!

All my best


p.s.: You may find the casting bug in the pic of the day section. ;)

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