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Ronan's report

Tuesday April 3rd, 2007

Fishing film-making seems to be a running theme, some might say running sore. Are we all waiting patiently for The Man and His Fish? Paul says it's even better than his previous epic productions, The Instructor and Enlightenment. So, we should truly and absolutely expect the earth to move this time. (Not that we want to put any pressure on Paul of course.)

Heard of a doppelganger or vard°ger? (You never quite know where this is going and neither do we.) Roughly speaking, a doppelganger is a person's double or look-alike, sometimes an evil twin. Doppelganger has a certain disturbing sense too, regarded as a harbinger of bad luck or ill omen. Vard°ger, on the other hand is way less harbingerish; a ghostly double who precedes a living person and is glimpsed performing their actions in advance.

It seems that a vard°ger Lars and doppelganger Magnus have become Ozark film stars - look for the end credits

I can tell you it came as something of a shock to discover I am Matt Tucker, that Lars is Brad Eirling. (Our fees are in the post Lars.) Jim Laing (aka Sven the Plumber) - took time out from starring in low-budget European porn productions just so he could make a guest appearance in Garden of Darkness.

Clearly, given that logic, Deano is not Jesus he is in fact Paul.


Pic Of Day The Man and his Fish

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