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Ronan's report

Monday 24th September, 2012

The International Fly Fishing Festival in Malaysia was a great event, putting flyfishing well and truly on the map in these parts, well attended with both an international and local audience. It's always a pleasure meeting up with my friends there, as well as Australians, Indonesians, Japanese, Dutch, Swiss, Chinese and Americans. I'll post up some shots as well as a blog entry later today or tomorrow.

But this is a Front Page about Snakehead.

Again I went for a four day Snakehead trip, and again I left feeling that I could have done much better and still have much to learn.

First day I had seven follows, no fish. Second day the same in follows, but two hook-ups and breaks. Third day half a dozen follows, two breaks and three landed. Day four, the morning, two follows. Of the three landed, one was 4lbs, another 6lbs and the largest 9lbs.

I don't know of a more casting demanding fish. Snakehead breathe air, and rise to the surface from the deeps to take a gulp of air before quickly descending again. The window of opportunity is small. You know when they're on to you, because they go up-down, instead of up-and-down. If they go up-and-down you get a shot. But it's a tough one, because you need to perform an extremely fast, accurate and high-pressured shot.

Presenting a stripped gurgler, in front of them and before they descended more than a metre, and you may get an explosive take, followed by an amazingly tough fight that takes you around and into submerged trees.

I've been scaling up, and a ten weight rod (TCX) with 8 weight tropical line (Outbound), 60lb butt, 40lb mid and six inches wire and a reel cranked to the max, seems to be about right.

These fish have really got me.

You can catch them off babies (they look after their young) but that's not for me. A stealthy approach along with making the shot is what counts here. I will be back and sooner rather than later.

Thanks UFOM and Dron for a great time!

Cheers, Paul

edit: damn it's the 24th!

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Pic Of Day
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