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Ronan's report

Thursday November 9, 2006

It's been a long time since we migrated to a new server (I think that cast Carl a grey hair or two - new ones, I mean :-). It appears that the new server holds a specific dislike towards my articles - come on, are they that bad? :-)

Anyway, the pictures for my William Joseph Coastal Pack-review never made it, and neither did the entire article about tying tubeflies in the Scandinavian style. Eric has just uploaded the pictures to the WJ-article - they made it onto one of the backup dvds (thanks, Eric) - the tubefly article didn't :-). And I had no backup of the html-code on my pc - only the pictures.

Well, I've redone the article with the same pictures, so finally - on popular demand - I was once again bring you The Black and Silver Tubefly (have fun, Dave :-).

Now, remember our Charity Auctions - get your moleskine out, dust it off and start bidding - the money doesn't go to the "seller", but towards clearing minefields in Bosnia!

Stay safe - it's a wild place!

Oh yeah, I'm happy that I'm not doing the Friday-page - I'm going to an Iron Maiden concert tonight :-).

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