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Ronan's report

Saturday January 15th 2011

Last weekend, I went chasing around in my flytying materials for a certain material (Oliver Edwards Sparkle Yarn). I needed some brown to tie some of Oliver Edwards' Ephemerella nymphs. I was certain I had a card of it, but I couldn't find it - anywhere. Then I went looking for the other cards of Sparkle Yarn that I KNOW I have some where - I couldn't find those either. Now, there's a chance I have used them up of course - and a good one too - Oliver Edwards Sparkle Yarn is a killer material!

That got me thinking about how many times I've actually experienced this - running out of a favorite material and not being able to get it again. I've come up with a remedy of course - buy loads of the stuff you really like :-). And the same goes for hooks - there are a few hooksdesigns that I really miss. One that springs to mind is the Partridge McHaffie Masters - a lovely wetly hook, almost like a mini Bartleet hook. I still have a few left, but I don't use them, which of course is quite stupid as I miss tying a few special patterns on it - but on the other hand, I don't want to use the rest.

What else? Oh yeah - Overton's Dubbing Wax! Out of production YEARS ago, but by far the best damn dubbing wax ever made! I had a nearly full tube, but I lost it at a flitting symposium years ago and I've never been able to find one since. And on the subject of wax, I recently went chasing after some good, old thread wax here in Denmark. None of the shops I usually visit carried it anymore. However, thanks to WCB over on the Board, I now have a new "puck" that should last me the next 20 years!

Have a nice weekend - I'm spending it shooting some pictures of flies and tying some as well. I'm stocking up slowly for the salmon premiere and there are a few saltwater patterns that needs stocking up as well.


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