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Ronan's report

Friday 2nd April, 2010

So I'm picturing Ray's felt soles frozen to a river bank in south Alberta right now. He's have a great good friday, if only he could move his feet. He must be pulling off some cool speys to get that line all over with those bare but maybe budding limbs behind him. He's staying warm with that pony tail wrapped around his neck like a scarf; of course he's fishing left handed and landing fish with his bare teeth.

A few hours flight south of him, the high lakes, and even those that aren't that far up, are still frozen. So I'm off to the low lake and its ladder conspiracy again over the weekend. The 4 step painters ladder with the wide feet has made it through a couple seasons now without rusting up too bad. It's not manditory, but sometimes it sure makes things easy to get past the shoreline's chopped and muddy water and out to the shelf. I somehow forgot mien a couple weeks ago and it's a great way to find out where the leaks are in your waders. Take your pick and have at it!

A passing comment last weekend's had me thinking. Someone heard someone say, and isn't this how it always is, "If the wind's at your back, you may as well go home and watch sports". So in this context it would be March/April bank fishing. I'm not disagreeing with Paul that the downwind side might be a big warmer with a little more feed blown in, but there is an exception on some breezy days. A few early terrestrials can be making their first steps in the scrub and last flights into the shore break. Just past the mud line, there are wintered fish waiting.

Been tying a bit more on Mustang Matt's vice. First time I've had a solid vice, like Rock of Gibraltar last longer than the Pyramids solid. It's a pleasure and I could probably use it as a jack stand for my truck. I think he's looking to trade one for an 8wt.


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