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Ronan's report

Wednesday 12 November, 2014

As I told you in my last front page a week ago, we had a great start into pike season catching several pike and sea trout including one pretty big pike of over 100cm. Now the second week simply was outstanding!

We went for pike perch and we caught serious pike perch (which isn't that easy to match on fly here on Rügen island). And then we went for perch and we caught serious perch (which isn't easy to hit either). We tried to catch all three (pike, pike perch and perch) within one day and so we did!

Personally I was hoping to catch one large pike of over 120cm within the next two month - well, if I would be very lucky that would be of course. And yes, I was lucky and landed two fantastic pike in just one day: 108cm & 123cm. Outstanding beautiful fish. You may have a look at the pic of the day section, which I think is an incredible amount of pictures for just some days fishing for (mainly) pike.

By the way this was my pic of the day number 100. So, of course it had to be a pretty long one! ;)

Right now it is 2 am and I am pretty tired after a loong day of teaching casting in the morning, then fishing for pike all day long and teaching how to tie pike flies in the evening. I have to get up again early in the morning.

So I better keep this one short. Nice to see Paul being safe and not lost on the Great Barreer Reef! Probably Peter Morse safed him up!? ;)

Same great FISHING week to all of you!


p.s.: Yet, not a single student without having caught fish!

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